Another Asian student, bought bundle, Wayne 30 and Playbook pulled and got laid? in 3 days? What the flying fuck?


He told me after he learned Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. He bought the bundle for both Wayne 30 and Wayne Playbook and 5 Skypes for $600. Just like the last student, who pulled a hot girl in 3 days. It was 2 days of practicing it and the third day was the meet to sex. This guy not only pulls, but he also got laid.

He isn’t bad looking and 5’11. So this is the identical height to Jan Lifestyle who depends on height and looks. But this student of mine had no results before and was really struggling. Some changes to his hair, fashion, game, bedroom escalation, objections dealing, escalation, social calibrations.

Listen, lighting has struck twice now. Exactly the same time, 2 days. So if someone can get laid in 2 days. Most likely I know what the fuck i’m talking about in terms of game. Maybe London has no idea what they are talking about or Jan Lifestyle. Even Jan Lifestyle assistant who is 6’1 and muscular can’t get laid with his game. You said you weren’t working with him. Lol, lying piece of shit. I even saw you guys with my former student who got laid in daygame with my coaching.

A tall 6’4 East Indian well dressed guy. I hope he isn’t a coach for your company. Just an acquaintance. But if you were filming with him in it. People lies to me all the time about it. Telling me what I want to hear. Remember you are now on my shit list. Yes I taught natural and direct years ago during that time. I taught every system, including London Daygame. But none of my students got laid with natural and direct, only this one East Indian guy. Don’t forget who the fuck taught you.

He told me he will listen to me exactly and do everything I tell him to do. He couldn’t believe how powerful the Wayne 30 was. I gave him some tips on Skype and this happened. He told me he has a date and can’t believe how much coaching cuts though everything. He said Chinese people can’t connect due to the warrior gene. How the fuck did you figure this out. You are giving them tools to connect. You should make them a course how to hide or work around the warrior gene. So I might make a 2 day bootcamp purely called Chinese. But yeah, maybe his height and okay looks helped. His hair was fobby as shit until I told him to pomade that shit.

I’ll see how much bedroom escalation stuff he filmed. He has an Iphone. I hate it when students have an iphone because they can’t use hidden cam software to get that stuff.

Sign up to the London Immersion program. Its on the front page and i’ll link you. This just happened now. I told him to get as much footage as possible.



sign-up-today-v2-600x211 (1)

Deepak Wayne is literally bringing the worlds best daygame coach on this planet earth out of 7.6 billion people. I want to say fuck you to London Daygame and fuck you to Jan Lifestyle. Say what you want about me. But my game vs your game. Its like comparing the Michael Jordan of teaching daygame to highschool or university basketball.



I taught him objections dealing. My objection dealing ability is beyond what is seen in the industry. Its 50% better and I had to reverse engineer and improve on it because it didn’t work for Asian guys. Maybe we don’t have enough value unless we are white to use existing technologies in objections dealing. Its brought up to such a high level, its way more potent.

In my field testing, I found that if you deal with objections, you have to have compliance and value in her eyes. As an Asian, it didn’t that well. I tried it on a model who was 18 years old European model who looked like Avril Lagine. I even told her I was a dating coach, I made more money than her. She was a gold digger type. I did that for 40 mins. I even stood there 20 mins. She was at one point dtf, then changed her mind. So I had to redo this part of the game. Now I added another step. Now it works so well.

A lot of white peoples game doesn’t work for me at all. It’s so powerful now, but its very left or logical brain. You must also attack or seduce the right abstract side with our escalation yes ladder too along with the left. The emotional side is just as important and the empathy component is like a judo throw. You grab then you throw or overcome objections. I had to learn from how sales works to reverse engineer and retool it. You also seen the last bootcamp student got laid because I applied our newer upgraded objection dealing technology and he banged the girl. Its field tested and split tested with students now. But its mostly top secret. There are some stuff I don’t want to share. I’m always field testing and improving the game. 3MP was a great source of field testing.

In fact my game is so advanced. It is like alien technology from 50 years later. You have no idea, you can only speculate. Also, you see how important it was to skype coach me? Or talk to me? It flips off the light switch in your brain.

I’m really tired of other dating coaches claiming they are the best. It’s often some white dude for some unknown fucking reason. You can’t transfer white privilege or a higher value ethnicity scale.

I had many people buy the bundle deal. But the third guy is questioning my use of hair product and wants to go back to his own way. Don’t question me dude. It seems your mindset is one of a stubborn person. You might not get laid or pull if you do that often. This is the last time. You don’t question or not follow orders to the worlds best dating coach. You just simply fucking do it.

If the same hair product got this Chinese student laid. I’ll call any of my students out on their shit. The first two guys who bought my bundle deal didn’t question me. They said I will do exactly everything you said. The third guy is resistant. See a pattern? There is no such thing as a learning curve. There is only a stubborness curve. If I gave you the recipie to make a 3 star meal, then don’t fuck it up and half ass it your way.

Get the bundle today and do exactly what I teach you. You will get results. I already have the perfect daygame system. So stop trying to do it your way and put your ego aside. If everyone was trained under me, we don’t need any other daygame coaches outside our company Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Some of these other dating coaches doesn’t even have a testimonial section. Or just night game shit and no daygame. Its not like their game is even a quarter as powerful.

Update: Oh fucking hell, another student just pulled as I was typing this. He only had Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Now he wants to buy the playbook. Should of bought it in a bundle before. I told him to save up for it. It’s full price. I’ll post this other guys testimonial soon. Another East Indian dude.

Update again, this Asian guy already sent me his video testimonial. I also have a bit of the girl and her in his bedroom. Shes naked and stuff. So I have to figure out how to censor that. Thank you for choosing John Wayne of Wayne Dating Lifestyles as your coach.


-John Wayne


    1. Let me know when you do, that you are SLC. I’m curious to meet you. You are one of my biggest fans and really like my post a lot. I just want you to know it motivates me to post more honest truths about daygame. I really appreciate it.


  1. Will do. I’m another Asian Australian fan (possible hardcase), and you were one of the only Asian daygamers in a Western country when I first found you. It’s always good to see people with hard truths and integrity become successful rather than people who lie for short term gain. Keep up the good fight

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