Nearly 350 testimonials. 17 more to be posted soon.

I updated the counter now since I copied and pasted the stuff from the blog to the front page. If you scroll down here. or my site, you will see the new ones. I updated like over 20 more.

The freaky thing was I have like 17 more testimonials to post after this. I realized after teaching for so long, I wasn’t focused on updating the blog or maintaining it. I mean even the last bootcamp student pulled 2 Russian girls home. I don’t have time to censor his face. Its a long testimonial since i’m there.

Just have a scroll. I’ll have to eventually update the testimonial section of the menu too. I know I have been putting the testimonials off. Its weird for some people, the only reason they train with me is the student results. Not for telling them the truth.

I spoke to a newbie lately and he was completely impressionable, going to London Daygame even if he was American. Or studying RSD like stuff. People are so ignorant, you have to appeal to their ego. Work within their misunderstanding of the game.

If everyone just accepted what I am telling you is the truth and what leads to you getting laid. We can just solve this issue of daygame over night and everyone trains under me. Every other dating coach bows down and gets out of my way. We no longer will have any problems.

But I also have to deal with ignorance. I have to remember, not everyone has seen or taught so many students as I have on this massive scale to get these field testing data. All they have are opinions as facts, like a sociopath. This is why people fails.

Wayne 60 will be field tested soon and its going well. I filmed the manifesto of the product in Prague. I flown out now to another country. I’ll be home in Sept to teach bootcamps.

I might rewrite the front page, to say what is on the mind of newbies. So that way I understand you and where your misconceptions comes from. Marketing is a very powerful tool. People wants to mentally masturbate. They want to feel good and to go direct, saying its all game. Looks don’t matter.

I mean, I just see the science of it, the field testing and the split testing. There is a reason why my students gets laid fast and others struggles to get results if any. Or its all self proclaimed. This industry is sick and people are deluded.

I mean I have more testimonials in a week than most dating coaches have in a lifetime of their coaching. I don’t self proclaim, but I deliver. Sometimes I think people only listen to me because of the testimonials. Not because it gets you results and frees your mind. Well then, I’ll give people what they want.

I also feel most people now with their race theory, looks don’t matter. Its like saying the world is flat. I’m saying it is round. If it offends your sensibilities that looks helps, also being preselected, with protector status. There is a race hierarchy and you can adapt your game to your advantages and disadvantages. People gets pissed. Well the world is round, not going to sugar coat it.


-John Wayne


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