10 day bootcamps and 15 days available for Europe.

I’m not interested in teaching for anything less than 10 – 15 days in Europe. If i’m paying for a plane ticket, that’s when I am going to teach. I do already have the highest student success rate in the world. In the future if someone just delays and say I got to check my schedule, but waste my precious fucking time. I’m going to increase the price by 25%. I call this the time waster tax. I’m going for high ticket sales.

Of course this is ideally. If I have to teach for 5 days I will. But I want to teach 10 days. Am I worth that value to you? I mean even my last bootcamp student got laid on the bootcamp. 2017 every fucking student pulled except one. So I created Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero for.

I’m going to focus on same day lays mostly. So if you are cutting into John Wayne’s precious time, learn how to pay me what I am worth. I’m giving up same day lays for you which could be converted to more students. Is there a problem with worth? I have almost all my students laid this year. Last year it was some pulls and some lays. Now its all lays or mostly.

I am literally giving up my same day  lay infields for you. But instead if you waste my fucking precious time. Please kindly fuck off and fail elsewhere. You know my price. I’m giving you my skillset. Its like asking Gordon Ramsay how much it cost, oh the plane ticket is expensive etc. Ummm do you know who the fuck you are talking to? Its the first time I am teaching outside of Vancouver. People flies in all over the world to train with me.

Second I will offend your sensibilities. Yes if you are short you will wear heel lifts. If you are fat, you will lose weight. If you are socially retarded, you will learn Wayne 30. That’s my price, you save money in the long run. Sure its costly, but you lets be real here, lets be really fucking clear. No dating coach in the world will get you the results I can get you. They will take your money and run. I will get you laid. You know you don’t have that many other options. You know the other Asian dating coaches are shitty at coaching. Or they depend on night game.

Or maybe you don’t think you are worth the investment. I say invest in yourself. Think about the return on investment. Or ROI. I can’t help those I can’t sell to. I’m no salesman.

51% Asian women will marry a white guy. 1 in 5 Asian guys won’t get married or procreate. I sometimes wonder, are some supposed to be weeded out of evolution? You want results, a point A to point B. But you are totally socially uncalbrated, awkward, no social skills. I mean, what choice do you really have? You know for daygame, if you want an Asian daygame coach, they can’t fucking do it, only I can. Unless you want to pump steroids and get taller or some shit. That isn’t transferable.

Besides, you guys are earning a lot of money, but have no ability to procreate. Are you happy? How much ego do you have? When I say oh, get a hair cut or use this product for your hair. Once the Chinese gets offended, its game over. Read Dear Asians part of my site. I’ll update it soon with bedroom escalation stuff. Perhaps I should post some of it on our Instagram.


Update: Deepak told me one of our old students, a total whack job wants to be a dating coach. But doesn’t have any lay infields. Was sucking Justin Wayne’s dick for so long. Even rationally believed that was his girlfriend, but ignores meeting her at a sugar daddy seeking arrangement site. Why she is still with him because dumbasses like you pay him and he uses that money that way. Then threatens them to stay.

I don’t think you can teach, out of 5 coaches who taught you. I was the only one who helped you pull and later after a whole year get you laid. Impossible cases takes a long time. You read my site every day. You praise me as the best, I block you across every single media. Don’t you fucking steal my concepts and call it your own.

My advice to you is, most wannabe dating coaches never makes it out of small time. I’ve seen guys here who are 9/10 in looks banging 9/10 every day. Who can’t transfer his game if his life depended on it. But they say oh because I get results, I can be a dating coach. Or some guys who doesn’t get good results, can’t teach.

If you have a cabbage mind, you can’t teach. Meaning, a distorted mind. You take my perfectly pure super powerful concepts and fuck it up. Then you argue with me when I try to give you free advice. Just to say I am right. To think you read my site every single day, every single second.

I feel you are doing a big disservice to the world. You won’t even get a testimonial or two of students getting laid. Now you will see how hard my job is. Instead of hiding behind spyglasses, put your face to the world. Stand behind your skills like I have. I’m a public figure or more of one now. The biggest reason for my success was, 16 years of game experience, extreme teaching talent and I’ve been mentored by the best of the best.

All you do is argue with me, then insult my boss. I feel sorry for your future victims. Like Charles Manson teaching them. I don’t want the drama, I blocked all your email messages to me in the past. Everything from you is blocked. No one can do what I do. Sometimes it takes extreme talent. I’m an anomaly. I’m glad you got laid with my training once. That last advice video talks about people like you, cut them out of your life. That’s all I have to say, don’t make a mockery out of my profession. Don’t you fucking us my concepts I have to invent from scratch field testing. You don’t have my permission. Neither do you have my permission to contact me. I don’t teach deluded people. Don’t ever say you were trained by John Wayne either. You were, but you didn’t fucking listen for a year. My stuff is updated every 3 months. What you learned was 2016 version of my game. You don’t know the 2017 and 2018.

Thanks for the kind words of my coaching abilities and gaming abilities on your facebook. But since you said it, you taint it. Sometimes your left brain irrational distorted thinking is the only reason you fail. Nothing else. Stop thinking and start adapting. But the more I give you advice, the more you argue. That’s all I have to say, but what a fucking mockery of my profession. Has the bar been set that low.

I’m just telling you, why our job is so hard. Justin Wayne fakes it, we do it the old fashion way. Yes its hard, our job is not for most people. Even Justin Wayne had side instructors or he was one. He couldn’t get any testimonials. Actually most white dating coaches can’t get any. Its that hard so dating coaches pads their testimonials with I like your bootcamp. Or I learned a lot about myself bullshit. Those aren’t testimonials, but some bullshit reviews to tell themselves they didn’t waste money. Your one of my biggest disappointment and the reason why I don’t teach delusional people anymore. That was the reason why. I’m happier for it. Only reason I can become a wayne, or the ones who legitimately get results was because i’m the top .0001 percent of the entire population.

Don’t use my chart or any diagrams. You don’t have my permission. No I won’t teach you ever.

Update, you don’t want to give credit where it is due, that’s fine. But I needed to say this. Justin Wayne is fake. I never learned shit from him. He never trained me. I taught his game before, didn’t work. He has no testimonials. Just because you can kiss close doesn’t mean anything. I have pulled and fucked a new girl every single time I daygame with Deepak. I’m way more consistent. You keep backward rationalizing and sucking off Justin Wayne saying his girlfriend must be real because of some deluded belief. Umm, dude, she was bought from sugar daddy seeking arraignment site. The tattoo is also part of the deal. Come one now. You can’t get my results, you can try. I stole nothing from Justin because his game is so inferior, he can’t get a testimonial. I have stolen more from Deepak than Justin. You shouldn’t have said you learned the most from me because you did get a daygame pull after my training. Also, my stuff helped you same day lay. Not Justin Wayne or Jorge Eros or any of these Veniusian white priviledged  arts. You only just kiss close, that’s all you can get. I don’t block everyone, just sociopaths. Very few of them are blocked. Only delusional cabbage brain types. My students gets  laid with one coaching and in 3 days dude. I mean, where are your testimonials? Lol. come on now. If they can kiss close or get instadates, who gives a shit.

This is the last I want to deal with you. But I felt it needed to be addressed. I took 16 years because I had to build the same from scratch. There was no such daygame program made for Asian men. But my students needs 3 days not one year. If Justin Wayne is fake, or paid seeking arraignments or some talent casting competition where they tell the girls to act like she is resisting. Its all bad acting. Its a disgrace. You only believed the last video was faked, I think most of it was faked for his product. Deepak and I do it the old fashion way with skills. You can’t win against a real legit Wayne. Keep sucking off Justin Wayne. That’s the last time I will address you. I don’t need the headache, it was why I blocked you. I only blocked a few, but, a few that is just fucking scumbags. In 2015 I taught Justin Wayne’s game when Deepak taught it. It didn’t work. I discarded it. I even tell Deepak my system is updated from his. Things evolves. I’m constantly creating new technologies. Wayne 30 was 2017’s technology, next year it might be outdated. I change my game every 3 months.

Thanks for the praise. Your one year vs my students in 3 days. They had one skype and both my products. Come on now. I have pulled a girl home every single time in Europe, every single time except yesterday. It was the first time I didn’t. I got laid half the times. I have no problems posting proof. I have the bedroom escalation and pull videos. I just have to get it approved. However you will just kiss close like Tyler from RSD as if it means something or Vince Kelvin. I have over 300+ testimonials and you are one. I guess you go back on the block list. Deepak and I was shocked. He told me and I couldn’t believe it. So I wrote something.

Like I said, I don’t hate you, but remember this isn’t an easy job. People will cruxify you if you can’t deliver, or you become obscured. Stand behind your name, by putting your face out there like I have. That’s my advice, but then again you don’t listen to my advice. You argue with me. No matter how much you argue, i’m always going to be statistically the worlds best daygame coach for student results. Justin Wayne has no real testimonials except his old coaches. Come on now. Also, you might one day have to accept, maybe Justin Wayne is fake. Your delusions are the only one keeping it real. Deepak showed me all his approach to girlfriends and infields. He is real. I can vouche for him. I even seen him same day lay in front of me many times together. I have enough bedroom escalation videos for years now using Deepaks hidden cameras.

When I talked to Justin Wayne for 10 mins. I told him I also recorded myself. I said I thought I was the only one who did it. I was surprised. So I didn’t steal it from him. I already had a Wayne brain. He could make up some personality enhancement bullshit concept after his last product failed and he created scam. So he needed to sell to sheeps like you. I have field tested his personality enhancements. They don’t help Asian guys at all. It doesn’t change their results. Wayne 30 cuts though more of the problems than personality enhancements. I mean to think he had 9 testimonials and none of them got laid. For the same day layers, you haven’t seen all my infields. I only released 2. I have so many and some of the girls are even hotter than the ones I showed or even taller than the last girl. I mean, lol. Also, there are other PUAs who same day lays. But you never see beginning to end. They cut out the middle or the end and say same day lays. Wtf. Everyone is calling their instadate videos a pull now. Come on now…

Good luck and if it fails, well, remember, not everyone is cut out to be a dating coach. When you fail, don’t blame me as me having some hidden talent or being a natural or some shit. Or call it luck. You can’t argue with over 300+ testimonials when you are one. You also can’t blame the students for being closed minded or not ready to learn or some bullshit because they are. Or saying the market is saturated from dating coaches. Or people in your area is poor so they can’t afford it. You can only blame yourself if you fail. I give you 5-6 months, you will burn out and ride Justin Wayne’s dick even further. But will be frustrated. You will get one lay after a year and brag about it as if you were king. While i’ll have like 10-15 more by then. Also, I hope you corrected your mistakes already for your infields. Or the world will see the issues. They will point it out and it will be brutal. I have already given you free advice you discarded. Then a year later you said you were always right.

I hope you figure it out where you can get consistent results like me. You said it can be taught by others. Well, i’m a good teacher, but you have to be a good student. No matter how much you hate me or compare me to Justin Wayne the fake PUA. You really can’t beat me in any category. Kiss close isn’t a pull or a fuck. Who gives a shit. Did you get your dick wet? Please don’t talk about me or phrase me again. I don’t need your praise. Stop dick riding Justin Wayne. I’ll block you after the 48 hour thing is over on facebook. After that, I don’t want anything to do with you again. I don’t care. Believe whatever you want, you will rationalize with a cabbage mind anyways. I don’t have time for it. Don’t forget, no one knows who I am referring to. No one cares. I’ll block you after next 24 hours. Not because you are right or wrong, but because you can’t argue with delusional people. You leave them to their own device and fail.

Pretty soon this guy will say Justin Wayne or Mystery invented my fashion domination concepts. Even if it isn’t released to the world yet. Or my text game.

I didn’t read your post. I guess back to being blocked.

9 unbreakable rules of dealing with sociopaths. I am breaking the rules. I should continue to cease contact. You think its a weakness because I said don’t share my concepts. I mean, if you want to. I don’t care. But its so predictable and I feel sorry for your so called students. Now I have to deal with more drama and threats. I was right to block you before. I’m considering moving you out of the hall of fame. You will never enjoy the moment when I am not statistically the best dating coach for student results for daygame. My diagnosis is spot on. I mean here is your playbook, down to every single threat, every single behavior, down to every single tactic. Its predictable. You are not a psychopath, but a deluded sociopath. I really don’t have time. Don’t get tantrums and read over my words over and over and over and getting pissed. Its too predictable. You always wondered why I blocked you, well now you know. Yes I called you out first for being a dating coach and was shocked. I did start this, but i’m ending it now because its the last time I am going to deal with this drama and headache. This strawman argument or how deluded sociopaths puts words in your mouth. Then tries to make you defend a position of his choosing. LMS is a bluepilled concept and why bring it up as reinventing the wheel. A lot of sociopaths tends to throw one strawman argument after another, based on their distorted thinking. Come on now, predictable. You wonder why you are not successful in daygame. Yeah, the sociopath part is the reason why its hard for you. Its actually the only reason why you are not getting good results. The girls can sense your vibe. Everyone can, you just don’t realize it, you are the last one to. Only sociopaths gives this weird adrenaline ulcer gut feeling you guys gives to others. They love this drama of fighting with others. They all sense it, every girl. Your vibe is killing your game. Its not the next shiny technique that will help you. Its a reduction of that sociopathic vibe. Girls don’t like that, even if you kissed them. it won’t go much further most of the time. Have you notice it just gets stuck there, but you got the kiss. But it just doesn’t move forward but you are wondering why. I have given you a big hint how to get past that kissing stage. No one gives a fuck about tattoos saying the girl has to get one if she wants to continue to get money from seeking arrangement. I don’t compare myself to fake PUAs. I have to sleep, not argue in circles. I’m so glad I no longer train delusional impossible cases anymore. You were the reason why I stopped teaching them. Remember the Mystery Method steps are overlapped, not separate. That’s the difference for our daygame system. Something you don’t understand. There is a timing behind it. 4-7 hours of face time multiple dates with connection and no seduction until the pull is not something I teach. Its overlapped for same day lays. Those are more night game related concepts. Stop trying to fit a night game model into a daygame model calling it the same. Its similar but different. I mean Neil Strauss book Rules of the game, which is their daygame model doesn’t work too well for minorities. It worked for one of my white students getting Asian girls when I taught it before many years ago. I taught every style. One day someone is going to get so much student results, I will be knocked to second place in 30-40 years or so. I’m sure there will be another John Wayne one day who mastered my concepts and can teach just as well. But that day might never come. Most people has less than 3 student laid testimonials in daygame. Some has zero. You can argue Gordon Ramsay’s dish is like everyone else. Its invented by French chefs. But there is something about how the ingredients are used that can beat out others. If I were so wrong, Justin Wayne might of got a testimonial by now, he doesn’t. Similar ingredients, but a different chef who can win more Michelin stars. What if even if you don’t think so, what if there was a 1% chance Justin was fake? Then that disqualifies everything you know. You might dissect my recipes and say this is what I do. But you never really understand it fully the science behind it. If people understood it, they would of got my students results. They don’t. My students gets laid consistently in daygame.

I wish you the best of luck in your life. I also pity you. It must be frustrating because your stuck. You will always get stuck at the kissing stage of the game. Then wonder why it didn’t work out. Then maybe get like 2 lays per year. Then brag. If you can empathize, you realized even if I started this, you put me though a lot of b.s I don’t need to deal with. You justified me blocking you over and over again. To think I am about to teach in London, but I have to deal with more drama before the immersion. Maybe I should of said nothing and let you teach. Good luck. I’d rather spend my energy fighting with more important people. I don’t have time.

You turn on Justin after the incident, then on Deepak then on me, then back on Justin, then Deepak and me. Sociopathic behavior. Perhaps you should blame yourself for once. You asked me to coach you again, I get it maybe I should of. But, then again you dismissed me again then said you figured it out yourself. Back into a deluded loop. Do you see a pattern? Do I have to put up with this shit? If I have to put up with all this drama, do you think the girl likes this kind of vibe? You wonder why you have only one lay in daygame. I know your frustrated, I know you want to find the answers and I have it all. But, I really was hesitant to coach you. After dealing with all this, I realized how right I was. Outside of us fighting, i’m giving you a clue. Is it the girls fault. You did get positive reactions kissing girls. Or maybe, your vibe is really off? This vibe you just showed me might be something the girls can see and feel. They are turned off by it. Could I be right? I’m not here to hurt your ego, but if you worked on it, this backstabberish vibe, this deluded strawman arguments, this blaming the world. This analysis. Perhaps stop thinking and analyse, but start doing. Start all over, be the student again, stop thinking you know it all. I’m sorry I won’t teach you again. I want to but after this, it justifies how I treated you and avoided you all these years. You can blame me all you want, but all your problems with women, with life, with finances, with other dating coaches. What is the common denominator? Is it you? yep. Sorry to tell you this. I’m the nicest person in your life because i’m telling you the truth. The only one will. But you won’t listen. Just shift blame, so I facepalm. Help yourself first before you can help others. I’m sure in a year, you would say I am right again. In a year, I don’t give a fuck. Most likely in a year i’ll accomplish even better things. Taught a ton of immersion programs and accomplished more crazier same day lays.


You have earned yourself a lifetime ban. The worst thing was when you showed my product and said you stole it. I told Deepak that and he told me he already just blocked you on WhatsApp? If that is so, are you being a pest/ You have earned a lifetime ban. The fact you even think I stole from Mystery, or Justin Wayne, but none of those two can get daygame testimonials. I say fuck Justin Wayne and fuck Mystery. My openers with a false time constraint was from Neil Strauss. 3 openers is from Justin Wayne idea. Spicing or the timing is London Daygame and Deepak. The forced social comfort is from Matt Artisan. The getting girl to ask questions is Roosh V, in his book day bang. QFT ladder from Deepak Wayne, but I made my own version. I don’t use romance so Justin Waynes ladder won’t work for Asians. The fact you caused so much trouble for our company means you are effectively banned. Any future accounts on our forum group will be banned for life. We feel you are a pest and detrimental to the community. The world will be worst without me because they won’t get results. The world would be better off without you. Don’t ever talk to me again and I don’t want to deal with anymore drama. Please kindly fuck off. Never be part of my life again. Your sociopathic opinions as facts vibe, vengeful vibe. When you hate on Justin you take our sides. Now you say I copied mystery? I’ll trash Mystery Method for the rest of the week if I have to. Fuck that shit. I started from scratch and field tested every daygame program. I can cite where I get every piece from. Bruce Lee also copied every system but he absorbed what is useful and discarded what is not, added uniquely what was his own. I am like Bruce Lee. You are like Charles Manson, opinions as facts. Your truth isn’t reflected of reality. I field test my game and my game is what they call hybrid. A mixed martial art, as Bruce Lee tried to create. You can say Bruce Lee is a clone of Wing Chung, a system he discarded a long time ago. It wouldn’t be accurate. Please never ever associate yourself with our company again. I read the comments you wrote to Deepak while begging me to train you. You really are a pest and your vibe repels women. You make my positive day, or before I am going to teach in London, you turn my vibe negative. I even cut myself shaving, thinking of you. Stop causing drama and fighting with everyone. No one likes you. Not even girls, you repel people. Stop trying to take credit and give it to Mystery or Justin Wayne. These guys can’t get anyone laid in daygame if they lived to be a trillion. That’s how many years you are banned from our company. I hate to say this, but for all my students I had in the past. You are maybe the worst of the worst I had to deal with. The worst behavior. I’ve dealt with a lot of sociopaths, but I never seen anything contaminated on this level. Good luck with your life and stay the fuck out of mine. Like I keep telling you every time, I don’t like unnecessary drama that you love to create. Yes I did start this one this time, but I regret it. In the future, just believe whatever delusional shit you want. Just stay the fuck out of my life.


-John (please kindly fuck off) Wayne

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