My 5’5 Australian Filipino student bangs a stripper?? Part 1. (Using my daygame training)

trace 1trace 2.jpgWho: 5’5 Filipino student who lives in Australia.

What: He didn’t get much results with Justin Wayne’s game. He was the only person outside of their dating coaches who had any results. He had to do 500 approaches a week to. It suffocated his game.

When: He came to me John Wayne after 10 number flakes. After owning my product the Wayne Playbook and also going though one Skype. It unlock all the bad habits and he kept getting laid nonstop.

Where: He quit daygame for a while to focus on night game. He went to Spain to train under a tall handsome dude. But he got laid a ton daygame there. This other tall handsome coach didn’t realize I was actually the one who turned this PUA into a slayer and unstoppable. He is one of my best students.

Why: he got in trouble with the Australian news for posting lay reports with women in it. So he stopped posting. He said he is repping me and this is the only way I can get his testimonial or lay reports out.

How: They hurt his rep so much, he became a victim of his own success.

I really feel like this student is among one of the best. Not only is he short, he figured out a lot of my concepts and can implement it too. Even if I didn’t teach it all to him. Yes he has the Playbook, but he still really good in the vibe department.

To think he wasn’t that good with Justin Wayne’s game. When he learned mine, no more approach 500 a week. It was just down to nothing really kind of like me. Of course I can do it within the first approach or within a few. I’m a professional who knows how to pick a lock of a womens mind. He will get there.

Now that he finally realized how much Justin Wayne’s game suffocated his results, he is kind of pissed. If he trained with me earlier, his laycount would of been double of this. Or at least 50 more. Most of Justin Wayne students are complete failures. Low achieving deluded sociopaths. Lots of them are black who are preselected with protector status.

This student is the closest one who can reach my level of proficiency or efficiency. Maybe in a few years. But still, he is one of my best students. I’ll post more of his testimonials on his journey in the new few post. He will use up his second Skype soon. I expect him to be even better after every Skype.

This was the product he bought. Wayne Playbook.

Put your opinions aside and your preconceived notions of game aside. Then you would get laid consistently like my students. This guy is even better than most of the daygame coaches out there. I let my student challenge their students, this one student will tear them apart. You should see my other student who is really good too. I’ll post him soon.

If you are dumb enough to go against my teachings. Saying looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter. I mean I made him use my fashion and heel lifts concept. He is only 5’5 for fuck sakes. When you don’t listen. You don’t get laid. Just mentally masturbate. You know I’m the best training the best.


I’m not someone to be trifled with. You probably know that. Learn from me, get results like my students. If you don’t like what I am saying. It triggers your snowflake ass, just kindly fuck off.

I don’t know why I keep posting rap music. When music was actually good back then.

Still you have no idea how many lays he got. I’ll post them all. Next girl is just as impressive. Stay tuned, will be posted soon. So many student lays to post. Weird thing is a lot of Asians are succeeding lately. Been able to turn the game around for them. Testimonials shows what kind of results you should expect yourself. It they have non, then its just some tall and privileged game that isn’t transferable.

John Wayne


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