Another student pulled a girl home with just Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero


There seems to be a pattern. An East Indian student who only had the product for a short time pulls a girl home. While he didn’t know how to close the deal without the Wayne Playbook. Which is what he will buy now. The point was, Wayne 30 is so powerful, it is nearly unstoppable when it comes to turning you into a real natural. Not talking about pretend fake natural. But it turns a hardcase beginner, into someone who has no flaws in social skills. Into someone who is able to pull a girl home easily. The pattern exist.

Personally, I think people should buy the bundle instead of just one of the product. You have to ask yourself, are you worth the investment? It might cost more money and I agree. But you are saving a ton of money in the long run because it gets you pulls and it gets you laid. There are a ton of people who bought both products and got laid non stop. If one product already gets you pulls so easily. The girl practically co=operates with you. The playbook closes the deal.

For guys who are socially uncalibrated, they shouldn’t start with the playbook. Imagine they wanted to learn how to fight in MMA for example. They will be learning arm bars, take downs, throws in the playbook. But they never had a good stance. They never had a good punch or a good kick. So the girl knocks them out and auto rejects them because their chin is exposed. Its the same concept. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero protect you from auto rejection.

There are a lot of fake naturals out there who gives non stop validation. Stands square off to the girl and never got a girl higher than their looks scale in daygame due to natural game. If you used Wayne 30 and then natural it, it is like learning grammer¬†before you write. Most of those guys are practically writing poetry and doing it all wrong. They don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

-John Wayne

Oh right, check out the page Dear Asians. I’m updating it. I decided to turn it into a field manual. It won’t cost you anything. The information when i’m done, can change an entire race for Asian men. Don’t listen to the advice to your own imperil.

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