Random thoughts about social comfort/connection

Back home, i’m coaching Deepaks student. I didn’t get paid for this. He almost pulled home right at the door of this hot East European girl. She is like a 9/10 in looks, like a model quality. The student is African decent. Deepak left early and told me to take over. What did you think was going to happen? He didn’t have strong social comfort.

Actually someone saw us and asking us if we were recording it. Are we professional PUAs or something. I mean the black student almost got this super hot women into her place. She even admitted she liked him. But can’t because of the boyfriend issue. If he was in another country that would of been more ideal. I told him I was the third Wayne even if relatively unknown to the world right now. Go watch the newest youtube video for my story on our main channel. If you want to be trained, i’m still here for a short while.

I have no idea why I am posting these. I just felt like it. I can do whatever I want. I really like these movies and highly recommend them.

I also taught him Krav Maga. He was scared and a bit on the beta side. So he can defend himself. But now after that girl, he realized they aren’t racist against him. They actually like him a lot. Its a real transformational experience. We all have an attribution theory, or conclusion at the end of every event. His interpretation was women were judging him. But since he has my fashion sense, they were actually admiring his fashion.

I also now double as Deepak Wayne’s body guard in Europe. He was really surprised how I taught the other student how to fight. Krav Maga gave me the structure to teach people. I teach in drills and in a very military like fashion. It is why I get so much student results. I literally will discard a daygame technique if it didn’t work for the smallest and shortest lowest LMS person. But only worked for higher value guys with height and race advantages. Its where I get it from. He asked me how long have I been doing this for. I said 5 years. I highly recommend you learn some type of effective martial arts if you feel you are afraid of people and beta.

I’ll post pics of it once I get out of this country. I’m also filming tomorrow the next video testimonial. I see my other student who banged 2 hot European girls for daygame so far. He is a good looking shorter Chinese guy. The girls are really into him, maybe more than me. So that is good. Deepak saw him. I already got a same day lay, so my job is done in this country. It already paid for the trip here. Or the return on investment. I don’t mind coaching.

One thing I realized was students here in Europe doesn’t want no 3 day bootcamp. They want like a 10 day bootcamp or at least 5 days. To think I killed myself getting so much student results because I only set up a 3 day bootcamp back home. I realized people wants more days so they can work at their own pace. Vs my drill sergeant like pace showing no mercy. But they all seem to want that. But it takes more time on my part. Its definently not as easy to teach that many days in a row.

The biggest issue with this student was, he doesn’t connect. He isn’t interested in the girls life and doesn’t ask leading questions to find out more.. Most of the guys I teach without empathy, can’t stop interrupting the girl and talking about themselves. Honestly no one give that much shit about you. This is an anti gamer quality. Girls loves talking about himself. But he is the first one to field test Wayne 60 concepts.

Now he can connect a lot better than before. I think Wayne 60 when I do finish it is going to revolutionize the entire daygame industry. I’m doing this because a lot of the Chinese students can’t connect. I am the solution, its being worked on. Yes don’t worry, a solution is coming.

Even other Asian dating companies only focus on night game. I don’t give a fuck about that. Asians imo shouldn’t be confined to night clubs. I mean we can’t change the world that way. In night game you don’t need social intelligence and you don’t need empathy. Just filter and escalate.

I also think if I am to be more famous, then I can help more minorities. Otherwise i’ll be invisible to a small crowd.

But lets talk about the topic. Social comfort, or social connection. Connection equals trust. Even if you past the instadate stage and social comfort. How the fuck are you going to climb the escalation ladder without the social comfort stage? Its such a big part of the game. Outside of all the social calibrations or conversational skills and escalation is trust.

Of course if you are a tall good looking high social status white guy. You might not need to connect. You are exactly her type, so you don’t need to connect. But if you are a negative stereotype, then of course you need a lot of game. By game, it means trust. If you can’t get her home and you can’t climb the escalation ladder. Somewhere along the way, she doesn’t trust you.

Its always like John please teach me how to connect, or fake it. I heard this phrase so many times. I’m really passionate about teaching students to read the girls faces and adapt accordingly to it. Listen, I empathize with entire races of minorities. There is a difference between sympathy and empathy.

If I don’t solve this for the world, we will have shitty Asian dating coaches teaching more useless night game. Which suggest Asians aren’t good enough for daygame. That is the wrong message. This daygame thing is not an afterthought on a checklist of game to teach. Daygame is my life, my passion and my occupation.

-John Wayne

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