Wayne 60? Future project details

Most likely I will release Fashion Domination as my next project. But i’m very passionate about Wayne 60. Its called Wayne 60: faking empathy. I noticed almost all my Chinese students has no empathy and lots of people doesn’t have it. Among the Asian, Indian, almost every single spanish and most black PUAs. Its a genetic thing since there is always one crazy controlling narcissistic parent. They might not express the full gene. Some might be very beta and uptalking. But they can never use social comfort, or social connection stage. They ask me, John how do I fake this connection.

You have to accept the fact a lot of my students admitted they have no empathy and can’t connect. Even good people, I am not here to judge. I’m going to solve a super problem not even psychologist has not figured out yet because there is no cure. Since you guys admitted it, you can’t blame me for pointing it out. I’m going to solve this super problem because i’m John Wayne and I can.

Knowing how well I created Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I used the aspergers checklist and countered it for the entire 30 days. In the past there were no programs out there to help Aspergers. There are long winded sites written by aspies for aspies. These types has no resources. Or the programs were for aspie children. But nothing for adults. Since i’m a daygame coach with 16 years of experience in the field. I know what real social calibrations entails. These so called beta scientist doesn’t.

For the next one I am using the psychopath/sociopath, narcissist and machevelli manipulator checklist. I’m literally going to help the impossible cases. The ones who are suffering, being delusional, opinions as facts without any proof. Win at all cost, never apologise but if they do shifts blame. Even normal PUAs who can’t connect. They just get flaky phone numbers that goes nowhere. The girl feels nothing and won’t even respond.

This is also going to be a cure for narcissism on how to let go of your ego. How not to get pissed off.
See the source image

You basically know some people who has crazy controlling parents. Usually among the Indian and Chinese parents which I think the narcissism gene is. Its always on parent that passed on these traits. No it isn’t social conditioning or culture. If you want to know which races has these

The self development aspect also includes how to fix your vibe. LIke Module 1 of Wayne 30, which is mostly therapy in a box. I will take this further. Not only is it exercises you can do in the field. But exercises you can do in real life too around your friends, family, work and daygame.

I have over the years field tested every single self development stuff and it doesn’t work. They have the RSD effect. Which is just fluff bullshit that doesn’t work. It sounds good like idealistic thinking. But its just a bunch of bullshit cult level shit. I’m going to field test it all and only the practical things works. I think a lot of self development stuff are fake bullshit.

What if John Wayne, uses his scientific Wayne brain into another area and try to solve the worlds super problems. I’m also doing this to get people ready for relationships. Issues they need to handle so they don’t ruin their future relationships with anger. Although I am more of the same day lay guy. This is something necessary for social circle game and also relationships. I’m literally going to make the world better with my 180 game I.Q. I’m literally solving some of the toughest game problems. Wayne 30 solved social skills. Fashion Domination will solve aesthetics. This will solve all connection issues.

Listen, the PUA world will buy this product. I am not stupid, I know a lot of you can’t connect or feel empathy. If its Wayne 60, I might actually make this a 60 day challenge. Of course this won’t be released for a long time. I have to field test every concept. But lots of you keep asking me how to fake empathy and I taught you in immersion programs and in real life bootcamps and even skype.

It might sound fucked up, people are asking how to fake it, I know. I hear you and i’m creating a solution. Some people can fake empathy or connection. Some people its not so strong, they have other areas to compensate. But its harder to go up the escalation ladder because empathy = connection = trust. Field testing has already begun. I’m assisting Deepaks student, no I don’t get paid for it. I’m not in it for the money. I’ll make the world a better place for minorities on my own terms.

I’m still in Europe. Lots of people wants a bootcamp when I am back in Sept to Vancouver. If you want a spot, put down a deposit. First come first serve. These days the bootcamps are like 5-10 days vs the traditional 3. People wants more training lately. I hear you. I also discussed this with Deepak Wayne. He already signed off on the project. Remember, I invented all of these technologies, so it doesn’t go to any other PUA dating coaches. I’m literally creating technologies from scratch. I’m super proud of Wayne 30 and Wayne 60 is something that will revolutionize the game.

I’m sorry I didn’t post more, I just barely have time lately. So many infields and lay pics to come.

-John Wayne


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