East Indian student second Pull after Wayne 30 and playbook bundle

My east Indian student from down under. First time he pulled a hot white girl in 2 days and this time he pulled a different girl. He got her clothing off and massaged her. But he didn’t know how to get the panties off. Remember, you still have to close the deal, its not just the daygame, or instadating or the pulling. But its also the f-closing or getting laid that is important.

What happens with Wayne 30 is people pulls to fast and even on the bootcamp due to social calibrations. Then they don’t know what to do next. Its common, but we will discuss it on skype someday. Honestly, the bundle is selling well this last month. I sold quite a few which I reinvested it into this laptop that helped me render all the video testimonials in 24 hours.

Okay, it took me year to finish the video testimonials actually and edit it to a point where I was happy with it. Now I don’t have to worry about finishing the testimonials when I am travelling. You would see some of the video testimonials, the background image has changed on the front page. Those are updated. There are 24 right now of those video testimonials.

Its actually pretty fucking amazing how I reverse engineered turning off your left brain because of one 3MP student who did just that. Then it flowed. When he was thinking, trying to understand every detail, he started to fuck it up every single time. But he flowed perfectly when he shut off his brain. Dude is my private chiropractor.

I am not the type of dating coach who uses I learned a lot about myself type of testimonials. Or some bullshit you see other Asian dating coaches uses. I mean the only thing you care about should be getting laid or pulling a girl home to escalate her. Everything else is just to pad it to make it look like you have testimonials.

Lets not beat around the bush. I have more testimonials in one week than every daygame coach in Vancouver has in their entire career combined. I don’t even need a long mentorship program or any of that bullshit. They can do it with a product or just skype. Since my game transcends anything in the industry so far. You guys are primitive to me.

Until dating coaches check their privileges and admits it. They won’t be able to transfer their game to a short Indian guy like this guy or a short 5’4 Asian guy.

Also, we have a big immersion program now. If you don’t sign up, you won’t get your seat anymore to. Its past the half way point now, there are already a ton of students. After everything is filled, we will have to turn people away and can’t take anymore.

Believe me, I would like to train big groups of people. But the group will get so big, that it would look ridiculous. Yes there are going to be that many.



-John Wayne

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