So you are a loser, mediocre at everything, delusional. Solution?

I have some advice for people who are total fucking losers. I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled programming of testimonials as soon as I get this off my mind. Dear diary, joking.

Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a neologistic term used to characterize the young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own.

Stop being a snowflake. Stop getting offended and butthurt. The higher the ego, the lower self-esteem. Get some fucking self-esteem. What I mean by that is, if you feel good about yourself, you will not get so easily offended. An ego is an image that you want to project to the world.

When its under attacked, cognitive dissonance happens. A brain pain of two conflicting ideas. They thought oh wow everyone should like me. Then they get fearful. To mas the fear, they start to turn to anger. I might be narcissistic, but when it comes to game. I have no ego. Everything is field tested.

My piece of advice is, people will attack your ego. Second, people who will attack your ego are either haters or your friends. I don’t get as much hate these days as I have a ton more testimonials to post. I really do appreciate it when a friend does it. That is a good friend.

If people gets hurt badly or butthurt still after reading this. I say to these people to go fuck themselves. They will never achieve anything in life being such a fucking pussy. If your pussy hurts, put some tampons in. Sensitivity equals poverty in every area of your life.

My friend told me my site sucked. He suggested I put a background on it. It looks pretty good and I’m very happy with it. He told me I should use paragraphs because I write a wall of text. He told me to read books about copywriting. How to write stuff, but I decided to buy more courses because I didn’t know anything about marketing.

The problem with some Asians in Vancouver is, once you attack their ego. They shut down. Instead, they should be listening and working on their weaknesses. They aren’t getting any results in daygame. There are no testimonials to prove otherwise.

It becomes a revolving door of direct game bullshit. They go to many coaches here just to fail. Only I have testimonials. If they got laid, we would of seen another testimonial from other companies by now. You only see one or none. I have 300+



Your brain is a software. I mean it has programs in it. So let’s say a guy who makes 10,000 a year vs $100,000 a year vs a million vs 50 million and a billion all have different programming. This is called a mindset. If you do natural and direct game, the software is basically very low-level trash. Same with all direct game. It isn’t a rich mindset, but a poor one.

Losers don’t invest their time and money into upgrading their software. Or their mindsets or beliefs.

Visualize success. You have to until it comes reality. Then you aren’t surprised.





Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and Wayne Playbook with Skype is a way to update your software when you think about it. It is giving you a new paradigm shift. A new way to see the world that isn’t low-level direct game, that only works for the privileged.

Sometimes you have stubborn friends that don’t accept your help. According to the book win friends and influence people. I don’t believe in that self-help beta bullshit. But he claimed if you give unsolicited advice, people will resent you. Sometimes people act like wounded animals that bite the hand that feeds them. Drop them since you are the sum of the 5 friends you are closest to. Or distance yourself away.

Sometimes these hard cases or impossible cases adapt slow. They have this left brain logical chatter. Listen, if I told you to do one pushup. Imagine you saying oh but what if my hands get dirty. What if I hurt myself. I say what the fuck is that extra chatter? It just stops you.

Just fucking do it. As they say in the PUA world, pull the fucking trigger and just fucking do it. Stop thinking, just fucking do it. 

Also, find good mentors in every area of your life you have trouble in. The ones who has a good track record of student results. Then shut your fucking mind and do it exactly like they said.

Honestly, another issue of losers is they don’t want to grow and be a victim. They don’t pull the trigger. Like the do one pushup example, they don’t fucking do anything. They just sort of resent you and be apathetic.

One quality about me was I didn’t give up. Most people give up easily. First failure a ton does, second and third, 95% gives up. My point isn’t to keep spam approaching not giving up. But keep adapting. You will find that direct game isn’t the answer. The more adaptive you are the more results you get.

Losers have loser thoughts. Winners has winner thoughts. Despite mental illnesses, you can still choose what you think. You can always learn REBT and challenge those thoughts. Don’t be a fucking victim.

Losers dress like losers, losers think like losers. Losers has a weird vibe like losers. Losers are cheap, losers are stubborn. Losers has loser friends. Losers shuts down when you give them good advice. Losers take bad advice like RSD. Winners do the things what losers won’t do.

Sometimes letting go of the losers in your life and look for new winners. Or do it yourself if you have no winners in your life. Go learn from books, from video courses, from people who have a track record of student success.

Watch out for friendenemies. They are your friends who acts like enemies. They don’t backstab you but they aren’t your friends.

Losers do not value their time. Time is money, I can replace students. I can always get more money. I can always get more same day lays. I can’t replace my valuable time.

Image result for crab in the bucket
If your family are a bunch of sociopathic losers. Get the fuck out of there. The crab in the bucket theory. If you want to leave they keep pulling you back down. You deserved to be a failure. Grow a fucking spine and move on. They were responsible for the mess you were in the first place.

I was once a loser

I knew what it felt like to be one. I was once 20 years old as the worlds first daygamer. I was a total fucking loser. I was angry, I was pissed in highschool I didn’t have a girlfriend. I was like I deserved it. I was a 119 pound 5’7 Asian guy who wanted to become some type of an artist. Well I am, a pickup artist.

Fuck this PUA sob story shit. Lets not beat around the bush. Most of the dating coaches, or some are narcissistic. They didn’t get enough girls in highschool. They want to reclaim their lost time and get good with women. This is a revenge on the fucking world. Narcissistic people who might have dark triad personality, I fucking get it.

Or you have these fucking cavemen, who thinks oh I am a good street fighter. I’m muscular, tall, strong so I can teach others to do the same because I can knock a few people out. Then everyone suffers with no results. This is a metaphor for daygame.


I had a time in my life where I had loser thoughts. Loser friends, loser beliefs, loser vibe, loser money making abilities. I knew what it was like. I am not talking about something I don’t understand. I was a terrible artist. I wanted to be an animator and I failed. But over the years I just needed a better structure to learn things.

My advice, I never gave up even if I was the first daygamer. I tried speed seduction or the lay guide. Instead of going to school for art classes in university. I was daygaming girls at every break I had. Talking to girls in the hallways. In the cafeteria, the bus. You name it, I kept doing it. There was no such thing as daygame before. I met with a lot of racism, I didn’t know existed back then.

I didn’t realize looks, race, height, fashion, social skills, game everything matters. Why should they not matter? Just because some PUAs who wants to make a quick buck on your dumbass said so? I never gave up and kept trying every system. Eventually, I figured it out for most of the world. 16 fucking years.

To turn around the downward spiral. Hit rock bottom and fail hard, fail fast, fail cheap and try again adapting. Do this a few times. Notice I said adapting because some PUAs never adapted. But you don’t have to because I went through it all. Now you don’t have to. I had to pay a price, with my time to get you this game.

I would of wished I could of time traveled and meet myself back then. Tell myself everything is going to be alright. But here are the real secrets behind the game. Tell myself I would do great things in the world and change it. I might not have believed myself then.

This was not an easy post to write. But I felt like saying it. I hope you get some value and wisdom out of it. You don’t need to make my mistakes, you can learn from other peoples mistakes like mine. Fastrack success. Also, know some privileged systems like RSD won’t get you results in daygame.

Everything matters, race, height, looks, everything. You can’t transfer some qualities to your students if you are privileged. I wish I could have imparted this message to someone else about all of this. Keep failing, keep adapting, keep finding the right mentors to fast track success.

I have no become one of the best mentors in the world for daygame if not the best. I never thought when I was 20 years old, my life will turn out this way. Perhaps I needed to find out because I said to myself, there has to be a better way. I’ll figure it out or die trying.

I wish I still have some of that left in me. Since I can now see when someone will turn on me. When someone is a toxic person. I can decode and sense their vibe. People I interview too.

I wish I can’t see all of this, start all over. It only makes me more disgusted with people. They all think I can’t see it. I can see all the microexpressions feel every feeling. They don’t know that. Nothing gets by John Wayne, nothing.

For me in my world, I see it as an observer. I separate the feelings and emotions. I’m not clouded by them. I don’t get butthurt. If I am narcissistic, even Michael Jordan is and he trash talks. But he sure listens to his mentors around him. He listens to the 1%. I never stop finding mentors in everything I do. Every area of life.

One day even though I was a bad artist when I was 20, I might go back and try my hand at art. Using my newer knowledge how to get things done more effective efficiently and effortlessly. Pareto principle.

These days I have nothing in common with losers. I’m here to win. I might not even have anything in common with my old self. I see myself in 10 years taking over the whole PUA world. Every country and every continent. All will be taught by me. Fuck the world.

For those who get offended by what I say? You are a cunt. Go fuck yourselves. I’m helping you because I see more potential in you than you see in yourself. I’m the opposite of a cunt, you are a cunt. If I’m quoting him, he kind of sounds like me sometimes. I’m not a fan or anything. Lol. This dude helped his students make over 50 billion combined. I have over 300+ testimonials. Its unheard of in this industry for students getting laid and pulling.





Fuck it I’m going to keep writing. I also think sites like Lookism and Sluthate are fucking losers. The worst losers in the world. They have fucked up beliefs systems that looks are so important you automatically will have a girl jump on your dick if you have the right angles on your face and shit like that.

Let us be honest here. Those guys are all aspergers, autistic sociopaths. Victim mentality, fucked up vibe, losers. Lets be honest, Elliot Rodgers was from Sluthate or PUA hate. Just like when I made a video about stubbornness. Who can believe their fucked up theories? It’s just a way to shift blame and be the victim.

I can destroy all of looks theories in one fell swoop. Even if a guy was 8.5/10 in looks. Let’s say he was white but had the same level of game as sluthate and lookism aspie fucks. So their game is 0/10. They have autistic expressions and are creepy as hell since they don’t understand Wayne 30.

If they need to be 20/35. If looks are scored out of 10, money is scored out of 5, natural status or race scored out of 10. Game scored out of 10. It only makes up 18/35. They don’t past the 20/35 line of fuckability. Do the math. It isn’t enough.

uar 2

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. But just by having enough looks without enough in the game area won’t get you past that line of fuckability. She isn’t going to jump on your dick. Unless you are 10/10 which is rare, wouldn’t reach the line of fuckability. Its all about value and you don’t have enough of it.


You might know I don’t train impossible cases anymore who are deluded sociopaths. I don’t mind training hardcases. But let’s take a look at their psychology and why they are so fucked up. Don’t think I don’t know this. I can decode anyone. Most people thinks I can’t see though them. I see everything.


Why do they all have identical Elliot Rodgers level beliefs? Its simple, they all have autism or Aspergers. With sociopathic opinions as facts. So no matter what sociopaths can’t ever accept they are wrong and will shift blame. The reason they get butthurt was simply this. Once you give them advice, you question their integrity, they fall apart. A sane person will be happy to clear up any misinformation. They go mental.


If you want to see delusional people, if you see the stuff they post. They are completely delusional and they all believe in their LMS theories. I think my LMS theories are way more accurate. I have a bigger sample size to field test. They believe their opinions are facts. When the facts from field testing are my opinions. Its all field tested.


See the thinking pattern, they never are wrong in their own mind. They go on the attack. That is the reason they all act autistic and sociopathic like Elliot Rodgers. They all are sociopathic aspies. Their looks theories are only half-truths, so they can play the victim.


These people are so full of shit, their vibe is so full of shit. They will amount to nothing in life except they think they know better than the world. Most of these dumb mofos plans is to move to Thailand and hope their LMS is enough. Then collect autism bux as they call it. Most of those guys on that forum group are on autism bux or disabilities. Go figure.

It’s easy to figure these dumb mofos out.  I know plenty of high functioning autism people who can function just fine in a job. They just don’t have the sociopath part in it.


I say the solution for these dumb fucks who are aspie sociopathic narcissistic butthurt fucks. Shut off the left brain and start finding good mentors and adapting. Just because the hardware or the brain is fucked. Doesn’t mean you can’t change the software and be at the mercy of it.

So you are delusional sociopaths who are aspies. Hardware sucks, but it doesn’t mean you have to have opinions as facts. You can actually field test it, instead of filtering it through your reality. I field test everything. Why listen to other aspie fucks with faulty hardware?

You do have a choice if you are aware of it consciously. Maybe I wasted my breath. But it will get through to someone out there and make a lot of sense. Some people just want to play the victim role. I think some people you just need to cut them out of your life before they drag you down with them into their quicksand.

When you help some people, they just take more value and act more douchey. I had students who won’t give testimonials. The more you give, the more results they get. The less they reciprocate. Even if you can’t find a good mentor. Maybe get some of my products or bootcamps or 3 months to proficiency. I had many students who were value taking vampire scumbags.

Read books and watch videos of guys who can prove student success in their industry. Maybe you want to work out, you want to do some hobby. Find the best mentors and fuck the rest. You only retain like 10% of what the mentor can do. Even 10% of my game is 10X better than anyone elses game in Vancouver for dating coaches. They have one testimonial each, I have over 300+.

Stop going to the wrong people for daygame. If you have any self-respect. You will literally lose your future. I have so many testimonials, I can’t even find time to update the testimonial page. In fact to improve your mindset and not fill it with shit.

Maybe unsubscribe from all RSD videos. Your game will skyrocket with less bullshit in your mind. I know you like free shit, but pay the best mentors in the world, (not rsd) and you will get what their student results will get.

Another thing is, uncool people think you are uncool. They are hated by all of their friends. Hated by all of your friends too. They are hated at their work too. They don’t know why. They are self centered and aloof.

Even if they tried online dating. I myself don’t actually use it. They will also turn people off by their vibe. They look like an untrustworthy serial killer. Girls can sense it, even in the microexpressions and facial expressions or lack of.

They don’t give value, I give value. They aren’t aware of their microexpressions are uncool as hell. Those split-second expressions they think no one sees. But the girls see it all with their right brain.

These dumb faggots thinks by you helping them and giving advice. You are attacking them. Sociopaths feel like you are questioning their sensibilities and they go on the attack. The scary thing was, these people aren’t aware they are sociopaths. These people are like zombies, the living dead. Brainless, value taking scumbags.

Image result for win friends and influence people don't give unsolicited advice

Watch out for people who are 20% weird factor. Anyone like that is not to be trusted. In real life I’m a chilled cool person. A bit too dominant for most people. But here I sound aggressive. But I’m not in real life. I’m pretty normal and chilled. A bit of the alpha side.

Solution: Stop acting like a butthurt faggot. Start investing in knowledge and applying it from the best. Shut off your mind and just fucking do it. Tell your left brain to stfu. It’s your worst enemy. Just pull the trigger and take action. Go with the testimonials. If you were to do a pushup and start saying oh am I doing it right. Or I’m too lazy to. Or the floor is dirty. Dude, it’s just a fucking pushup. What is with this mental chatter or excuses?

Always think win/win. If it’s not win/win, then you can’t save everyone. They are too delusional and too far gone, just set them free. Let them hit rock bottom and they will wake up. Some people needs to fail so hard, they wake up. They will run out of people to blame and excuses when everyone in their life left them. While you become a total success and they get left behind.

For the first time in my life. I never wanted to believe it myself. That some people have limitations and they won’t amount to anything. But for the first time ever, I believe some people like those won’t. In Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I have a therapy module to cover these types of topics.

If these sluthate and lookism people actually worked on social skills or Wayne 30 instead of bitching and complaining how the world screwed them over. Their lives will change. But they wouldn’t work on it.

When I designed this product, I designed it in such a way with the therapy module in module 1 was to be strong enough it can fix someone as fucked up as them. I had this in mind. It was why I called them out in the product. I designed the product in such a way it can cut through their bullshit aspergers or autism.

It really pisses me off there are stupid mofos who blame their looks instead of working on their social skills. If it were up to me, these people will be thrown into a mental hospital. Then they learn social skills and calibrations then gets released back. Then they can stop blaming everyone else. Thinking they are deformed or some bullshit in terms of looks. Collect autism disabilities bux.

You are the worst form of society. Fucking losers to the max. You and I know what I am saying is true. You guys are worst than criminals, worst than gangsters, worst than any hate group. At least they have talent and abilities. They can communicate. You guys don’t. They can at least make money and have superior social skills at least. Which puts them heads and shoulders above you guys.

The main reason I am emotional about this topic was I used to have a friend from there. You can’t rehabilitate scumbags or losers. That’s what hurts me the most. They are the most toxic vile creatures in the western world.

These god damn PUA hating, PUA denier Elliot Rodgers clone. Go fuck yourselves. You are a total waste of space. These people are completely delusional. The day you stop feeling like a victim of circumstance and learn social skills. Is the day you can let go of that stupid belief system. They should be designed as a hate group.

I have so much to say about this topic because I heard all their half truth theories. Most of these guys are like Elliot rodgers. They shift blame, has a dark vibe, alienate everyone around them. Its never their fault, somehow the world owes them something. They are victims. But in their deluded mind, if you help them, they call you toxic. Yeah only difference between these aspie sociopathic fucks and impossible cases are. One is just a PUA the other isn’t. Same deluded psychology. It is why I will never work with impossible cases again. I will work with hardcases, they do listen.

Remember one thing you autistic fucks. With your chin implant theories and other bullshit. I taught over 425 students. Been a dating coach for more than 4 years now. I also have 300+ testimonials of students getting laid and pulling girls home. I get better results than you guys and girls way above my looks scale. Most likely, what I’m saying is more accurate than you dumb fucks there. My theories aren’t theories like yours on Lookism or Sluthate. These are field tested over and over. Maybe, just maybe I know more than you guys do. Instead of a bunch of aspie fucks discussing theories about how it is their looks. Why not work on your social calibration first?

Imagine social calibrations has like 30 components or so. Imagine like Mayweather jr in boxing. He doesn’t get hit much. He knows how to calibrate so he doesn’t get hit. Social skills helps you avoid auto rejection. But if you talk like a monotone fuck or a squeaky voice aspie fuck. Then you have no facial expressions. Even if you look like a male model. For girls with some sort of social circle or social skills. Wouldn’t she be turned off? If we are talking about cold approach here. If we are talking about online dating, even that can throw people off. The biggest problems with you aspie fucks are, you don’t realize how you come across as socially uncalibrated. You just started to blame women instead for being shallow. Yes women do like survival and replication value. Being a taller buffed guy will help a great deal of course to bang ugly women.

Women don’t care that much about money. You either fit into a lover, boyfriend provider or friendzone. If a women doesn’t have a job, she can go on welfare. Therefor she cares more about emotions. By being socially calibrated, you build comfort with her and trust. No amount of plastic surgery for Looksim can fix the lack of comfort. You trigger her red flags. Its like your looks can turn on the light switch. But for every piece of social calibrations you lack. You turn her off one switch at a time. Until she walks off.

I mean you would save time and energy. Maybe you might actually get laid. Yes I have met people who are very good looking, tall and autistic as fuck. Who has trouble with daygame. Don’t you think having autistic or Asperger traits in your facial expressions will turn off the girl? She can see all the red flags. Even online dating, you have aspie looking traits, wouldn’t that make her recoil in fear and pick someone else over you? Your vibe shows up everywhere. Lets say you try to pull a girl home from tinder. You won’t because you don’t have empathy to connect. You have no social calibration. She gets this Elliot Rodgers vibe from you and you won’t even pull a girl home.

Even if you got plastic surgery or steroids. You can only go up like 2 points at most anyways. That isn’t enough to get over the line of fuckability. If you can only get a few points up and looks are only one category. Then shouldn’t you also work on your social calibrations? Both becomes a force multiplier? You are an autistic fuck. I don’t think of it as red pill or blue pill. It’s actually a mix of both. Half red and half blue. I hope in some way, that it got you guys to think. Someone needed to call you guys out. Maybe some of you will wake up. Stop shifting blame and take some responsibility. Don’t forget, I have over 16 years of daygame experience. You guys have no field testing. Its just opinions as facts. My facts from field testing are my opinions. It’s pretty scientific. You are not enough without some social calibrations. Fuck game for a second, think social calibrations.

For looks, you have to break it down.


Looks is more than one category than phenotypes and angles of the face or cheekbones. Its multiple.

For PUAs who said looks don’t matter. I had every single student pulling a girl home in 2017 on the bootcamp except one aspie guy. But on top of solid game, I had to redo their looks. They are all forced to get a haircut and fashion of my choosing. This is fitting into a positive stereotypes. Its not that I raised peoples score in looks. I raised looks and game. To get them over the line of fuckability. That line you guys won’t pass if you got plastic surgery and lived to be a million with your theories. You’re not enough without social calibrations. Everything matters is my point.

fashion domination.png

I had a friend, yesterday he is no longer my friend. He was too far into these bullshit sluthate and lookism theories. He has every quality a girl will want. I tried to rescue him, I really tried.  His fucked up theories pushed me away. But I guess, maybe someone on those sites might wake up and realize why they are the way they are. I was trying to teach him life skills and even some business skills calling me toxic. Yet most of you aspie fucks will amount to nothing except autism bux. He pushed me away diving deeper into your bullshit theories. I called out these toxic sites to try to save him. Remember that, I was a good friend, you weren’t. You became them, the most toxic vile scum of the earth. I hope I wake some people up in the process of their half truth bullshit theories. I’m holding these sites responsible for what happened to my former friend. End of rant.

I still have so much more to say.


-Has aspergers, narcissism and sociopathic traits

-Blames everyone else but themselves, takes no responsibility because its magically not their fault

-sucks with women, repels them with his Asperger’s and dark negative vibe

-Game deniers

-Believes purely in looks theory, PUA haters

-no achievements in life, earns the lowest amount

-doesn’t take advice from others and alienate their friends

-believes other people are toxic for trying to help him

-completely delusional

-takes forever to adapt

-They get butthurt or bent out of shape with any advice or anyone hurting their ego.




-Has aspergers, narcissism and sociopathic traits

-Blames everyone else but themselves, takes no responsibility because its magically not their fault

-sucks with women, repels them with his Asperger’s and dark negative vibe

-Game deniers

-Believes purely in looks theory, PUA haters

-no achievements in life, earns the lowest amount.

-doesn’t take advice from others and alienate their friends

-believes other people are toxic for trying to help him

-completely delusional

-takes forever to adapt

-They get butthurt or bent out of shape with any advice or anyone hurting their ego.

As you can see sluthate and Elliot Rodgers has everything in common except violence. These sites are just a prison for their own mind for low functioning comorbidity multiple mental illness sociopathic aspies. I used to think some people can be saved, but I suppose their life is the closest thing to hell on earth. Lacking potential and growth. They simply don’t adapt. They get offended harder than any normal sane person.

-John Wayne


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