Average European Chinese 3 Months to Proficiency student finally gets laid with a HB 8 or 9/10?



I want to talk about his journey. 3 Months of proficiency was for hardcases or impossible cases who wouldn’t get much if any results in daygame. These are guys who failed with other coaches and really needs everything hands on. Almost daily mentorship going over every aspect of the game.

This student’s background was, he is a 4/10 in looks and kind of chubby. He isn’t what you will call the typical attractive man. He pulled a few times already in the training, but was able to close the deal finally. He is also Chinese so obviously the strong empathy isn’t there. But now it seems my Chinese students are finally converting compared to the other races.

He was originally trained by Justin Wayne in his 6 months of mastery program. Which he deems bullshit. He did get laid with a 3.5/10 women in his program. He got one lay or something and one pull. He landed a HB 8-9/10 which he calls subjective. Not only did my training demolish Justin Wayne’s training.

I was able to get a guy who really has no looks, height either, he’s 5’7 like me. I have all the testimonials in the industry and Justin Wayne has next to none. Our game is different, not that similar. I redid everything. Its like comparing rigid old fashion Jitsu with current Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I’m way more efficient and effective. Its the same with our daygame systems.

This guy only took 2 months of it and didn’t finish his third month due to work related things.

It also seems half our students got laid already for this program. To find out more. I might only teach it during the November to February area. It took away a lot of my time away from daygame. But it is an option. I would sign up for it around that time. When I come back later on, I will be teaching bootcamps in Vancouver.

Although I screenshot immediately after he got laid. He will be my first written testimonial. I don’t believe in written testimonials unless they are video or screenshot. But hey, he didn’t want his face or voice shown. I can respect that. I’ll post his written testimonial on this page.


You might think 4k USD is expensive. But I think its cheap for my time. I’m worth more since my time is money. You might say your time is money, but i’m worth more for my expertise. I can fire all my friends, all my students, burn all of my clothing and start all over. But I can’t replace my valuable fucking time on this earth. I’m spending it with you most of the days mentoring you. You get much more results. This program should only be for more hardcases who struggles like crazy.

The return on investment is great. People or 72% will get laid during my training. 80% will pull a girl home to the bedroom. If the odds are that great already, then you know you will eventually succeed. I like to see everything as an investment. Imagine if I went up to Gordon Ramsay and say well that’s too expensive for your cooking course. I can’t afforded. But he is one of the best in the world and your abilities will skyrocket. Is it not worth it? Of course it is, a small price to pay.

Also, most people doesn’t realize, how much I understand them. Despite your race or circumstance.

-John Wayne

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