Short black bootcamp student gets second lay on his last day.

Turns out he has two lays in the bootcamp. It was the first time Deepak Wayne and I worked together in one Bootcamp. I just wanted to see what happened. I said he will get 2 pulls and 1 lay. But he ended up with 2 pulls and 2 lays. It was a 10 day bootcamp so I am starting to think something like this will bring even better results.

I am in another country now. So in the last countries, the PUAs can stop hiding now and come back out of your hole you crawled into.

My other Asian student got 3 lays but i’ll post his testimonial later. Honestly, lay count this, laycount that. But if your student had 3 lays in daygame but the most these guys can muster from their students is 3 testimonials. Its laycount, quality of women, only daygame laycount, counts. Daygame is something night game coaches can’t do.

Regardless, here is the black students testimonial. Proud of him, he deserved it. Next time you are a 5’7 black student who makes excuses. He is a hardcase, but I break my student mentally first. Then rebuild them. The results happened when he stopped making excuses or were not allowed.

drizzle 1drizzle 2

we have all his lay pics, videos and text conversations with the girls. So its not like we just self proclaim, like other Asian dating coaches without any real proof.

-John Wayne

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