Chinese student third lay this month



First he fucked a black girl, then a Latina, then he fucked a Korean. Sure he doesn’t like Asians but he is tasting the rainbow. He sent me all his lay videos. Unlike some of you, he has enough balls to take it and sent it. He isn’t a pussy.

Remember, I have the most testimonials in the world and the most transferable game. If you have prilvledges of any sort, it isn’t transferable. It will cut down if not barely get you any testimonials. Every dating coach can only transfer their body type and race. The rest is their meager game.

Also, we have pulled a girl home every single time we daygame. I banged 3 and Deepak banged 4. Its not even been a long time. I arrived at the 11th of this month. He got a lay at the last 10 mins when I didn’t feel like going out. A women he pulled but didn’t close. But he closed her afterewards.

-John Wayne

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