My bio orgins story youtube video.

Of course you said I seen this before. It was posted on my other GamingElite channel and Wayne Dating Enterprise youtube channel. But it was never posted on the main channel. It seems no one knew who I was. At this time it only had 1.2k views. Its okay, so I am posting it here to promote it further.

  • You never seen the first year of my daygame where I walked out there by myself in University before K-Pop was a thing. Approaching white girls not knowing hypergamy and prejudice existed.
  • You never seen when I literally learned every single daygame system and can now recite every tactic and break apart every student’s game before they even told me or showed me. In a few minutes just by what they are saying about it.
  • You never seen me field testing every single piece of game and even rebuilding it from scratch.
  • You never seen me have an anxiety break down where I had so much anxiety, I couldn’t even leave the house. I had to get medication just to not have panic attacks. Even if you see me so confident now.
  • You never seen it when I was at my white girls are prejudice stage. Where I became an Asian activist being bitter and angry how Asians are misrepresented in the media and one day I will do something about it when I have the power to. Which did happen actually. I did something.
  • You never seen me take a bootcamp by a shitty Asian dating coach for a day just to have my game break down into RSD Julien Blanc shit that fucked up other Asians in Vancouver. Where they all failed and no testimonials for the other tall good looking coach to show for it.
  • You never seen how I out did that other dating coach even if I have years of theory and dabbled in it. You never seen the resentment months afterwards when I didn’t even build any connection or rapport. But collect flaky numbers and said is this all there is?
  • You never were there when I stole his clients from his meetup scammy meetup cult group and taught the students myself.
  • You never were there when I see only the tall white students all got laid under my training. Starting to think there was something wrong with Asian people. Also, when I realized, not only was I a better teacher than this natural and bullshit coach of good looks. I was superior to him in many ways in terms of teaching.
  • You never were there when I taught non stop hardcases for free for a year while my parents are saying I am wasting my life and them giving up hope at me.
  • You were never there when I was looking for a normal job, working in a coffee house while I was still a dating coach on my weekends moonlighting teaching bootcamps for a low price.
  • You never were there when I was not as consistent as I am now. Daygame seems like a piece of cake and my students gets laid faster than any other daygame company. Where I get non stop testimonials.
  • You were never there when the playbook was made because one hardcase Australian student was so weak, he given up and I had to give him back some value so I made him 12 videos on body language. But I got non stop testimonials of student success and I didn’t know why. This product came after all the field testing in bootcamps.
  • You never were there when I had to figure out the order of the game. Do I do this first or that next, piecing everything together. Love systems or bullshit systems said qualifications are earlier. So I used to ask girls 3 questions and I tell 3 things about myself. Or do I do social comfort first or do I build attraction? I tried every fucking combination with my students.
  • You never were there in my first year or two I was teaching natural and direct, indirect Neil Strauss style game, Simple Pickup Style and London Daygame making so little, it was peanuts compared to what I made today. Teaching a ton of white students because they gravitate towards direct game.
  • You never seen when I taught Justin Wayne’s game and it had a zero student success ratio and it ruined my game when I did samepagology and all the girls didn’t see me fit into the boyfriend frame. Maybe they can fit into the lover/preselected/player/fuckboi frame instead. I got auto rejected left and right until I realized it.
  • You never seen how frustrated I was and I started charging more money to avoid hardcase students because at this point I became an expert at teaching hardcase or guys with Asperger’s and schizophrenia diagnosed. I even taught a lot of narcissistic sociopathic types too.
  • You never were there when no Asian students got laid teaching direct game before. Only every other race, including tall East Indian guys.
  • You were not there when I am creating my own Asian Wayne system together and I finally saw a Deepak Wayne video that changed everything. We both taught two versions of our game to the immersion students. They got both of them, which were different but similar. But to find out someone else had my Mystery Method, RSD, London Daygame, Justin Wayne background even if I field tested more.
  • You never were there when I got pretty good at game where I just made some compilation video I thought was a normal way to daygame. But no one ever seen an Asian do all the things the Waynes can do. Which freaked everyone out. Then get accused its fake when its the only way that worked for me at my 138 pound frame at 5’7. Since direct game I get flaked on and a boyfriend objection almost 90% of the time in Vancouver. I mean we lack preselection there, unlike California and Toronto.
  • You were never there when I had so much success, but it was a total uphill battle not even other dating coaches locally or around the world could of pulled off in a million years with the same day lays.
  • You never were there when I was scouted for Wayne Dating Lifestyles because I had all the qualities of a good coach. But to this day until a few weeks ago, Deepak Wayne had no idea what GamingElite has accomplished. I still got hired based on my qualities and my merits.
  • You had no idea when I was asked if I was serious I wanted to teach daygame for the rest of my life. Then I made a site and they told me to take it down, even if I spent my last bit of money which was a huge investment on the domain and on the actual site for it.
  • You had no idea I never meet Deepak until months into it. I had an interview with him where I made it look like i’m his student. But we both knew I was already a dating coach, or a brown belt pretending to be a student. Yes I did take 6mm course from him and I could of got it for free as an instructor. But I decided to pay out of respect. We both knew I was already a professional dating coach. But I became more natural after the course. I was almost an android who can spit out perfect game. But lacked that natural flow.
  • You never were there when I had to prove I was good enough to join. I had to get two same day lays in a video recorded. Even if it was in Nov and Dec. You never seen how my camera man before helped me out nearly getting frostbite freezing our ears off with no social comfort for the girls. It was hard to hook. No other dating coach can pull off. But I pulled off an impossible task twice.
  • You never were there when I was first announced. I posted this video because no one knew, only saw i’m a student video in the interview how it was linked. Now we link the Anastasia video. But I have a ton of other infields. But I want to ration it out.
  • You never knew how I have 80% of my students pulling girls home to escalate in the bedroom and 72% got laid. All the testimonials are real. You have no idea how proud I am of my students and sometimes I am just as shocked as you are. What is more shocking is the number closing direct game bullshit that people used. For stupid motherfuckers, who thinks the openers doesn’t matter. I have gotten laid, adapting the right openers to her state of mind. There isn’t just direct and indirect.
  • You never seen the fear other dating coaches have of me, not fucking with me and indirectly phrasing me. Even those I respected who were Asians, even had the audacity to think my testimonials were fake. But he claims he is the best Asian dating coach, where I remind him on a daily basis on my facebook, you are sitting on my throne. It is just people didn’t realize i’m the statistical best.
  • You never seen when I went to Europe and not a single person knew who I was except two people. Even black people from America doing the Eurotour had no idea who I was.
  • You had no idea of all the split testing around the world that goes on, down to the fashion, to the social skills. Now the vibbing and teaching other guys who have no empathy how to empathize or fake it. You have no idea it took 5-6 years of field testing every combination of clothing and fashion just to get it right. Where other dating coaches are stealing my concepts. To the point where I decided maybe I shouldn’t realized fashion domination yet because the world isn’t ready yet. I decide the evolution of the industry, not the industry because we are so advanced.
  • You never knew how the first day I met Deepak Wayne, we both approached this girl, we both fucked her and she was still a house pet hanging around to this day.
  • You had no idea almost every time we went out, we pulled a girl and half the time we banged a new girl. I have all the screenshots. I don’t talk, but I can back it up unlike most white dating coaches. Or Asian dating coaches who self proclaims. I have so many lay pics that has to be approved before I am allowed to post it here.
  • You had no idea the London Immersion program was a total smashing success that you will shit your fucking pants after you see the documentary. When I say I am a drill sargent, you would think Gordon Ramsay is even nicer than me than hells kitchen. But I do it to get the students results with my training methods the world never seen before. There were so much success, the students skills out did the other London Daygame coaches in terms of skill.
  • You had no idea how I was teaching the bootcamp with Deepak even when I didn’t get paid a single dollar for it. I wasn’t even mentioned in the newest video. But only indirectly. I wasn’t even in the video it seems, when it was made today, I was exhausted from all the daygaming. I sometimes didn’t get credit.
  • You had no idea I had to fight just to be recognized as John Wayne. Not as a shadow or Deepak Wayne’s side kick. But as Batman as he is superman. But sometimes I’m not as out there. This video was fought tooth and nails to get on the main channel even if only 1k people seen it. At least they know I exist.

Before you say I’m narcissistic, or whatever in the video. You have no idea of the blood, sweat, tears and years I had to give up so you can walk into my bootcamps and just get the results without all that work. I would of wish I could of taught myself. I would pay anything to have a coach with such a perfect track record.

Now I have my sites on London Daygame and RSD. They are hurting minorities. I’m coming for you. But first I have to conquer all of Europe with Deepak Wayne first. We are coming for you and you can do nothing. You think we are talking for now. But I was brought to Europe to help conquer it. Its all filmed, documented and ready to show the world. I delivered on every promise.

So instead of being ungrateful, after all I went though so I can help my fellow Asians. I can’t help those I can’t sell to. I know i’m so busy I can barely even reply to your emails. I’m sorry, but i’m working on a solution. We are working on a new site soon and some of the bottlenecks will be taken care of.


I see this new video, i’m not in it. Noticed that? I was tired and sleeping, sure. I was mentioned. Was I mentioned in terms of teaching these bootcamps too? The student got 2 lays. Immersion program was a total success. The name John Wayne, if 1k people only seen the video above. How do they know who John Wayne is? Do you see John Wayne? or hear John Wayne? Then who is John Wayne? Out of sight, out of mind. These are things I have noticed.

It is why I will and have to aggressively keep up to date with my new youtube channel. When the bootcamp video comes, you can’t deny I was there teaching too. I mean I already have more than a dozen testimonials I haven’t posted yet. I don’t care too much. I taught for free, but lets see how its edited. Rest assured, if I wasn’t there, things might turn out differently. We all know that. Just keep an eye out.

Not saying anything, but I do notice these things. If anything gets censored in the bootcamp clips from me and the immersion. Or it seems one sided like the Deepak Wayne show. Just know here for the record it was team work, but one world class PUA dating coach was flown out of Vancouver to make this  working together. Statically the worlds best dating coach. Its not validation, but credit where it is due. You know I said it here first.

I get it, never outshine the master. You can never really outshine the master because you will have to achieve twice as much living in someone elses shadow. I don’t intend to outshine anyone, if I want to stay in power. But at the same time, court attention at all cost. Those who aren’t seen or hear, are easily forgotten and ignored. I’m going to edit the next video now. Everything should be fine. I really had to fight for everything I can show. So I won’t be ignored. I suggest we make more advice videos together, but lets see if there are some hesitation. Actions speaks louder than words.

Next year, there will be a ton of immersion programs. We figured, why not work hard for a few months then rest. We can relax and focus on infields instead of life getting in the way or work. Yes as he said, he filmed infields of me too and you will see it. We both need each other to teach the immersion program. We can’t do it by ourselves. There are just too many people. Yes we have put way more hours per day than other companies.

Don’t forget, even if it doesn’t look like it, i’m in Riga too. I already cracked the code for this city and will tell you all how to navigate it free of charge. These are statistically the tallest women in the world. But i’m comfortable around them. Everyone here is in a relationship or most.

Just don’t forget, there are 3 Waynes in this world. I’m the third daygame Wayne. People forget there are two dating coaches for the company Wayne Dating Lifestyles. They have to be reminded. One student is getting so many lays now, Chinese guy. My height and now is killing it in game. I have this testimonial and updates, but there are too many so I have to keep updating it.

Update: I just skyped a student who got many blow jobs with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero.

-John Wayne




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  1. You’re doing God’s work, John. I definitely felt your struggle as I read this. As a minority, I feel like yours and the Deepaks knowledge is the ray of hope we need.

    You’ll get your day in the sun but like you said you’ll have to fight for it.


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