Greetings from London

Hi, i’m teaching the immersion program with Deepak Wayne now in London. I don’t have too much time to post so I will tell you what observations I have noticed while I was there.


  1. London is nowhere as big as it seems as in the youtube videos of daygamers. It is big but smaller and more compressed at the same time. They made the place look so epic and different. But it is pretty much like a lot of cities across Europe, just bigger and more dense in population.
  2. London women are actually as unattractive as the stereotype. Of them being overweight, unattractive, but they pride themselves on that. They have a snobby sterotype, but I didn’t see that. There is some but only half of hot women I daygame in Vancouver. I’m not talking about the 6/10 ones and blurring their faces because of their figure. I mean hot women. They are more humanity in London, they don’t have that resting bitch face like in Vancouver. Some women looks like models, they make up a very rare part of the population. They have a snobby behavior only, but extremely rare. I think they are half British and half something else mixed otherwise they won’t have the looks. I honestly never seen such an ugly place of people in my entire life.
  3. There is a ton of food in London, it might attribute to the women’s weight. I have daygame though a lot of European countries already, but London is just fat and ugly. There is literally a ton of food everywhere. It’s actually expensive. But if I baked my own ribs, its cheaper. Its 3 pounds vs what I pay back home $14 CAD. They have this store called Tesco, its their most famous grocery store. They have these stores with cheap Indian container food for a low price at 2 pounds. They seem to love Indian food here and Chinese food. I was told they always eat it if they celebrate. I ate cheap steak and big ribs for $3 pounds or 3.50 which is cheap. Most people can’t cook here as Gordon Ramsay suggested. Maybe why some foods are so cheap if you made it yourself. Luckily i’m a good cook.
  4. There is a lot of crime here in London. Someone gets stabbed every single day here. Its not uncommon and its almost like their way of saying hello. Since its so common. You have to be viligilant and aware.
  5. The students all talk extremely fast as the biggest mistake. Whether it is the accent or how they were brought up. If you talk fast, you want to get that word in before interrupted. Or it has to do with value and how you feel.
  6. Stopping a set is hard for the students due to the extremely high volume. Its like one of the places with the most volume I seen. So far I have a perfect 100% stop rate, but the students are struggling with it a bit. I mastered my 2 meter point stop, they didn’t. Talking fast also puts pressure on the girl.
  7. There are no daygame coaches daygaming. One of my students told me that they haven’t seen them. But only twice. We saw Johny Berba in the park and seem like a homeless person. Maybe he is going to make and advice video rant about whatever nonsense. I honestly doubt any of the London Daygame coaches gets laid at all here. I think they are bullshitting. They are coaches, but not actual daygamers. They have no proof and only lay reports. The skills the students were taught by these so called daygame coaches were the opposite of what we teach. If the opposite gets you 340 testimonials, then they are on the wrong track. London is a scam and the coaches are not PUAs, but they are coaches only. Without any proof or testimonials. To think my student living here for 8 years only saw them twice in that time. Maybe they record a ton in a day that last them a long time. Not sure, but they aren’t here.
  8. There are guys who looks like runway models here without women next to them. They have my identical hairstyle all over London. My blazer look and my hairstyle is super popular here. 20% of the guys have that hairstyle. Its weird to see them using my fashion tips. But all the students have a blazer and a fashion makeover.
  9. There are still creepy white guys with inbreed faces into Asian girls here. But it isn’t as widespread as in Vancouver. Its still here unfortunetly.
  10. The Asians doesn’t mix and hang out with other races here and keeps to themselves. They act semi aspergers or autistic. They didn’t practice good social skills.

I’ll type more observations as I remember them. But since I don’t have time, I hope you got some good insight. Enjoy the pictures from my Samsung S9+.

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