LMS + Game, my theory defined in this video



Just fucking watch it already. I don’t have time to rewrite it, as I am going to leave very soon to the next European country. My bootcamps, teaching students are finished in Europe. Now I can focus on myself and getting more lay footage. When I get home, I have new in ear coaching equipment. Also will order new equipment.

I have to update all the testimonials and maybe all the new ones sneaking it in there on the front page. So the counter will be changed. Since I haven’t even pasted my old testimonials into the page. Plus there are ton of new testimonials. Don’t take my word for it, I have proof. I am not a white dating coach who self proclaims. I actually show the proof.

Most people are confused about daygame and how it really works. I tried to clear it up. You just have to stop being so stupid and listen for once. Or it becomes a revolving door industry of you failing one white coach after the next. Then coming to me at the end to fix all or should I say repair all your issues and get you laid. Should of started here in the first place.

-John Wayne

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