Why I think the last two Wayne 30/playbook bundle students pulled, got laid so fast

Lengthy post ahead. But a very important one if you read it all the way though. I even made more paragraphs this time.

I taught my 3 Months online student. But since he lives here, there were two times when he was practicing my 30 day social skills component. He hit the perfect notes or was totally natural. Outer game was perfect, but it only happened twice for two 10 min time periods. But how he got there was he was tired and stopped thinking. Like what Dan Pena said. He just shut off his brain and stop trying to figure out the shit that goes with it. Then when he did that, he got so much better.

He is my personal chiropractor, so he is scientific. I have a lot of students like that. Doctors, engineers, accountants use too much of their logical left brain. Like Bruce Lee said, don’t think…feel. It’s like a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.

I don’t believe that much about being in state or any of that bullshit. I have no state, I just fucking do it like a ninja on a mission. But however the 3MP Chinese student, who is my personal chiropractor. He got really damn good for 2 10 mins period. It wasn’t long, but he really nailed it perfectly. He told me he was tired and he stopped thinking. He simply let go and stop the internal chatter and did what I told him to do.

That is just fucking it if you have a world-class mentor like myself the top 1% in the world. Then just fucking stop thinking and trying to understand how it works. Do you need to know how a light bulb works? These scientific accountants, engineer, doctor types are stupid because they need to understand the shit that goes on behind it. You don’t need to understand how it works, but it works and it’s field-tested.

The guy who got laid so fast, what did he say? Or the other East Indian guy who pulled a hot white girl home after 2 days? They basically said John, I will do everything you say. I am putting my faith in your hands for your training. I’ll put my ego aside and just do it your way. They both Wayne 30 it. They focused on social calibration.

Speaking of Wayne 30, social calibrations. That is the final test for 3MP or 3 months to proficiency. They have to be able to do all 30 days and pass it. At first one of my 3MP students did all 30 days a baseline. He fucking failed 94% of it. He is obviously Chinese of course. Then the second time, he was able to pass 50% of it. Then he had to finish the remaining half, 25%. I should of taught it that way from the beginning.

I learned so fucking much from these Chinese students. I’m sure one of them will get laid. They all pulled a girl home already, except one. However most were impossible cases no one could teach. I learned so much split testing and field testing. At first I thought I wasted a lot of time. I spent a lot of time building up the students I could of daygame more instead. But I got some valuable intel about the game. I saw non stop infields and was able to figure out shit through them. New cutting edge stuff.

The new stuff I invented is innovative and scary. I’m nearly figuring out the whole Chinese issue in daygame. Yes a Chinese student got laid. Sure he was tall and decent looking so it helped. There is a value system and a line of fuckabilty. I broken things down into a fucking science or psychological study. I even field tested every variation. I created some new stuff the immersion students will benefit from.


This is why the students were impossible cases and failing. Vs the students who did everything, I said exactly. They never got access to the right brain is so logical. They focused on the left language, logical reasoning brain. Since they have the warrior gene, some delusions can happen. So now it doesn’t function. Instead, if you get into the right brain mode, you will have this flow state. When you draw, you usually name things like Symbols and shit.

Look for example of this picture. Is this really a goat? Or is it just negative space? The shit around the goat? The black part?


There is no goat, just as there is no spoon. Its really just the negative space and the values or how dark or light the details are. There are no delusions. Notice how you have sociopath dating coaches who have opinions as facts? However, you noticed with 3MP and my bootcamps along with my lack of value or privileges. I mean I can’t even go direct getting any results like all of you. Yet I am one of the best dating coaches because I don’t go direct. I have a better system than that flawed system.

The only way you can draw the details of the goat is to not draw the goat. But everything around it. If you tried to draw the goat, it turns into a left brain cartoon. However if you give up and let go, your right brain turns is turned on and the left brain is turned off. Then now you can finally see all the details and draw what is in front of you.


What the fuck do I know about art and the right brain? 

First of all I was an artist before. I can draw btw. But however, my art isn’t appealing to anyone because I am so surgically accurate and cold. I was scientific about my art and didn’t use too much of my right brain.



I drew these pictures as a gift for a girl’s 19th birthday. Don’t ask. But I was very accurate and cold perfectionist. When my student said he shut off his brain and just let things flowed. He didn’t understand it, he just did it anyways. His right brain understood it.

Of course it doesn’t mean natural game works. I never seen anyone doing natural game get a girl higher than their looks scale with it. Never ever ever ever. Its always the same score or below. If you did all the 30 steps of Wayne 30, you become a natural, or super natural, or ultra natural. You turn from a synthetic to a natural. Wayne 30 social calibrations is like the grammer of writing. There is a fundemental to daygame. If you tried to be natural, without any social calibrations like my Chinese students. You tried to natural game, then its creepy.

I showed him Jan’s videos. He thought he was more dominant than me. But then again, he said I was more natural and not trying to be too aggressive. I told him the truth. I use this to really draw the girl into the conversation before I spiced it. For Jan, imagine I wanted to sell you my phone.


Imagine I was a salesman trying to sell you a Samsung S9+ that I have here. You liked the IphoneX more and I gave you a compliment on your jacket. Now you feel staggered because you felt it was a nice compliment. Then I proceeded to try to sell you on something you don’t want. So you give me positive reactions. Or what Mystery calls IOI or indicators of interest. I say fuck IOI’s, get IOC, indicators of compliance. But before you had to leave, I tried to get your email to send you an invoice to this phone. But you didn’t want it, you gave positive reactions so I would fuck off. Then you flaked on getting that info for a newsletter giving your email. That is what happens in natural and direct number close game.

It was the biggest realization of his life. It hit him like a ton of bricks. I said to him, did you notice all the dating coaches in daygame are usually way taller than me. He did, so he realized he was just the girls type.

He said there was a dating coach who taught in Europe but he quit. He said it was this guy. I was like he was from Vancouver? Damn another Jan Lifestyle good looking tall guy. Much taller. Instead of 5’11 he was like 6’4 or something like that. He looked like a Zara grade model. But his girl here was pretty. But he was way above her looks scale. He was like a 10/10 and she was like an 8/10.

What shocked this 3MP student the most was, it was just a number close video. He associated positive reactions with her coming out on a date. It was a big feat to stupid Asians in general. Numbers don’t mean shit. I’m like 6.5/10 and if I depended on numbers, i’m screwed.

Here is the dumb part of Asian daygamers. Let’s say this guy got good results, let’s say. Chinese PUAs in Vancouver would say I want to learn that skill because he gets good results. I want some of that edge. It doesn’t matter if they’re relatable or not. Celebrities are not relatable. They have some success. Jan’s girls are like in the 5-6/10 range. Mine are in the 7 or 7.5 range before. Then now 8/10 for a while and 8.5/9 range now. If you want to talk about results. I simply have more. But once someone sees the results they associate it with success.


There is a procreation attraction switch. Avoiding pain and avoiding starvation. I know how this whole marketing manipulation works. If I wanted to do this to you I can. But I don’t because I am going to keep it real. I don’t give a fuck if I offend you. I’m just saying the truth. Not opinions as facts, but facts as opinions. I field test it and tell you the data.


I’m talking about neuroscience here above. One of the programmings is the procreation. You associate it with sex with results. Its like preselection. When you are around other women. Then women will start to automatically like you. Its an attraction switch. However, if you see a PUA with results. Whether fake lay reports. Ugly girls like Jan Lifestyle or fake girlfriends due to being a sugar daddy type like Justin Wayne.

You automatically look and like the preselection attraction switch. I call this the Justin Wayne effect. You turn into sheeps and get brainwashed because you associate that with success with women. Even if lay reports and girlfriends like this can be faked.

You simply ignore guys like me who are getting girls 3 points above him and has the worlds most testimonials. You automatically ignore testimonials and student success once you see any sort of perceived results.

My next infield will feature 2 girls, both quite young and pretty as fuck. Younger and hotter than what most daygame coaches will go for. I even bang them in front of my bootcamp student and used his apartment. But still, what does it matter. You don’t look at the testimonials and realize that is the metrics to see how strong someone’s game is.

If you associate their results with game. Then do they have any genetic advantage in race? height or looks? If they do, but they can’t get girls above their looks scale but the same. Are you that much of a sheep? Even RSD can use modeling agencies and shit. But you still fall for it because you made the association because it triggers your procreation attraction switch and you made the wrong associations.

My point is if I am this smart and I can figure you out. I have like a 200 I.Q in game and I have the worlds most testimonials. My girls are way hotter than Jan Lifestyles girls. Most of his has decent bodies and butter faces. You attract what you are. I only attract and close 8.5/10 or 9/10 because I attract what I am. You attract what you are. I’m not a 8.5/10 or 9/10.

Even my 3MP student said I wasn’t being overly dominant as Jan. But however, he realized I slowly progressively set the frame and it’s an entire yes ladder. I sneak in there and get hotter girls that way. Jan is a guy with an average face and good build, that affected his jawline. So he attracts average looking girls with butter faces. But okay bodies. Its really my game that is 9/10. It’s transferable and my students with some value are able to get HB 9/10 girlfriends. Its the same fucking game with different privileges.

Just remember how easy it is to manipulate you. Even number closes counts for something, but imo it doesn’t count for shit. I don’t use tinder, or night game or any of that shit. I did it the old fashion way. You are so stupid you even fall for lay reports.

You know who is for real due to 3 things. 1. Who can get good results who can prove it. 2. If their entire team can get the good results. 3. If their students can get testimonials of them getting laid. Most dating coaches don’t have all 3. Jan has the first, but I wouldn’t say good results. Just girls half his looks scale. He is 8.4/10 she is like 5/10 or 6/10. His assistant coaches gets no results in daygame. Even tall strong 6’1 Asian guys. He has no student results for daygame.

At least the other daygame coaches in Vancouver, they have one testimonial each. I have 300+, Jan has zero for daygame so far. But you associated his lowest common denominator results with transferable skills. Is my game 300X better? Most likely.

Justin Wayne, he gets results, but now he is said to be fake. None of his coaches outside of Deepak before who left got results similar. Only one guy, who split from the company. Also, none of their students gets results. Except sociopathic black preselected protector status black guys. So he doesn’t pass the test. London daygame is the same, they bang ugly girls so they have to write fake lay reports. Second they their other associates also use fake lay rereports. Third they don’t have much student results. No testimonial section.

If a dating coach doesn’t have testimonials, its a big red flag. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Everyone of my student testimonial are real. People don’t fuck around with that shit. Only person who faked testimonials or got it in a fake way was Justin Wayne. His old product he said please say something nice about me. Then he turned that into testimonials. He didn’t earn it and no one got laid. They are just fans, or sheeps. You can’t ignore testimonials forever. Sooner or later, you would realize it is an indicator of skill or the only real metric of pure skill and not privledge.

Also, becareful of fake sounding scientific people like Todd Valentine. He sounds scientific and stuff. But I have all the student results, better results and my game is way better than his or anyone.

Also, notice white dating coaches doesn’t have any testimonials. Black dating coaches too? They have too much privilege. It’s the Asian guys who have the most. But usually night game, not daygame. I’m the only one in the world who has these much daygame testimonials. You know deep down the truth hurts. You know deep down what I am saying is hard to hear but totally correct. I really had to say this, I just write whatever is on my mind.

My testimonial section. I don’t even have time to update all the testimonials this month. I’m flooded with it. But check it out anyways. If I updated it, then your fingers will get so tired scrolling down through it all. It would be endless. Follow the testimonials. It tells the entire story of how powerful someone’s game is. Also, see if it can pass the Asian 5’4 test. If a short Asian can do it in daygame, then your stuff works. No one can pass this test except me. Also, I wonder if I was born a tall good looking white guy. But a dating coach, will my game be as tight? Most likely not. I will take things for granted playing on easy mode. So easy mode can’t be transferred to those playing on extreme difficulty like myself. Therefore, I will get no testimonials if I were white.


-John Wayne

Update: Seems one of the Chinese student has 9 more Wayne 30 days to pass. It was total shit, so he failed 8 of them and passed one of them. Well, seems like this is what you call a sticking point. If these mistakes shows up and you can’t improve it, then its most likely the pieces you should focus on. For Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. If people can pull so easily, it might of turn you into a natural by mastering all the components. I’m not talking about the fake naturals. I mean, there is obviously a conversational structure. Also, it seems in my field testing, outer game and tonality, natural delivery makes a big difference.

Update again, he only passed 1.5 exercises. Was totally unnatural. Once again, only can slowly improve. He was making such good progress. Until now. But this is interesting field testing data. For most people they apply faster than this.



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