Advice video. Why you are pretty much screwed if you are quiet in daygame

I don’t post advice videos very often. They are a great marketing too. When I make advice videos, people often takes notes and tries to reverse engineer what I teach. Its not uncommon to hear students say they watched every one of my advice videos. Remember, i’m extremely scientific. So everything is field tested to hell and back.

For those who are too quiet. I have bad news for you. It is a death sentence. What I mean by that is, if you are quiet, I never seen anyone correct it. I’m sorry but you are fucked. I wish I can tell you some useful motivational shit. I really do. Your fucked.

Most people say it sounds normal to me. My volume vs my old student here, you can hear how much louder I am. In 2015, I taught him a Justin Wayne style which is pure bullshit. I apologize. But I did teach his style and every style in the world. Before that I taught direct and in direct. Even London Daygame for a living. I taught it all.

Natural and direct game was even more shit, only one guy got laid. A tall East Indian guy who seems to hang around Jan. That was my student. I literally lost a lot of business teaching such bullshit. I field tested everything,

What causes quiet volume? I have a few ideas of why and what you can do to fix it. The weirdest thing I noticed was they feel that volume is normal. But its only like 1/4 of my volume at best. But it feels normal to them. Did I ever have a student fix the volume issue? Vietnamese people are super quiet.

The answer is no, no one fixed it. Even if you shout in night game. I myself aren’t interested in that shit. You won’t fix it either. I also notice they often have one narcissistic controlling parent. So they often are in flight mode. Fight or flight. Regardless, watch the video.

Sometime I make advice videos and people loves watching them. But when they learn my game, they are like this is the holy grail of game. They just fucking get it, like a 3 star Michelin star chef gave them the recipe to success. No matter what they done, they can’t even get one star. Its like we all use the same ingredients. But my stuff always comes out better than theirs.

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. Its not always the most complicated or sound good advice. Sometimes its the most simple and field tested calibrated advice that works. There is a big hint in the advice video of how to improve it.

I don’t have idealistic thinking or theories or positive motivational shit.

See the source image

See the source image

The London Immersion program is soon. I have to prepare.


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