New short Asian student got a same day lay

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Dude fucks a pretty hot European girl with one Skype used and getting both my products.

My second generation of Chinese students are different from the rest. Remember the last guy? he got laid so many times this month. This was another newer student. What do they have that the others doesn’t? They are pretty boy Asian types with a good enough face.

I mean of course, all the Chinese students doesn’t have empathy due to the warrior gene. Yes I know it, they love it when I teach them how to fake empathy. It fact, it makes them over joyed someone really understands them. But they are the new generations. The new John Wayne clones.

He already got a new haircut and hair products to my specification. He already got laid. Fashion Domination style. Of course his game is changed. He gone from natural and direct shit to now same day lay style. I think he has a good future ahead of him, lets see where he goes.

I told him it is an advantage to be a pretty boy Asian type. I’ll bring his game to the next level.

There is really only one John Wayne. But i’m building and army of John Wayne clone pick up artist who are going to slay. I’m giving them the code to success. Of course if you are better looking as a Chinese guy, it puts you over the line of fuckability faster once I fix your game.

There are a lot of testimonials. This year most of my students got laid. Not just pull, but got laid. Its pretty fucking awesome. Most other dating coaches can’t even get one or two for daygame. Just I learned a lot about my sticking point bullshit. Yes a real game style exist. That cuts though everything out there. You read my testimonials, you become one too. I mean…. Bootcamps are selling like crazy even in Europe. If you want to train with me while i’m on my Eurotour. Actually I was going to get laid as much as I can. As if I didn’t already got laid enough. But lots of students are showing up for long 10-15 day bootcamps. A lot of Chinese students. Remember i’m not always going to be there. Its the best time to train with me. Yes its worth it because i’m giving up my time for you. Thank you for choosing Wayne Dating Lifestyles.

-John Wayne

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