Greetings from Europe

I haven’t made it to my final destination yet. But part way I got detained by London security. Maybe I’m dressed too much like a gangster. They eventually let me go. They have nothing on me. Witch hunt.

The women here aren’t that hot from what I see in the airport. But this is my first time travelling. They are exactly as Richard La Ruina said. Over weight, unattractive.

My advice for today is I cut out a lot of unnecessary people in my life. Audit everyone because you are the sum of the 5 person you are closest to. Shitty people in your life will drag you down. I even audited my mother. No one is off limits. Every category.

What is the logic behind it? When I have many wingmans. The good ones in the past elevate me. They always imprint their belief system on you about game. When a wingman is toxic, they imprint toxic beliefs. This affects your vibe and energy. Or what I call a vibe killer. When that is gone, you an focus again. Then frees you up from a lot of bullshit.

Also, I have found that some people are not capable. No matter how hard they try. They will never be capable. You can’t change people. So like Donald Trump. Hire slow and fire fast. Audit your social circle, family, friends, wingman, even the girls in your life who never go out on dates and waste your fucking time. Just audit the low performers. Pull the weeds out of the ground. You are only as strong as the weakest link on your team.

I’ll be honest, I just fired two value taking leeches who can same day lay and said they can’t join our company. Having one trait, same day lay, but being a value taking scumbag, not a team player won’t get you hired. I’ll list 5 traits all future Waynes will need to have. Same day lay is only the first. No we aren’t hiring now, but will maybe years from now. Deepak and I choose the next Wayne. There might not be any, or we have to train someone from the grounds up.

If you want to be good at making money, you learn from the richest mentors. Will fast track you. If you want to build muscles, learn from those who were in your circumstance who made it happen. If you want to learn game, learn from those who can get student results.

I won’t have time to answer emails or deal with coaching enquiries. But i’ll be meeting Deepak Wayne in person soon.

I have a lot more testimonials to post and I don’t have a lot of time to do it. I had one student who pulled twice in a row, but in Spain. He isn’t that good looking and the girls doesn’t take him seriously. Or not into him. Chinese student of course. No empathy, no connection. Regardless, I will find a cure. Looks do matter or fashion does if you are Chinese. My other good looking Chinese students are progressing well. Its all about getting past that line of fuckability/datability.

-John Wayne

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