Chinese student approach to fuck buddy video testimonial

It only took him three days to get laid. The third day was his date at his house. I mean going out there to date for 4-7 hours? What is this bullshit Mystery Method shit. He bought the Wayne bundle or both my products Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero.

Bundle page is over here.

I was arguing with this deluded stupid Asian guy on youtube. He was also a big fan of Other tall strong handsome dating coaches. He was half their height, looks and muscle mass. Dude was from Sluthate. You know, the site with deluded sociopaths aspies I talked about. He claims testimonials doesn’t matter. They do matter a lot idiot. Of course they don’t matter to those who are fans of a tall handsome strong Asian dating coach in Vancouver. He has no testimonials, you can’t transfer looks.

Then he tried to say can you prove the testimonials are real? I got some bedroom shots of this student. Of course its all real, every last one of them. Talk about grasping for straws. I’m sometimes just as surprised as you are when students gets laid non stop. I get how you feel. But my game is that consistently powerful. Sometimes I think oh fuck, I have to post another one, will take more time. Most dating coaches will kill to have every what I have in a week for testimonials.

I also been noticing a lot of negative people and comments lately on youtube. Its almost like everyone is negative and complaining a lot. Just a bunch of deluded whiny snowflakes who uses strawman arguments. Maybe since I wasn’t on youtube for so many months. I might start to update my youtube channel and will change the name from Wayne Entertainment to Wayne Dating Enterprise. It sounds too long to say Wayne Dating Lifestyles Enterprise.

I’ll be honest, these guys all have the same pattern, for these trolls. They complain and use strawman arguments. Then they keep being deluded with their belief system. Then they continue to stack one strawman argument, making you defend yourself after another with fake accusations. Then they try to attack your credibility because they are haters. They try to get you to trip yourself like a Judo match. They only end up being thrown out of the dojo. Its the same pattern, I just remove these fucks from our facebook group. It flows better without them. The world is full of bad people. The customer is always right mentality is not what I believe in. They aren’t even customers.

Most of these guys don’t get laid and are keyboard jocky who are sadistic dark tetrad. This is why I don’t associate with deluded people or even teach them anymore. You can’t bypass their delusion. One guy said he has 8-11 women in a room if they paint their nails white its his girl? Wtf, then said Neil Strauss? After he claims you can’t get younger girls with blazers, just older women. Lol, I banged two girls in front of my student wearing a blue blazer and one is a HB 9/10.

Another guy was an old troll I blocked in the past. I’m not sure if he is my Thailand student who got like 5 lays under my training within a month or so. Once a troll, always a troll. Since trolls are sociopaths, just block and ignore, move on. Also, what I found to work is if they use strawman argument or accusations for you to defend. Just don’t listen to what they say and talk though them. It hurts their ego and cause them to have a mental meltdown. Use the same things against them. They can’t dish out what they take.

I was out of the spotlight for so many months. I think this slow drip policy on the main channel. I was given this youtube channel to drive traffic to this blog.



Regardless, this student transformed a lot after he got laid with my fashion and aesthetics suggestions. This student is decent looking, but still has his fair share of rejections even with the aesthetic change. His game is still off but i’m helping him build it up. Only difference between him and Chinese students are, he is taller and he listens to what I say and apply it as fast as possible. He put his ego aside.


If you are going to get a product or service like a bootcamp. Sign up now before I leave. I won’t have internet for a few days when I’m on my flight.

-John Wayne


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