Asian men can’t tell the difference between a 6.5/10 and 8.5/10 white girl

I hate to say it, the reason why you Asian guys always not get results in daygame was because you train under tall strong handsome dating coaches with no abilities. You say they are getting laid, therefore they can teach. Even if their SMV or LMS, looks money and status, they say looks don’t matter. Then you see them with butter face women. The main problem is most Asian guys can’t tell the difference between the scores of white girls because they haven’t been with a lot of white girls. Its the same with me an Asian girls, to me they all look the same despite the score. Asian men think, oh blue eyes, blonde hair, white girl, omg, pedestal. So you train with these light weight PUA Asian dating coaches who aren’t me. Then you get no results in daygame. You don’t have their LMS, you get screwed. I’ll flood the bedroom escalation pictures if I have to in the next post to make my point. Not only can I get hotter girls than these big caveman light weight PUAs. Their game doesn’t even compare to mine.


See the source image

On an aesthetic level you might say their makeup is good and its done up. They usually are older women. But for the physical looks level, these are mostly 5/10 at most. But if you are Asian, you see blonde hair so you give it a 7/10 or more because you like blondes. Also, you have no clue what their looks scale because you are using your left brain. Maybe you look boobs and don’t have a nice face yourself, so you ignore that about her. You just got some height or some mucles. You never would even experience a girl who is higher on the looks scale if your life depended on it. Its outside your reality. Toronto is the only place I have seen that has all 6-7/10 and not higher. Some Vancouver women are much higher and taller in the looks scale. Too bad i’m the only PUA who goes for top level shots. I don’t give a shit about 6/10, oh blue eyes, blonde hair. I have something most Asian guys doesn’t, which is called standards.

Face doesn’t matter to Asian guys

See the source image

I just found a random picture of a girl on the internet. She has a good symmetry of the face, not the nicest nose. Of course some retards who is a boob man will say her boobs aren’t big enough so she gets a lower score. This person has a nicer face, so she should be considered at least a 8/10 for the face.

How do I view girls?

Our fuck buddy is over and I tried to pull 3 young girls with Deepak today. They didn’t come in, but it was close. Couldn’t get them though the door. They were quite young, so everyone thought wth. Regardless, we are two minorities, brown and yellow who is basically cucking this country. One guy got jealous told me to leave, as I was hitting his girl. I was going to act alpha, but this isn’t my country. I’m sure they don’t like it, that we are stealing their women. Either way, Deepak got laid every single day. There is another women, super hot, I can’t talk about. Hotter than Justin Wayne’s girl and taller. I can’t talk about details.

Looks of the girl isn’t subjective. There is nothing subjective about it. I think Toronto girls are dog shit ugly, otherwise I would of at least moved there. I’m so not impressed. If you seen Vancouver girls or the girls here, you wouldn’t even approach those ones. But how am I getting girls way above my looks scale? Well, you need a whole different game. Or it won’t work. You also need a whole new mindset and strategy. I might even make a post showing all sorts of angles of sex with this new girl. Who doesn’t wear makeup but is really pretty still.

I also noticed that there were a few people who asked me to send them an invoice but didn’t pay yet for the products. Ummm, do you want to be coached or not? I am statistically the best dating coach.

I know a lot of people thinks John only goes after white girls. But i’m actually in love with a half white half Latina 18 year old girl. Who i’ll bang back home and include her in my life. She is one of the prettiest Latinas imo, I could be wrong. But, still. I have a lot going on in my life right now. If anything, I can still say to other dating coaches. Stop going for butter faces, have some fucking self respect.

-John Wayne



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