3 Months to proficiency European Chinese student pulls

Been busy editing my clip. The person who edited it, didn’t edit it far enough. I have to redo it. Will be posted soon, then back to Deepak Waynes infields. Then more of my bootcamp student, then my infield. 3 some with 2 girls who are quite young and super pretty. Will shock the living hell out of you and your belief system.

3 Months to Proficiency pulled a girl to the bedroom and didn’t know how to close the deal. Don’t worry i’ll teach you.

Regardless, he was one of the reason I created 3 Months to Proficiency. He took Justin Wayne’s 6 months to mastery and felt ripped off. I had like 3 Asians tell me, contacting me. So I created my 3 Months to Proficiency. I personally didn’t want to teach it, it used up a lot of my time.

Regarding Justin Wayne. He has this reoccurring billing, helping himself once again to peoples bank accounts for his latest product. Also, he took down half his infields, called taboo. He said you can get a refund. Unless you want to wait 9 months until it goes back up. I feel sorry for Justin Wayne apologist.

Dude is going to sue Justin Wayne, for a part of his product or content. I had talk him out of it months ago. Justin ignored him afterwards, I can’t stop him now. I have nothing to do with this. But he is furious about a content. Like I said, he can do what he wants, but I wouldn’t. He wouldn’t even listen to reason and logic anymore, hes furious. He is really set on this. Maybe take down some stuff relating…coded message to avoid this. Dude is shopping for lawyers. Seems Justin Wayne is in a downward spiral.

Regardless, students like this are considered unteachable. No dating coach can teach him. But i’ll teach him how to close the deal. Then he would be the second student laid in 3MP.

Oh right, join the London Immersion program. I’m there, the worlds best dating coach. Seen so much Justin Wayne apologist lately coping with what happened lying to themselves how he isn’t fake. Ummmmm. His students are either well meaning negative stereotypes who gets no results.

Justin Wayne’s students are 3 types. Deluded sociopathic positive stereotypes that are her type. Most likely tall black guys that are preselected. You got the Asian and East Indian retards. Also, hardcase newbies who thinks a kiss on a cheek means his system works. While I think most of his students will beg for training, I have a policy not to train deluded people or impossible cases. Only 1/4 of you will qualify.

In my experience I never met one good deluded person. Watch out for the cabbage brain types. If they have over 20% weird factor, people will know. They aren’t aware they are deluded until you tell them. They are so deluded, you can’t even reason with them.

If they learn PUA, their opinions as facts will slow down the process. Which is why I said stop thinking and start doing when learning from the best. Stop thinking and start applying. Like doing 1 pushup. you have internal chatter why you can’t. But that left logical irrational chatter of a deluded person is unnecessary.

31444904_989789754535018_5741044765512695808_n.jpgSkyping another black student today right before I typed this. He didn’t get any results with Justin Waynes game. After Skyping with me, he thinks my game is the best in the world. I don’t teach the same things.

Another black student who didn’t give a video testimonial in 1.5 years. Value taker. He used Justin Waynes game an pulled 40 girls home, but didn’t fuck them. I had to teach him how to connect. Black guys tries to physically escalate, won’t work for Asians or East Indians. He gets 2 same day lays under my training. Its sad he still is a Justin Wayne fanboy even if that game screwed him over and I have to do the repair work.


Quit delaying, this can help a lot of black students who are a big part of my clientele train under me. You might realize i’m the only Asian dating coach in the world who trains every race. Even if I market to Asians or East Indians. Everyone wants results.


Another faggot from Sweden, after I got him laid 4X in 3MP won’t make a video testimonial either. I talked about uncool value takers. But i’ll post your pic under testimonial section. Give credit where it is due, I know you are reading my forum group. You got no results with Willy Beck and RSD Max, you filmed them. 100 approaches to one day? Fuck their theories.

Maybe you don’t want to do month 3, at least tell me. You got butthurt because girls didn’t want to be your girlfriend because your middle eastern in Sweden? I get it, but, you didn’t adapt, you mentally shut down afterwards. You never specified you wanted a girlfriend. You just wanted to get some results. I got you that 4X. No other dating coach could of taught you this well. Even over 3 Months to Proficiency.

However, even if most people are unreliable and value takers. I find someone cool. He helped me greatly in marketing for free. He was a cool guy. I find 19 people are uncool and 1 isn’t a value taker. But they often are more valuable than the other 19 people. End of rant.

You guys have no idea how it is like to be me. There are so many testimonials I haven’t even posted. Yes they are all real and these are peoples lives I am playing around with. I say to other dating coaches, if you fucking hurt my fellow Asians and waste their time. If 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women are marrying white guys. Then, you will answer to John Wayne. I’ll step on you.

Honestly, Justin Wayne students who aren’t sociopathic should train under me.

I sometimes think if other companies quits daygame and stop wasting peoples time. If they all train under me, I get more testimonials and we can solve the worlds problems in daygame forever. But some of you guys are stupid.

If I’m the best in the world, maybe my marketing needs to catch up. I personally don’t know shit about marketing. I know some sales and maybe some copywriting now taking a course. But i’m just keeping it real, I write whatever the fuck I want. I can say shit, cunt, bitch, faggot, RSD cult, sociopathic Chinese in Vancouver, dumb mother fuckers. You will still train under me.


You have no idea how it feels like to be me. When you are the worlds best dating coach statistically. Its lonely at the top, no one can relate. When you know no one can catch up for the next 1000 years in daygame or teaching students. You start to feel indifferent, jaded.

You start to lose respect for the human race. When you can decode the entire world and know everything about a person in a few mins of talking to them and their vibe. I really wish I can’t see all these things. They really think you don’t know. I’m starting be be a big jaded now.

You can relate to my circumstance. But seeing the world from my eyes. You see Asian guys going to the wrong dating coaches for daygame. You see people with shitty vibes who are deluded. I give so much value, people take so much. They are a bit scared of me, my personality.

Uneasy, but they only are nice until they get the results. Until they don’t need me. Then they think they are better than me. They lose contact with me, my advice, they fall apart. You weren’t connected to my brain, my quantum computer while every privledged white fuck or black fucks write the word pull in their videos when they do it half way of their instadates.

Or black dating coaches who said same day lay, when they just got a girl on tinder. Or they show a date to pull. I don’t know, I can’t relate to you guys. Its same day lays or bust for me. I’m not allowed to post number close videos. But for now, Deepak posted a few lately because he wants to be more relatable.

Don’t worship me. Just learn from me and get results. All I ask is don’t be a faggot and make me a video testimonial if you get laid. Give credit where it is due.

-John Wayne


Update: Another student just pulled. Same thing, they pulled too fast, this guy bought the Wayne bundle. Both my products, he pulled too fast since he already pulled on his second day of buying it. He just pulled another girl home. Lol. This is my life, as a dating coach. Too much student results. I guess I’ll have to skype them to teach them how to close the deal. End game is important too.

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