Releasing more lay pics

The whole idea it takes a lot of approaches to get results is bullshit. She was the first approach. Deepak Wayne was there too. We were so confident at that point, we just went for it in front of everyone. Talked to her for 20 mins and moved her home. Imagine game is picking a lock with 20 tumblers. I picked some and Deepak did too, but different ones. It opened, like her legs.


You know how many lays I had in Europe? I read stupid comments. Some good game plus some good logistics makes a big difference. I just want to say to whom it concerns, in your fucking face. This is just the beginning. Tbh, Europe was easier than Vancouver. But not super easy, still requires a high level of game. You are less penalized for being Asian.


This is really the beginning, I have so many lays and lay pics. I can go on all day. I have the entire beginning to end and also multiple cameras.

Logistics are very important. In the past I had better logistics, but now its worst in Vancouver. So anyone who wants to lend me their place in Grandville. I’ll teach you in exchange I can set up cameras in the bedroom. The price is so high to live there, its $2500 a month cad now. That will eat into my overhead. Two months is 5k and 4 months is 5k. 8 months is 10k to live there. I shit you not.

If you want to consider pooling in money, with my old students. So we all have a better pull location, then i’m down for it. I teach you guys in exchange. Also, I get to setup a camera in the bedroom. You have no say about it. I’ll pull the entire Vancouver hottest girls into that room. Right in front of your fucking face. It wouldn’t stop. I even got more mentorship from Deepak. I exchange some teaching tactics, he taught me some higher level of game. So its fair.

Tired of using hostel bathrooms of my students and their apartment, hotels and public places. I would move there, but no one around me in Vancouver, none of my students or friends could afford to even be my roommate. In Europe, Deepak covers the apartment and pull location. Even the extra cameras, I have it good here. Vancouver, well, fuck that place. I can’t wait to come back. Of course there are way more lay pics and stuff. I should put it on the front page or something. I live far away from Vancouver, but was able to pull girls home 5 cities away. Its not an issue, but harder with transit game.

I don’t need your validation. Unlike other PUAs, I actually show proof. Proof of the student results, proof of my own results. I mean do we really need more fake lay reports from some white PUAs or black PUAs saying same day lay, when they only show a short amount of video, which they obviously got on some online dating tinder bullshit. I’m not stupid, I don’t use it and that isn’t even game. They will be released soon even on the main channel.

Only metrics I believe in is how many lays, also what is her looks scale. Also, how many averagely you get a month. I get 5-6 a month in Europe. But less lately since i’m teaching. Only daygame counts.

If you can do night game and 98% of your lays are there. There is some kind of privileged or loophole going. Other Asian dating coaches depends on night game and a lot of self proclaiming because they are too autistic to do daygame. Or too beta to, unless they want to game their own race. Or really ugly white girls with number closes. These Asian dating coaches shows zero proof of success or student success. They just self proclaim. Even white dating coaches self proclaims. Its their hobby to self proclaim.

In night game, you don’t have to use social skills in Wayne 30. You just have to filter and escalate. That’s just displaying your LMS like a mannequin. Last metrics is how many testimonials you have. If the students can’t use your game, you are privledged and you can only muster 3 testimonials. Your game isn’t actually game, but LMS based privledges.

Another student got like 8-10 daygame lays. He is in Europe and I filmed his video testimonial as I saw him. He met the black bootcamp student. If you only count daygame as the real test of skill for game, then you have hardly any lays in daygame, but its all nightgame. Something is socially messed up. In daygame, they aren’t dtf, you have to create conversions.

No daygame isn’t stupid or hard or anything like that. But get your logistics handled. Looks helps to a certain degree. But you have to communicate your personality too. Social calibrations is one of the most important things. Your vibe is important too. If you have a dark Elliot Rodgers vibe, girls can sense it. Also, getting a good wingman helps. My wingman is Deepak Wayne. They imprint their belief system on you. So, you are the sum of the 5 people you are closest to. I think this is a good environment for me in Europe.

Don’t think you need to spend so much time to grind to make a ton of approaches. That is purely just a misconception. There are more efficient ways to accomplish these same goals tactically. Logistics matters a lot. Of course I can do the game without logistics. Maybe its why my game is so strong. But take care you move to a good location near the action. I’ve done it without it, it isn’t as fun.

Also, when I work in a Superman and Batman team with Deepak. Sure the super heros can butt heads sometimes. Regardless, a lot of ass kicking happens. We are coming after RSD and other bullshit entities like that.

For haters who doesn’t get laid. Who are you talking to man. Fuck your theories. Take care of your logistics first, your game increases dramatically. You have somewhere to take the girl. Girls do stick around if you talk louder and learn to plow. Wayne 60 is designed to fake empathy and fix the vibe for these loser types.


Wayne 30 is the technical social skills and calibration. But on top of that, you add the vibe. If you tried to do natural and direct, when you have no technical game. It becomes a LMS vibbing mess if you are a creepy Asian guy. You master the unnatural and technical first before you go on to add a natural vibe.

Having said that, put your deposit down. Bootcamp spots are filling up fast for Sept and Oct.

Also, what is the deal with these London Daygame coaches and fake lay reports. Who gives a shit if you post a pic of your sisters underwear and call that proof. It is just as cringe worthy as JT Tran posting a picture of a girls shoe in the apartment and calling that results. Learn to game. Lets not beat around the bush either. RSD goes on vacation, they don’t pull. So they just make advice videos. I mean, what has this industry come to.

Remember, I don’t need your validation. If anything, be inspired or something. Just know I banged hotter women than you. You can call me narcissistic, self absorbed or whatever. I’ll always be better than you. My students will always be better than you. London Daygame and RSD, we are coming after you. You hurt our minorities too long.


Update, I already found someone who is willing to share his apartment with me. Now I have a pull location. Its insane to think I did it all this time without one. So what is your excuse? So it begins. Still its uncertain if he will 100% offer it.

Check out dear Asians post here.


-John Wayne

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