East Indian guy pulls hot Latina to the bedroom after 2 days of buying my online product bundle

What the fuck, this East Indian guy pulled a Brazilian girl home but didn’t know what to do. He bought both my products in a bundle with Skype coaching. He already did this in two days of getting my products? But didn’t know how to close the deal yet because he needs more time to watch the second product. What the flying fuck.

Still, you can see how powerful our game is. I just got this today. He needs to slow the fuck down, but whatever.

east indian guy pulled quickly.png


In 2 days he didn’t finish the course. This guy is not good looking either. Maybe 4/10, but he is bedroom escalating a near 8/10? That don’t make no fucking sense. But hes able to do it anyways. He is from down under, I know we have a ton of fans from there. Want to say hi again. Only thing he told me was he will do exactly everything I say and just absorb it. He wants to get good. Only problem was he got too much results too fast, he didn’t know how to close the deal. He only closed the deal with Asian girls before, but didn’t think white girls or other races were possible. Well, lets see how he does. I’m proud of him.

My online courses or bundles are selling like hotcakes lately. Not sure why though. Maybe my site layout is a lot better. But is flying off the shelves like Zara clothing. It is selling itself practically. Its a great deal for the bundle. Normally it takes $200 usd an hour to Skype with the worlds best daygame coach in the world. But you get 5 Skypes instead of 3 for the bundle. Also, $50 off.

I told the student my game is so calibrated, the social skills stuff is important. Most people don’t know how to teach daygame and has no idea.

I see Jan the Scam Lifestyle filming something in Vancouver. Maybe it is his next product to fuck over Asian people and scam them. I think if this fails again, he only got one testimonial from his product while I got over 150 testimonials from it. I feel sorry for the dumb sociopathic Chinese here. I was thinking about creating a course called Chinese.

The course Chinese will be a 2 day bootcamp instead of 3. No Vietnamese or Korean, or Filipinos are allowed to take it. Since 56% of Chinese people have the warrior or psychopath gene. Actually, others who bought the bundle brought it up they can’t connect either.

Its fine, I know because I often say things most dating coaches doesn’t know. Let’s be real here. If you are Chinese, you wouldn’t pull a girl home on the bootcamp anyways. Jan has zero students getting laid on his bootcamps or testimonials for daygame, just night game. But these guys are so dark triad, so delusional and stubborn. They get offended once and stops training for me.

Maybe I’ll make this course called Chinese, explaining how fucked up they are. Then it’s all social skills. What is included is Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero for a pre-boot camp. For after they do Wayne Playbook on their own. For the boot camp it’s purely social calibrations from Wayne 30. There is no other way. It’s going to be cheaper than Jan Lifestyles bullshit course. 2 days, 20 hours maybe. I’ll take pre-orders for it.

I will strip away our second half of the game. You will still pull, but the escalation ladder is taught in our product anyways. Even the first half of our game is 150X stronger than Jan’s game. 1 testimonial vs 150 or more of mine from my products. Let us be real, you are so creepy, dress so shit, you won’t get laid anyways right away. You have to work at it.

Let’s be real here, if you natural it, being beta, uptalking and timid. You will naturally be an unattraction aspie creepy fuck. You want to say looks don’t matter because Jan said so. Yet he is better looking. But now I think compared to me, since I am on the NBA superstar level. Jan is in the highschool basketball or college level at best. So maybe he isn’t worth talking about. Imagine social skills is like grammer. Poetry is natural and directing it. You still need a gramatical structure. Its like cooking, you can cook with your heart, but have some cooking fundementals. By fundementals, I don’t mean squaring off with her and giving a compliment. The other dating coaches does that in Vancouver. Then again they have no testimonials of students getting laid or at least pulling a girl to the bedroom.

Complaining about my prices being the highest in Vancouver. Now you don’t have any excuses left. Of course, any other Asian races are allowed to take my normal bootcamp. If you Chinese guys want to upgrade your 2 day Chinese bootcamp. Then you can update it to a normal one. Yes, it cost more overall, but the social calibrations are important.

I used to teach a white aspie dude this way. Not game, but purely social skills. He dated like 2 models and 3 girls., Well he had yellow fever and stuff. Whatever. If your white, you pay me, I will teach you. You would be surprised how many white students I get. I just don’t publicize them. I have tons of white people buying my coaching.

Regardless here is the bundle that is selling like hotcakes lately. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and Wayne Playbook with 5X skype.

Go though the link below to see the bundle price. Its a pretty good deal.


sign-up-today-v2-600x211 (1)

Also, don’t forget, for the first time ever, I’m going to physically import my game outside of Vancouver Canada. There are a lot of new shit I invented that has never been seen before. I like field testing and building from scratch until its solve for a short Asian guy. The worlds best dating coach is going to teach you in London.

Go with the testimonials. If you see other companies can’t get daygame testimonals. They are just all fluff and psychopathic faggots. Do you even testimonial bro? Go with 3 factors. One the coach has skills and can get the results you want. 2. Their team can do the same, not only them. 3. They can get students good results. If any are missing, like London doesn’t have any, just field reports. Then well. Fuck em. Still, I think there will be a fuck ton of people joining by the end of it. We might have to start saying no to people. So first come first serve.

Also, if you pull, you better escalate in the bedroom when you are in the immersion program. Or i’m going to chew you out like a drill sargent. You can’t beta it and turn pussy because you are nervous. I hate it when that happens, at least give it a try. If you can’t, at least you made a move. At least make out with her or do something. We will focus a fuck ton on bedroom escalation and teaching pulling too. This is not some London number close faggotry, or Mystery Method 4-7 hour facetime shit. This is a same day lay system. If you can’t close the deal, close it after you pull, on a day 2. Fuck this number close bullshit.






Oh right, I have so many testimonials to post after this, like more than a weeks worth. I have no idea what to choose next. I just got this today and now. I should eventually update the testimonial page or the front page. It just takes so much time since I have so much more. I’m the only dating coach in the world who has this specific problem.

-John (You don’t fucking stand a chance) Wayne


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