Advice video, show me your friends, i’ll show you your future in game

Its been a while since I made an advice video. I’m covering a very important topic. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future in game. The people you surround yourself has a lot of importance in your life. They influence you, they throw their blueprint or vibe or belief system into your life. When you are around successful people, you become more successful. If you are around losers, you turn into one too.

If you give advice to friends, you lose friends. Like the book called win friends and influence people. If you never said something good first to a friend, then give advice, they will resent you for it. But I think if they do, fuck em, replace them. Most likely they aren’t helping anymore. Once things aren’t win/win, you cut them out.

Start cutting people out of your life all the time. When you pull out the weeds from the ground, a lot more good grass will grow around you.

Also, find the best mentors. With the best mentors, you surround yourself with the best people. The better the mentors the more results you get.

When I was here with Deepak we both got laid so many times. Or if we didn’t, we pulled a girl back home. So far its been like that, we haven’t fucked up yet. There could of been a day we didn’t get any results. But it never came yet. I was sick for the last 2 days with a flue from a girl I banged. But it comes with the territory. She will be featured in my next daygaming with Deepak post. Even in the first day it happened with a very hot girl.

When Deepak gives me some of the videos of all the girls, then I will post it in the dear Asians and other sections. Its nice to have a camera filming bedroom things. In the past, it was harder since I didn’t have a pull location. Seeing yourself on camera fucking a girl, its pretty cool actually. I never had equipment like this before.

I hope you get a lot of value out of this video. I made these videos to help you. If anything, if you want to sign up to an online program. I might not have as much time, i’m happy to teach you. Even when I am in Europe. The results of the students are very consistent. They can’t stop getting laid.

I have enough testimonials for a long time. So if you are into that, students are getting laid non stop. Its getting near summer so more of the results happens then usually in my teaching experience.

Also, notice the sofa?? Its the same one at Deepaks place.

-John Wayne



Update: pulled another hot girl home, will show clips and footage later. Fucked her. We both passed off the baton in this race back and forth to make it happen. John Wayne 4 lays in 3 weeks or something. There are days we didn’t go out. I was sick recently and got the flu from another girl I fucked. Deepak 5 lays. Still in this short amount of time, we pulled every single time we went outside. This girl was our first approach. But i’ll reveal everything. I’m collecting all my bedroom escalation and will post it sometime in the future. I am creating screenshots and stuff. It is extremely hardcore, maybe too hardcore. You wouldn’t believe the crazy shit that happened. Its too hardcore for youtube. I’ll put it on the front page. But man, the amount of skill and consistency. One day we will not pull, but it won’t be today.

This whole country fucking hate us. I swear, every group of young men are like pissed at us. Well, how does it feel to be oppressed. I felt it my whole life. I’m sure they think, seeing us talking to one girl, then pulling them home. Then another one, we almost pulled a second girl right afterwards, but she didn’t walk though the door. But we already fucked this hot girl with a super nice body, we don’t give a fuck.

In your fucking face. Team Wayne Dating Lifestyle bitches.

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