What I learned from editing my bootcamp student (2 girlfriends HB 9/10, 4 fuck buddies) bootcamp clip


I learned something that is a revelation that is life changing. I edited 3 bootcamp video documentary that will be featured very soon on your main youtube channel. In less than 24 hours, I edited all 3 clips. Deepak thought I was a machine. I still have to put some commentary and commentary words and our logo.

He asked how did I do it? I said thought stopping.

How does thought stopping works? Its simple since most of you have been already doing it. When you get butthurt and triggered by what I say and stop listening. You already used thought stopping. Every time you listen to RSD, you are thought stopping because you just absorb bullshit.

Jan Lifestyle post ugly girls, even though he is the only dating coach in the world and Vancouver to get zero daygame testimonials. The other coaches finally received their first one or second now. I have over 300+ testimonials of students getting laid and pulling. I literally have more in a week than they get in their careers.

Basically if you are a hardcase aspie fuck retard who is deluded. The delusion comes from the left side of the brain. You are stupid because you need to understand everything I am explaining. You seriously don’t need to know how a lightbulb works or why my game is so superior. Just fucking stfu and do it.

I can literally do just about anything now. Imagine you were doing a pushup. But you say oh I have to change my clothing. Or what if the floor is dirty? Or you need to do it at the perfect angle. Honestly, give your own brain the middle finger and just do what I say in my bootcamp and products.

If you feel happy, or feel sad, or feel anything. Its a result of your left brain interpreting the paid or stress. Its all internal and not external. So stop blaming outside forces for your negative feelings. Its generated from your interpretations. For hardcases, just shut off the brain and apply. Of course if you applied direct game, your still creepy, won’t work. but apply what I teach and it works faster.

This London bootcamp student got 2 girlfriends. One HB 9/10 and 7/10 which is not bad. He also pulled a girl to her hostel on the first day of his bootcamp. He also got a blowjob by the second bootcamp and laid right after the third. He had 4 fuck buddies afterwards. This is all done in Vancouver which is a super tough place.

If you want a girlfriend, you have to specify what you want from my training. If you at in it to get laid, fuck buddies or girlfriends. I teach it slightly different depending on your needs. Most of the students just wants to get laid.

If it was so easy, none of you Asian guys in Vancouver are getting laid with white girls. Game has changed and became so hard. Why do you think other dating coaches are teaching in easier places. They can’t cut it here, but I can. I keep adapting every 3 months and rebuilding or upgrading my game.

I don’t need some type of SMV advantage where my natural status is the same or some shit. I don’t even talk to Asian girls anyways. My students all pulled except one guy. Its fine, I created Wayne 30: From Harcase to Hero because of him. So its all good.

Oh right, the student is from London. I also am teaching in London soon. I heard its not easy. But I am the worlds best dating coach. So I don’t give a flying fuck. Nothing phases me. I have a lot of students already from London getting laid. One guy got like 2 model fuck buddies and a third fuck buddy.

I have to expand and not think so locally. Its like a shark in a small pond. Even if some of the Asian students are stubborn. People will be glad to pay anything to train under me. I will be in London with Deepak Wayne and myself teaching you guys. He saw the thread me vs other dating coaches. He was like who the fuck are these guys. Stop thinking so locally.

Yeah, I’m in the NBA level leagues. superstar level. Not college level basketball like local PUAs. Europe is my first place for my world domination plan. I’m going to Expand to America next and Australia. If I still give a shit about Canada, I might claim the whole thing as mine in the future.

Sometimes I hate it here in Vancouver. Its super hard, but not to me. But it created me and forced my game into an evolution. Evolve or die. So many of my students in the world has benefited from this place being difficult. But I can still get student results. Now you can learn my skills at the London Immersion program.

In the past I used to have a ton of white students and every race. Its strange, I literally train every race. Even when I started out till now. While less, trying to appeal to negative stereotype minorities. I might just post some of the students and censor their faces in a scrolling gallery to see which race trains with me. To most people its bizarre. If you are white and in London, I will train you well.

Update: here comes John Wayne’s rant. White people has an extra 10 points of SMV value. So when they give compliments and validation. Its coming from a higher value place if they are taller and has protector status. However, this student also tried to do direct game for a week after the bootcamp. They got phone numbers but every single girl flaked. they went back to my game.

But now you can see what happens when a white person uses my 9/10 game. I transfer over the battery of my game in this category on the right. he has the high SMV and decent looks. Most white dating coaches has no little empathy they don’t have to tease to build attraction.

Don’t forget Deepak once thought he could get any girl he wanted using RSD Tylers game. See how well that turned out. Also, everyone in Vancouver uses some form of direct game. They have very few testimonials if any. Most likely not from Vancouver, but students elsewhere. Think for yourself, don’t go full retard. Do you seriously think an ugly East Indian guy in Europe giving compliments will go anywhere?

Even 2 of my 6’2 students with a fashion makeover did direct for a week and all the numbers flaked. They had no chance in Vancouver. But they are slaying with my game. What chance do you have being a skinny nerdy Asian guy in Vancouver doing direct or natural and direct. Natural and direct are only for those with natural genetic advantages. I hate to be the one who has to tell you these things. Unless you really want girls way below your looks scale like 4/10. 

I might be socially calibrated more than most people in daygame. My conversational skills are superior and I can eat you alive in daygame. But do you think I can actually do direct? Even if I am the worlds best daygame coach? If this white student and another tall East Indian guy his wingman my other student can’t. Both are 6’2, you have no chance.

The answer is no, in my experience the girl will walk away saying she has a boyfriend. I’m not Jan Lifestyle. Some handsome guy who gets girls half his looks scale, butter faces. If he is a tall strong handsome guy. But gets girls on his looks scale. You are a 4/10 in value and you give compliments. It’s like a homeless person giving a compliment. Vs a high value white guy.

Yes even if I did direct, I can only get girls below my looks scale. It becomes a filter game where I can’t demonstrate my personality over time, Its better to attack like  ninja, then head on like a privledged samurai. At the end of the day, I still have the most testimonials in the world for daygame. Fuck your theories.

Even if: I am way more natural than you are at natural game. Even if my verbal game is superior to yours. Even if my outer game, inner game is way stronger. My spicing skills and flirting skills are superior. Even if my kino escalation is superior to you. I would get pretty much similar results as you going direct as a short Asian guy who is skinny. I would of sacrificed all my results if I believed in this bullshit game style.

Vancouver isn’t easy, If I will struggle with all of this on a tinder street game most girls will swipe left on in real life. what chance do you have? The story is the same. Chinese guys tells me how they have no results in daygame and especially if they learned from Jan. Even his assistant is 6’1 buffed Asian guy. He has no chance either. He didn’t get laid so maybe natural game and all these Julien Blanc white caveman game is more suitable for night game. It has next to zero effects in daygame.

Yet my daygame style I teach now chews though everything. Its not even about doing more sets which you guys have done. Or taking more uncalibrated action. It is about adapting to my style that can pick the locks of Vancouver daygame. My last bootcamp student got laid. So fuck your theories. 

uar 2

This chart will be shown to the entire world on the first bootcamp video at the beginning. I’m going to start to call out this whole privledged thing. Remember for tall white guys who are teaching daygame. They can’t fucking empathize with a 5’4 Asian guy. Which many became slayers under my daygame coaching.

Do you even testimonial bro? If we were to only count laycounts from daygame. Then if it gets cut down to a fraction. But most are from night game. Then obviously there is a social calibration that is necessary for daygame. There is too much lack of empathy and too many idealistic sound good theories out there. But in the real world, everything I teach works.

Most likely if my theories works. Its not theories, but field tested data. I am not a sociopath opinions as facts deluded type. Also, daygame is not night game. Daygame is 10x harder. If i’m wrong, then why do I have the most student success in the world for a daygame coach?

Do you know all my controversial opinions are field tested and maybe you aren’t ready to handle the truth. Maybe i’m 50 years ahead of everyone and the industry is left behind in daygame. Why don’t people just fucking listen? If my game is like picking a lock. But everyone else who trains or 80% can use it as well. Then stop thinking, absorb my concepts and start applying.

Also, these days people are showing instadates videos and calling it a pull? I don’t even understand this daygame industry anymore. Learn to game….faggots. They just stop halfway in the instadate then its a pull in daygame. Ummm…. I don’t ….even….know anymore….




Sign up today. I’ll be there. Its the first time my game is physically exported out of Vancouver. You don’t want to miss this one. You only have a short time. Maybe this is a good time to stop thinking and start applying. Learn to get laid fast and sign up today.



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