People are unreliable. How to be self reliant

Long story short, two people were going to make our new site. The first ones, or team was total shit. I was super unimpressed. The second guy kept promising he will do it. I’m sure he will, his dad is in the hospital. But we have an immersion program coming up. So I literally build my site myself….

Wait what? First you edited 3 bootcamp clips in one day. Now you built an entire website in 2.5 days? What kind of soccery is this? 

There are no sorcery behind this. I literally seem super human. For the first time ever, I had total clarity. I literally took my daygame skills and teaching abilities and applied it into other areas of my life. Wait is my daygame skills transferable skills? Apparently it is because there is a method to my madness.

This shit was so fucking tough at first. I was fumbling around for a few hours putting a picture of Deepak Wayne and it had all that wordpress shit. It looked like total trash. I thought I would get nowhere. But I shut off my brain once again as I said in the last post. I let the right brain handle the complex task.

site 1site 2site 3

Okay John, you fucking did it. Wtf, in 2.5 days? How the fuck?

First of all, I have no website building experience outside of this shitty wordpress. Thanks to my friend who gave me suggestion to put a background image and use paragraphs. I am restating my concepts. I’m sharing with you concepts that can make anyone successful and i’m doing it all for free, there is no catch.

John Wayne is using his skills and applying it every other area. When I cook, I can out cook anyone. I only studied the best recipes and see what works. Then split test to see if I can transfer it to others, since I get people to rate my food. Then I tweak it until it works and over 90%. I’m not a genius, even if I have like a 180 I.Q. I just am efficient.

What can I do to improve my life?


Each of the brain has a different function. The left side or your logic. You have probally seen by now a thousand incels on lookism or Sluthate sites with damaged left brains being deluded. What if you turn off the left brain and shift it to the right? You fucking stop thinking and you do it exactly what the best in the world does and see what sticks?

Procrastination was one of the biggest issues of my life. I was good at teaching daygame and i’m a professional coach. But I procrastinated into every area of life. 

Its weird, when you stop thinking, you can do a whole month or two work in one day. There is no such thing as stress. Its just an interpretation. Even these incels, they blame women, but its their sociopathic aspergers. Their butthurt feelings are internal.

Get to the point John

People are unreliable. Unless they have something to gain and its a win/win situation. Most people are win/lose mentality. Then they are unreliable. I even had this black dude say he will make the best testimonial. He took over 1.5 years. Well he is in a prestigious field. I told him turn off his brain and stop looking for perfection. Like a push up, its just a fucking pushup. What’s with the internal chatter?

Don’t depend on people, do it all yourself first

Notice I used the word first. Before you want to lead others, make sure you do it yourself first. Its like a mechanic charging you more money because you don’t know how to do it yourself. I know the whole concept of delegating. But delegate only when you have mastered that skill yourself. So its not a matter of being at the mercy of others.

A lot of Asian men are co-dependent

The reason there might be a co-dependency on others. Being an employee like most Chinese people. They don’t want to move out and live with their family forever. Get a pull location and use our game. If you don’t, you will be approaching non stop in a god forsaken place like Vancouver and getting no results. So many Jan students gets no results.

Respect your time, its valuable. 

This is a new concept I am bringing to the world. The reason why Chinese people go to shitty places that gets them no results like RSD or Jan. Same training, Julien Blanc, no testimonials. The main reason why is because Chinese people doesn’t respect their time. White people are all about productivity and time is important. Asians has an eastern philosophy for long term patience’s.

Literally trading that bit of money, lets say $2000 CAD, which is really isn’t much. They will spend 1.5 weeks averagely daygaming. Or 2.5 years if stubborn. They get no results. Do some night game instead and give up on women, going to online dating. But that 2.5 years is valuable. I never let anyone waste a single minute of my time now.

I used to let people monopolize my time on Skype. I thought I was helping them, but I wasn’t respecting myself or my time. My time is valuable and expertise is so valuable. Fuck you to anyone wasting John Wayne’s precious time.

Dumbass people trading a 9-5 job for their time. They are so valueless they can’t give value. This is all they are worth. I hope a robot replaces everyones job one day and A.I. But the world is full of grunts, mercenary types and people on a mission. I fall under that mission part. We can’t make the world run without slave labour, I mean grunt labour.

I was the worst procrastinator

Now that I shut off my brain and did it. I can do months of work in days now. I was the worst. I put everything off all the time. Lately I haven’t been going out as much doing daygame. I am going to do that in Europe. If I am going for world domination, ill start with Europe.

A people detox, be an army of one.

I have literally distanced myself from everyone in my life. Family, friends. I’m literally doing it all myself at first before I delegate. I realized something. As my abilities are so transferable. My daygame is built on neuroscience and science, psychology, sales skills, persuasion. Its very scientific. It produces a consistent student result.

I don’t feel any toxic waste being dumped into my mind anymore. I feel more pure and freed up to get things done.

I’m not the only one who can do things in 2-3 days that takes months if not years

He got a par 4 in 3 days of good coaching. It is why you find the best mentors who aren’t privledged with any genetic advantage. He learned a language in 3 days. Actually a lot of my bootcamps were already scientific. It is why you guys get so much results. I won’t discuss how its taught. But I have a method that cuts though everything.





How I feel, even if I am one of the most relatable dating coaches?

I’m starting to feel like I have nothing in common with people in general. After creating Wayne 30, I can see though everyones tonality, body language, vibe, everything. You can’t really hide anything from me I can decode you. I know when people will turn on me months before it happens. I see everything and Deepak can too. Only few can.

Second, I don’t have a lot in common with people. I am finding people in general who thinks my coaching is expensive. But you would pull girls back home to the bedroom and get laid fast if you shut off your brain and apply. You trade a bit of money for very little results if any with other dating coaches. You don’t respect your time or money. You give up 2.5 years of your life approaching with barely any results except a few dates and one pull with other coaches.

Sometimes I want to call out every other dating coach and say do you testimonial bro? you privledged piece of shit, how dare you give advice to negative stereotype minorities that doesn’t transfer. Looks and game are symbiotic. I use compensation theory.

I literally sometimes want to smear it in everyones faces that are dating coaches. I am the Micheal Jordan. Michael Phelps of teaching daygame, the Usain Bolt of it. How fucking stupid are your theories. You teach this shit? If it were up to me, everyone would train under me and you all just fucking quit. The world’s daygame problem will be solved. Privileged fucks.

Everyone has to be so politically correct in coaching daygame. They trade fooling dumb sheeps and taking their money in exchange for no testimonials. The more bullshit fluff advice they put out there like go direct, give validation, square off, you can get any girl you want. Privledge, privledged, no empathy, privledged. I really feel sorry for others who buys into that shit. Leave the daygame coaching to me.

I also think my brain and concepts are sharper. While i’m not rich now. I think I will be in the future and the most influential daygame coach in the world. Even other Asian daygame coaches will hang their head in shame. Most people does that to me. They need my help to get laid so they act nice. When they do get laid, fuck buddies and girlfriends. They start to take value and won’t reciprocate.

The only thing reliable in my experience is money

There is no other currency of reliability. People you find reliable that comes though for you, you made friends with them because of their high value skillset. I thank my friend who helped me with some of the formatting on the site. Also, today one of my students is helping me understand marketing. I don’t fucking know anything about it. Courses doesn’t make much sense.

That is the biggest lesson here. Everything is about an exchange in Value. If you are a short creepy Asian guy with no social calibrations. You natural and direct it, you naturally vibe creepiness. You are a tall big white guy with muscles. You vibe value of your smv or natural status being white with protector status. Unless you are an aspie, that taller guy with some calibrations has it easier.

Your value from me from buying the bundle courses, or buying my products, bootcamp, immersion programs are an exchange of my expertise for your money really. Like I said, I don’t do the whole i’m going to act a certain way because it seems more professional. I don’t mind bragging. Michael Jordan and Bruce Lee brags. But they absorb from the best and take the golden nuggets from their mentors. Then recalibrate it into something better.

When you pay for my products and my advice. My Skype coaching or whatever, you emotionally invest. You value it more and you invest more of your effort learning. I have a product for everyone’s budget.

Everything is value. You want to get laid, you want a fuck buddy, you want a girlfriend. You better specify or i’m just going to teach you to get laid. Always think win/win. When people are no longer valuable in your life, just distance yourself from them. You know the theory of a bad wingman. Yes you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. I’m now only surrounded with the best. Deepak and I. Army of two.

The return on investment. 

If you invest $10,000 and you knew you have a good chance of making $100,000, would you do it? I would, that is a steal. Its similar to my concepts you learn. They affect every area, from fashion to mindset, to success in ever area including dating. A value taking dating coach is someone who doesn’t get you any results.

Read more about my bootcamp page


If its meant to be, its up to me. Repeat that and shut off your brain. That is the solution. That gold bar of wisdom I am imparting for free. How much of a deluded sociopath do you have to be to question shit and make excuses and procrastinate. Something fucked is going on for the left brain. Shut it off. Use the right brain. 

Most of my hardcase students resist training and doesn’t apply. Impossible case students are worst. They do the same thing but are deluded. Its all related to faulty hardware on the left side of the brain. Maybe get some therapy or something. I myself used to procrastinate. Its a thing of the past.

I also feel people can be mediocre. I mean the guy who said he will skype, i’m sure he will tomorrow. But my time is money. If anyone waste my time, to me its worst than stealing. People who give back because I gave them so much value. But if they feel like they should do something back because they aren’t used to it. I don’t know. Maybe its a red flag for me.

Now I feel like if I forget everything I know, had amnesia. But I only remember my concepts. I can do any field in the world, no matter what and come out on top. As long as I like it enough. Sometimes the mindsets are more important. Upgrade the software to reach where you need to reach. If you need daygame help, pay me what I am worth. I’m that fucking good. I’m at the top of my field and the testimonials supports that claim. 


See the source image
Sometimes how I feel. I’m saving the world of ungrateful people. Maybe to others i’m a narcissistic world class coach who looks like a 24 year old punk. Or maybe on some level I give value, but they’re on edge most of the time. People just wants to get by above water. Sometimes you have to go in it alone, an army of one. I sometimes feel like only Deepak Wayne really understands me. Very few can relate. The better I teach the more super human I am. But I still have weaknesses, my kryptonite. Now that is slowly being removed, my procrastination. I don’t know, I feel you can’t relate.


-John Wayne




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