Bootcamp student pulled and got a blow job and now got laid (updated). John and Deepak Wayne taught the student for 10 days.

I’m starting to see the benefit for the 10 day bootcamp. I don’t know if the student pulled and got laid, but if he did i’ll say it. I’m starting to find the 10 day format to be a lot more fun.

Update: As I am writing this, he got a blow job and will keep seeing her again. He did pull and something did happen. Which makes me even more proud to have coached him. I didn’t get a single penny out of this. I’ll update you on what happens if they keep seeing each other.

You dumb mofos who doesn’t think my 10 day coaching is worth it. Ummm, are you mental? I’ll be teaching bigger bootcamps in the future and I think I am more happy with the slower pace. I don’t have to punish the hell out of you guys anymore to get laid or pull on the bootcamp. Maybe I have been too harsh and you wanted it.

But this way I get a lot more sleep and also focus on your weaknesses better. Immersion programs are nice, but lots of people. You get to spend one on one time with the worlds statistically best dating coach. I mean its not bragging, its stats.

I have permission to post some of his attempted pulls because he had two he couldn’t get though the door. But the third one converted and he got his results. If you want to sign up for a bootcamp, contact me for Sept. I’ll be back and space is extremely limited. Seriously stop being stupid and cheap. You want the best, its worth every fucking penny. I would of paid myself to go back in time and travel there to teach myself this stuff tbh. So I don’t have to spend 16 years figuring out this shit or more.

I suppose this will be a future bootcamp video. We never taught a bootcamp together. We might never do it again, since we will operate separately. Both of us, working together negates all of any weaknesses and gives the students all of our strengths. We are like superman and batman. We can butt heads once in a while. But we always come up with a world saving solution.

Wayne 60 has been totally updated for tactics due to the field test here. The student had problems with connection and even vibbing. But I’m going to solve this super problem once and for all. But still this product won’t be out for a long time. Maybe years, who knows. But I am passionate about it. Fashion domination is put on hold. When I release something to the world for products. I make sure it is so good, it change the whole industry and change the world.

But I know this student would get laid. I trusted my coaching and working with Deepak, I wanted to see what would happen. I haven’t even finished posting the bootcamp series for my white student.

Also, I read all your post and all your request to buy the products and coaching. I’m coaching so much I can’t manage everything at once. Remember, every thing you send, i’ll get back to you as soon as this bootcamp is over. I hope you guys don’t feel neglected because I see every single product request.

Update, student got laid. He got a blow job at first, but he closed the deal. Congrats, this will be featured in a future documentary with Deepak Wayne and John Wayne. This is the first time we taught students 1 on 1 together. We make a good team.

tbh, I have no idea why I post hip hop music all the time. Its my blog I can do whatever I want tbh. At the end of the day, do you want results or to worship daygame coaches and mentally masturbate? Sign up to a 10 day bootcamp when I come back.

Honestly, if we solved the daygame thing forever. Why the fuck would you even train anywhere else? Are you so susceptible to marketing? Are you that easily manipulated like sheeps? come on now. All these years of bullshit from other companies that sounds so good. Do you like listening to hours of bullshit advice that is just theories? I have no theories. But my students pulls and gets laid as easily as breathing air? come on now. How much ego do you have to be able to do this? Not saying you have to automatically train with me. But its a good option or the best. In the end when you failed with everything else, you all will come back to me anyways.

-John Wayne (Wayne Dating Lifestyle)

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