Don’t worry we will get back to the testimonial shit you love so much. Did you know all these random post and ideas, concepts I post are related to how to get those testimonials? Most people doesn’t make the connection. When I tell you how the world works, even in game. But you disagree. I think if too many people agrees, then I must be wrong. I’m glad that you don’t, but your disagreement is your dumb left side of the brain thinking with your delusions.

This is one of the most important concepts I have every come across. I’m learning from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world now. Like I said, this doesn’t cost you anything to learn. I’m giving it away for free. This one really works. I’m impatient, if someone waste my valuable fucking time, it is criminal. It is worst than stealing.

I already taught you how to stop thinking. Like doing a pushup, stop making an excuse. should I change my clothing first? Should I do it this way? What if its not perfect. If you have these thoughts in your head, you have a fucked up left brain that won’t amount to anything. Its full of excuses robbing you from results. I shut off my mind and fucking do it. Especially when I taught you, if I have the best advice.

Now my third concept is time. Value your time, in a win/win situation. If I were to tell all my clients to fuck off. I start all over, I can replace anyone. I can always make more money. But I will never have more time. I even integrated daygame practice drills into my life when I take a break. My entire day is integrated. Don’t waste any fucking time. Don’t even waste time on people who are win/lose. Get them the fuck out of your life if its not a fair value exchange.

So to continue, you can’t get your time back. No man is rich enough to buy back his past. Also, my expertise comes as a price. I should honestly charge a lot more. If its producing so much results for students, then yeah its valuable.

Why you don’t value your time? You most likely do a 9-5 job. You are trading your time for money. Meaning you are trading your precious time for a bit of money. You can’t get ahead because you don’t value your time. You don’t have any self esteem and your are stupid. You don’t know how to create value in peoples lives, so you are a grunt.

In the past I used to Skype with people for a longer time than the 1 hour mark. I didn’t respect my own time. When I started to respect my time, I began to reduce it and focus more. I started to look at those wasting my time. I really don’t associate as much with time wasters. I even cut them out of my life for business and friendship. My time is super valuable.

I’m going to be teaching immersion programs. My expertise is valuable. I only have so much time before I leave to Europe so when I see someone wasting a day of my time, it is criminal. That impatience is what will make you successful. As long as you are shutting off the left brain and fucking applying with the right brain. You only focus on the most important things. You will be successful.

If I don’t feel like I am doing something daily to further my goals of bringing more value for peoples lives and myself. I feel I wasted that fucking day. Rich people or successful people’s lives are structured in such a way they maximize their time.

I copied and pasted this from my dear Asians post.


In Asian culture, they don’t value their time. In the west, white people usually thinks how to use their time because there are only 24 hours in a day. How can they get more things done. Eastern philosophy or Asians tends to think, if I’m patient, I can do this in the long term.

Here is a common story you all heard. Beside Jan stealing peoples money like Justin Wayne and pocketing it. Asians thinks they put $2000 Canadian dollars into training. They usually don’t get laid. They usually quit daygame in 1.5 weeks. Or 2.5 years being angry at Jan.

So, that cost you more than $1000 cad a year of liabilities of not getting laid. Just a few dates. Then you spend the second year another thousand dollars not getting laid. Now you spend another 6 months which is worth what? $2500 before you quit? You paid to go to night clubs like $10 per night, including drinks.

Lets say you did this twice a month. That’s like $20 and you did that every two weeks. That’s close to $480 worth of money out of your pocket and time. That my friend costed you nearly 3 grand. Which is now the new cost of my course. But unlike Jan’s course, you have a higher change of getting results.

Its simple, Asian guys doesn’t value their time because they have no self esteem. I value my time because my expertise is valuable. I used to go over time. But if a person waste my time, its worst than stealing. I can always replace my customers, I can replace anything like my belongings. But I can’t replace my valuable time.

Even going to RSD, you don’t value your time. You are just fans, not really in it to get laid. But wasting time with some self development bullshit.

What am I teaching you? Its very true a lot of Asians aren’t valuing their time in Vancouver if you do the math. I’m the only Asian in the world who isn’t good at math. But still, do the math, see how much your time and money is worth to you? most likely you have very low self esteem. If you don’t apply quickly and take forever to apply, you obviously have no self esteem.

Why don’t I teach deluded people? It takes time to fight and argue against their delusions. Delusional people are often sociopaths or psychotic. A warped mind takes time to explain to, they rarely apply fast. They make excuses to put it off. They often have comorbidity too, which has aspergers.

Now I have to spend time not hurting their feelings because they have narcissism too. So I decided, in my experience. If a person is deluded at all, its a red flag and i’m not teaching them. They won’t amount to anything and will be a time waster.

I’m creating a 2 day course for Chinese people in Vancouver when I come back. Its only 2 grand USD for 2 days. You won’t learn the escalation ladder. I’m not a bandaid solution. But the solution to your problems in daygame. Since you guys are socially retarded, you need that two days of socials skills. The course will be more money for additional days to learn the self half escalation ladder.

Filipinos, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and every other race learns the regular bootcamp. You guys have to take the long route. One of my 3MP students agree with what I am doing. He is Chinese and realized they are harder to teach and requires more work. Imagine they are 100% beta, socially retarded (no offense), no connection, no game, no fashion, no anything. You guys are so fucked, its not even funny. He even suggested the name Chinaman as the name. I think that is a bit too insulting.

I’m not here to waste your time, but if you can’t afford a 2 grand bootcamp, which is only allowed to Chinese students who are shorter. If you are Chinese and taller, we can work with that in a normal bootcamp because you have more value in the girls eyes. Especially if you have muscles. You have some value at least.

But if you were short, you have all those bad qualities, you won’t get laid. In fact none of you guys are getting laid in daygame because there are no testimonials in any other dating company locally of Asian results. Sucks to be you. So you go after Asian girls and night game.

This 2 day program is just a start. You have to demonstrate you can at least pass Wayne 30 at home. All 30 components before I even teach you in your 2 day bootcamp. Then you have to pass the 2 day bootcamp and you get to learn the Wayne Playbook after the course. That’s a great value because you get both the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and the Wayne Playbook. That’s like knocking $500 off the price.

Once you start to be socially calibrated, you start to apply the rest in your second 2 day bootcamp. Even if you stop here, you can still pull easily and get instadates. You just won’t know the escalation ladder. But the course Chinaman, joking…Its called Wayne 30 2 day confidence bootcamp or something is only for Chinese people. No other races are allowed, unless you are an impossible case.

See the source image

I’m here to help my fellow Asians. Now you have no fucking excuses. None whatsoever. If other dating coaches locally can’t get you laid in daygame. Then this is the only way. I  know you think you are enough and looks don’t matter. But unless you do it this format, don’t waste my precious time.

Remember, 1 in 5 of you won’t get married or procreate. Sucks to be you. That is wasting your time on earth, paying for another company shitty bootcamp that waste your time. The Chinese loves to waste 2.5 years of no results. They like to be cheap.

Whoever teaches you bullshit like direct game or natural and direct. When you are naturally creepy isn’t your friend. In fact they are your enemies. They make you the 1 in 5 Asians who won’t get married or procreate. I’m the only real friend you have in Vancouver.

I only made this conclusion after teaching 3MP of so many Chinese people. Although the last guy got laid, I’ll post his testimonial. He was a tall dude, with more value.

Oh right, I copied this link from the frontpage. I put the products in a different link because I wanted to tidy up the site.

Also, think about the girls in your life who are time wasters. Who doesn’t come out on a date and you keep chasing. Cut her loose if she doesn’t want to bang. These are also time wasters. I’m the kind of guy if I find a girl gives me a bad attitude. I cut them out. They can beg me and say they love me. Once I cut them out, its permanent because I don’t want to waste time. No matter how hot they are. If she isn’t hot enough, but gives me attitude, well, lol. Sucks to be you.

Also, some guys spends time in a friendzone social circle. That is a total waste of time if you aren’t doing some kind of social circle game. I’m not into that shit, I don’t have that much time to waste or care to waste my energy. If you were some oribitor, then it’s a waste of time if she doesn’t choose you from a dozen guy.

My coaching doesn’t waste you time but saves you time. Think about the return on investment.

-John Wayne

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