5’7 white Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero first pull


Short white student pulled for the first time. He really just go started. He bought Wayne 30 a thought it was the best thing ever. His skills transfer into his business and into his life.

I gave him some fashion tips too and some text game tips. In the past he couldn’t get the girls to come out on dates though online and he never tried daygame. It was a pretty common story for a lot of my white clients since they use online dating a lot. Most of his numbers will flake. Now they are solid with my text game system. He now knows how to pull with my Skype coaching.

I have so many more testimonials, I just can’t keep up. Every week I just get flooded with it. Its only inevitable he gets laid soon. I’ll be keeping an eye on his progress. Also, yeah its weird how I teach every race. All banners, all races, trains under John Wayne. Its funny how everyone trains under me. Its not only Asians and East Indians.

-John Wayne

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