I feel underappreciated on the main youtube channel. So i’m going to update my other one, WayneDatingEnterprise

Its nothing the company did or Deepak. I’m speaking purely on what I see on the immersion program. Yes several students pulled and some botched it right before the pull. Some instadates, but its been successful already. There are two more days. Maybe more stuff will happen, who knows.

So London isn’t as insurmountable as you all thought. You just need a sharper style of game instead of a tinder swipe right and left game of direct bullshit. There are still a few more days left, but lets say it was successful and students skills are sharp.

The thing that shocked me the most was most of the students didn’t know who I was. I was on the main channel with this slow drip policy and no one knew who I was. Even if I posted non stop same day lay infields, they won’t know who I am. They know me on the forum group, but outside of it they have no idea. Or outside of this website. I asked everyone.

Its really shocking that even if I am on the main youtube channel, no one knew who I was. Outside of GamingElite youtube and my Vancouver daygame blog site. Some of my videos were right there and still no one knows who I am. But people who found this blog watched all my advice videos. Or seen me on the forum group.

So I decided to upload a video to the Wayne Dating Enterprise channel. I decided to shift my resources from GamingElite to Wayne Dating Enterprise. I am making my introduction and telling people to move from the old channel to the new one. Regardless I have discussed this with Deepak and even made a discussion with some of the London students. They really don’t know me so I have to make myself known. I’m the 3rd daygame Wayne. One of the three is inactive. Sometimes fame isn’t a good thing. Other times, you need it to help the world to reach more people. So here is the video. Enjoy..

Every Wayne has been in the shadow of every other predecessor before them. I want some more awareness and I don’t want to be left in the shadow. Sometimes a human need is the need to grow. Its not for more validation or fame. I have to be more famous to help my fellow Asians and reach more people.

If I look tall, i’m wearing heel lifts. I’m 2 inches taller for the record, but still 5’7.

-John Wayne





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