The rise and fall of Justin Wayne

aI made this post on April 1st, 2018. I’m just copying and pasting it again so you can read it. This was made before this video.


All of this is from my own perspective but will talk about facts.

There are 3 daygame Waynes and they are all separate entities that think for themselves.

I do work for Wayne Dating Lifestyles.

No, I wasn’t trained by Justin Wayne at all or have any affiliations.

Our companies Wayne Dating Lifestyles and Wayne Dating has split in 2015. I only talked to him once for 10 minutes.


I bought some of his products and had a free coaching call for 10 minutes. I just wanted to talk to him or my friend told to me try. I told him about my experience coaching guys using romance and with samepagology gets my students auto-rejected and friendzone.

He said it was the emotions and personality that gets students up the escalation ladder or some half-baked nonsense.

Regardless both of us record ourselves practicing at home. It was really weird because I thought I was the only one who did that.

His counter-argument to the Asian thing was one of his students got married to a white girl using romance. But that guy is quite good looking so he isn’t a typical Asian. I’m not talking about the exception but the rule. Most Asians rarely gets any results at all with is coaching.

Justin tends to be treated by women as a positive stereotype like most black guys. While he isn’t that attractive, he is expressive and has muscular arms.

He would say girls aren’t initially into him. Which I disagree, they are fearful because he looks like a scary black guy. But they are dripping wet, as with my other tall black students.

My short black students don’t get this kind of privilege. Black guys will say they are a minority, but not a positive stereotype even if they are playing on an easier mode, due to protector status and preselection.


Justin and Deepak don’t get along. It’s quite funny to me. He doesn’t really bother me and I still have some respect for him. Whether or not he is real.

I have heard behind the scenes stuff, but I want to believe. Some part of me knows some fishy stuff is going on. It wasn’t Deepak that was jealous. I never heard any jealousy before.


If Justin has a new technical or tactic and I told Deepak, he would hear me out. I even questioned Deepak asking if he was jealous. No, he wasn’t. (Maybe more envy, but that’s different)

Justin took 80% of Deepaks money and told him you are lucky to be getting anything at all. Deepak has a son and he couldn’t even buy a Christmas gift that year. He was in tears. He wasn’t able to make a living.

Also, teaching 6 months to mastery for Wayne Dating, Justin’s game wasn’t working for any of the students. He said to Deepak you are smart, you will figure something out.

He did, he created the Ultimate Seduction Model. Justin feels people aren’t entitled to their fair share because he built the name. Also, he feels his instructors have turned on him, but in reality, he takes their money and said you are lucky to get anything at all.

Then again I John Wayne am not part of that company Wayne Dating and I get my fair share. So we have a saying at the company which was he would not throw you away like a used condom like Justin Wayne. Our company doesn’t work under win/lose, but win/win. Whoever doesn’t think win/win is expelled.

A legend falls 

The real Justin Wayne was the recent gangsterish persona in his videos where people didn’t connect with. Where he tried to keep it real and sounded like me John Wayne. Where he tries to sound tough and alpha.

Beneath a mask or personality, that was under the mask. That chip on the shoulder personality is actually Justin Wayne’s real personality, except John doesn’t wear a mask.

He typically likes to threaten people behind the scenes. You have to wonder why he keeps losing instructors.

He believes he is a god and no one is supposed to rise above him. This is the narcissism part of the personality.

He often says to them you’re lucky to get anything at all.

It’s like a public image and the real him was more threatening to others. He likes to make threats to silence people. So if you see them silenced or coerced, a threat has taken place.

Some kind of NDA has taken place. That is a pattern that repeats itself over and over. These people never fight back. He basically can outsmart the entire world. I obviously know a great deal about this topic.

If you think about it outside of being a fanboy, or being a hater, you will connect the dots. Imagine all the people silenced.


The common behavior you see with dark tetrad personality, especially Machiavelli manipulator or sociopathy. He is extremely smart and just as smart as me. But his threats are predictable since I studied psychology. He sees Deepak as emotional, overly empathetic and weak. Which makes it easy to manipulate and exploit. It pisses off people with dark triad personality.

I have to interpret to Deepak why Justin thinks that way because I’m the Wayne who understands both sides. But to many, he is considered the worlds best daygamer for the public image.

Deepak thinks something fishy is going on and he does some type of scam. But I really don’t know except his teaching isn’t leading to students getting laid. But at the same time, he simply doesn’t get any student results. I’m really undecided on this, I think he has some skills.

He’s often threatened his former Asian students who wanted to speak out getting no results from his coaching. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just do because some told me.

It’s too bad, he isn’t aware of his privileges that he is a positive stereotype. Because he has an opinion as facts, he often has a blind spot. That woman sees him as a romantic partner.

He doesn’t realize that some of the Asian guys aren’t. He doesn’t empathize with negative stereotypes, or the empathy isn’t there.

He would often quote a Chinese guy marrying a white girl called Arron Ye. But he is good looking too and can make for a good potential romantic partner with a white girl. He believes it was only down to the beta personality that makes Asians have it harder in daygame.

I would post videos of Justin, but its taken down currently. He has a video of him instadating 3 girls and pulling them afterwards. If he is real, he is the best daygamer in the world. If he isn’t, well, still whatever.

I try to think Justin Wayne is the concept artist. He paints the picture. Deepak is the producer who makes it all happen. I am the director, wardrobe, camera guy. I retranslate the game to negative stereotypes. I am the one on the ground split testing it with every race around the world. That is how I get so much results. It works for everyone including myself. Not for the privileged. However, I as a Wayne am statistically the best daygame coach in the world for student results. I have the most testimonials of students getting laid and pulling. So two of the Waynes are the best at something. I’m not going to praise him, but he and I are a bit hesitant around each other. On some level he is fully aware of my teaching abilities. I still call him Mr. Wayne. But have no affiliation after he banned me from his forum group. You wouldn’t believe how much skill and game I needed to pass the Wayne test to join Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Two same day lay in the snow. Not only did I shatter the test, I surpassed every metric they had of me.

Also, if anyone hurts my fellow Asians and not give them results. I would have my say, with all due respect. He got some skills, but only calibrated for positive stereotypes. Since tall white people are positive stereotypes, they don’t touch (kino) due to their privileges. They have escalation resistance due to the Mystery Method of using 4-7 hour face time. They can’t run his instadate to pull or escalation ladder type of game. So white people are not able to use it. Only the sociopathic black people who are has fans, who happens to be the girls type can run it. It’s a very niche market of positive stereotypes. Most of his fans are dumb fanboys or hardcase newbies who said they insta hangout with a girl. Or they get a kiss on the cheek Justin’s game works. You see hardcase Filipinos and East Indians running his game that leads to a total disaster. But my students gets non-stop pulls and gets laid. I got kicked out of their forum group for even talking about my student results. One of my bootcamp students pulled twice, but there was two more pulls that never was mentioned at that time. But it got me kicked out for something that happened so many more times. I had every single student pulling multiple times on my bootcamp since for the entire year except one Aspergers student.

I taught his game in 2015, I didn’t get any of my students laid using it because they kept getting auto-rejected by it. The girl doesn’t see the Asian guys as a boyfriend material. So when they introduced romance and used samepagology saying, “I like you do you like me?” They always get kicked back to the friendzone. Deepak was teaching his 6 months to mastery course then for Wayne Dating. I was teaching Justin Waynes game then. Justin doesn’t fuck with me at all. I wanted to say my piece, this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I still have some respect for him. He gives me perspective, but I retranslate it so negative stereotypes can use it.

I mean, the difference is we have to spice to create attraction from the girl. It’s more than just personality and facial expressions. I have field tested it with Asian students and it wasn’t enough. We get the girl into a conversation before we touch. He does the opposite before getting her to touch, to get her to invest. Our escalation ladder involves a romantic and sexual connection ratio. His is mostly stuck at a 80% romance and 20% sexual ratio. It won’t work for Asians no matter how much expressions you do. I know I teach 3 months to proficiency and field tested every variable with Asians. He doesn’t empathize with negative stereotypes. Acting more dominant breaking sterotypes was his only answer. He outsmarted the world, but he didn’t outsmart me.third-generationion Wayne. All the Waynes have a Wayne brain. All are engineer types of problem solver. There might not be another 3rd generation Wayne. I’m choosing the 4th generation in the future.

Regardless, i’m still the best daygame coach in the world statistically and I have the testimonials to prove it. This is not deniable as people have posted my name over and over on facebook pages saying I am the best dating coach in the world. My testimonial page has more testimonials than the entire industry combined for daygame. My last name is Wayne. I’m proud to be a Wayne. On some level, Justin Wayne doesn’t fuck with John Wayne because of his excessive testimonials. He also once talked to John Wayne saying, let us see what you can do, John Wayne. As John called him Mr. Wayne. On some level, John doesn’t want any other last name. Just as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Brazilian Ju Jistu. They didn’t change the name Jiu, or Ju out of the lineage. But John Wayne had his own lineage from scratch. But eventually, his game mirrored Deepak because there was no other way a negative stereotype could get this kind of results. I assure you what I wrote is the truth, nothing more. I’m neutral in all of this and I don’t answer to Deepak or anyone else. I do work for him, but I’m left to my own devices, I side with the truth. I ultimately have total freedom to each and to operate how I see fit. I’m even tasked with updating our daygame system. -April 1st, 2018.

-John Wayne

Update: I told you that is Justin Wayne’s real personality. Threatening people, screwing people over thinking he can win the entire world. Silencing them and coercing them. Not only was I right, in this clip, it seems according to Vice, he pays his girlfriend as an actress. This actually proves everything I said above is true. -April 9th, 2018.



I’m fucking disgusted because Deepak and I worked so hard. We had to do things the old fashion way and Deepak was accused of being in Justin Wayne’s shadow because his girls weren’t as good as Justin’s. But now we know if this girlfriend was a paid actress, in it for the money. Then we can disqualify all his infields of girlfriends at least.

Our companies were split in 2015. You guys have no idea how badly he treated Deepak. He treats Deepak the same way he treats the girls. Except Deepak fought back at some point. He was accused of being ungrateful for calling Justin Wayne a scam. Now you see Deepak has taken down the videos calling Justin Wayne fake. Actually Justin Wayne was fucking around with our Youtube channel. He put some strikes so he forced Deepak under threats, holding his youtube channel hostage striking it using lawyers. I’m not under NDA and I don’t answer to anyone. Deepak can’t control what I say or do. So I decided to make this post. Someone had to say it. Now we know why all of this happened.

We had to deal with these stupid blind dumb fanboys. I can call you out, these dumb mofos by their names if I wanted to. These are the dumbest sociopathic deluded mother fuckers. I told them I have all the student testimonials of students getting laid and pulling and Justin Wayne didn’t. But instead of listening or being objective. These dumb fans, including sociopathic fans, won’t listen. The dumb blind black and one Filipino fanboy wouldn’t listen to any rational and evidential argument. You can see how if you show results. Even if the results are fake. Number close videos, pulling footage. People are gullible because they associate pulling women with them getting the same results.

I even have a student getting threats by Justin Wayne who was Asian. He is scared shitless like that girl in the Vice video. Predictable, but my students was shitting his pants. Even Deepak signed the NDA thing. I have no part of it, so I can say whatever the fuck I want. I guess he made one threat too many one of his supposed girlfriend snapped and can’t take it. I made the claim Justin Wayne acts like me, or a gangster type of chip on the shoulder personality. This is true, this is what is beneath the mask.

I taught Justin Wayne’s game unofficial in 2015. Surprised, surprised, none of my students got laid. I kept getting auto-rejected with samepagology. I don’t fit in with the girls romantic boyfriend/provider frame. I have to go for the lover/player/fuckboy same day lay frame. Some of my students can fit into the romantic frame. But selling romance didn’t work for negative stereotypes. I really wanted to believe. There is a stereotype, that no one can get Justin Wayne’s results and neither can his own instructors. Neither can his students.

Deepak Wayne is actually better than Justin Wayne in game. Deepak split from Wayne Dating in 2015. He noticed how the game isn’t giving him the same results. As Justin Wayne takes 80% of Deepaks money. Deepak can’t even buy a gift for his son. Deepak was in tears and couldn’t make a living. Deepak in the past had 50 lays he said in Europe. But honestly, I know it was from multiple places, like 3 places at that time. Deepak had short-term girlfriends at the time. He claimed to have 6, he actually had 8. 2 of the girls boyfriends threatened Deepak or was unhappy about it. For me I was able to same day lay HB 8.5/10 and HB 9/10 even two girls at the same time, even 6’2 women. So I’ve been able to achieve 8+ and up.

I also want to say Deepak Wayne was always made to be the villian. But he always was bullied by Justin Wayne and Deepak fought back. The dumb sociopathic black fanboys of Justin Wayne defended him like apologist blaming Deepak on youtube. Now he is vindicated even though he isn’t allowed to say anything about it.

Deepak Wayne is vindicated once and for all. It’s a bittersweet, victory. 

The testimonials don’t lie

Before Justin Wayne had a product bundle for $97. It came with a coaching call. But, he asked people to say something nice about him. He basically stole all of that and turned it into testimonials. Of course, no one got laid from it, but they were all fans who praised Justin Wayne like a celebrity because of the infield footage.


There was only a few testimonials for Justin Wayne’s newest product. Pickup Scammery. No one got any results it seems from it. Now you know why, its faker than a $3 bill. He is the first one who faked testimonial. Even Deepak has testimonials.

The secret behind which dating coaches has game or not is the daygame testimonials. Night game doesn’t count. You see lots of Asian dating coaches with night game testimonials but none in daygame or very few. Social skills or social calibrations equals testimonials. Most night game coaches has no daygame testimonials. Even Jan the Scam money collecting Lifestyle uses the same type of scam as Jan. But he only has night game testimonials, no daygame. You see tall white dating coaches who has no testimonials and all night game. But they didn’t get laid, just wow it opened my eyes testimonials. It’s easy for me to tell who is real and who’s game is based on natural genetic advantages of being her type. I get more testimonials than anyone and I have more than ever. No one fakes testimonials outside of Justin Wayne. No one, not ever in this industry. Its an unwritten rule everyone follows. If they don’t have it, they simply won’t post it. Let’s strip away every factor. The results in infields, the privileges, the so-called game these fucks tries to say they have. Take everything away and look at the testimonials.

Like I said, John Wayne time and time again gets vindicated by all his claims. I said RSD is a cult in 2016 before anyone else. I also said Justin Wayne’s game is not effective and something is fishy about it. Selling romance and samepagology doesn’t work for negative stereotypes. I also said London daygame is a shit system that has very little lay count for students because direct street tinder doesn’t work. Also, the instructors are caught hiring actresses like Justin Wayne, like Tom Torrerro. Natural and direct game only gets girls below the instructors looks level or the same, but never above. I say Asian dating coaches outside myself using night game has no real game. Night clubs, social circle, everything else works for Asians. Daygame does, for Filipinos, for Koreans, for Japanese, for Vietnamese, but not so much Chinese. Outside of a few dating coaches. The other ones are privileged. I just want to say I told you so. Mystery Method stuff screwed up everyone’s daygame because he said you have to build 4-7 hours of facetime before seduction. Todd Valentine isn’t even a fraction as scientific as me. Black dating coaches pretends they are minorities and not positives stereotypes. They have it so easy when they are tall and strong, it is like shooting fish in the barrel. Most dating coaches are psychopaths, i’m not stupid. I field test this stuff almost on a daily basis like my 3MP program, everyday. Maybe fucking listen for once. Everything is written on my blog no matter how controversial all these years was the truth. Time and time again I kept getting proven right. If i’m always proven right, over and over and over and over again. Why don’t you stop being sheeps and fucking listen. If i’m making claims now, but they show up to be true years later. Maybe learn to put your ego aside and listen.

The industry is full of fakers. I mean people falls for fiction. This fiction is just as crazy as Justin Wayne’s actresses. But while it isn’t the acting, this seems like a script. Might as well be a Hollywood writer if you like to write fiction. We have another dating coach here in Vancouver who writes books and has no proof. London daygamers relies on field reports because their game is faker and ineffective. They have to keep up the image with number close videos and fake lay reports. People buy into this shit.

The truth is the industry is full of dark tetrad or dark triad personality disorder. It means sadism, psychopathy if no empathy, but smarter. Or sociopathy if dumber and deluded. Narcissism image and Machiavelli manipulator. A lot of PUA dating coaches are really psychopaths who have no regards to your results. Always follow the testimonials. If they can’t get their students laid or even pull, their game doesn’t work. Just like London Daygame. Also, in London, they if they get girls, they are so far below the dating coach looks scale, they are embarrassed to even show it. Even if Deepak is ugly or unattractive. Deepak won’t even bang the type of girls these other shitty London daygame coaches gets. It’s even uglier than Jan Lifestyle’s 3.5/10 – 6.5/10 looking girls. 

Justin the supposed the best daygamer in the world. Well, since he is off the throne, I guess Deepak and I will take his place. What pisses me off the most was 16+ years of learning every style of game and field testing it to see what works. I put in so much hard work. Getting so much student results. I even gave up 3 months of my life to teach 3 months to proficiency to impossible cases burning myself out so I can split test this game to them. I had to get two same day lays in the fucking snow just to join Wayne Dating Lifestyles freezing to death. Now I know why Justin was hesitant when I talked to him. He already knew how much student success I already had, even years ago.


Deepak Wayne has been silenced by Justin Wayne under a contract under a threat of hurting his youtube channel with strikes.


You will never see Deepak saying anything. He is forced to be silenced. The worst thing was Justin tried to force Deepak to be in a video with him saying they were friends, under coercion. They are like piranhas, they can’t stop fighting. They are like arch nemisis. Even till the end, Justin still tries to screw over Deepak. Deepak Wayne is like no fucking way. If he did that, under a contract, then it might of hurt our company. But the truth will come out sooner or later. He tried to drag us down with him when we have no affiliation with their company since 2015. Deepak has no idea I even wrote this post. I’m free to do anything I want in the company. Its too bad Deepak had been silenced.

How Deepak Wayne feels all these years being bullied and was actually the victim. The fans thought he was the villain. 

Now that I think about it, its easy to put the puzzle together. What happened was he most likely threatened all of his instructors. He would say something like 50%, I mean 15%. You are lucky to get anything at all. That is a common phrase he used. If you seen all the other instructors that worked for him leave, then some type of threats, or NDA non-disclosure agreement has taken place. Its all about the money it seems. Maybe by screwing people over, he gets more of it. The most shocking thing was when he was threatening one of his actress girlfriends. He was trying to be so gangsterish, that he forgot he had a lavalier mic system.

Most likely, Justin will come up with some excuse why he paid the girlfriends. Then the fanboys will be apologist defending Justin Wayne. Then the whole deluded process starts in again. Their fans has been locked in by the bullshit process. Now do you realize how brainwashed or how easy it is to be a fanboy sheep? People are so stupid. They pretend to be rational beings. They flock towards Jan the scam Lifestyle and Justin Wayne, RSD like irrational socially retarded people. I don’t even know what else to say. I’m purely disgusted. Nothing surprises me anymore in this PUA industry.

Updated April 11th 2018. 

She looks very distressed, coerced. If we look though all the patterns of behaviors. Of all the threats, all the silencing people, all of the screwing people over. Is it possible this is just another one of those moments? Or was it all taken out of context. Does anyone buy the laptop story? I don’t. Not even for a second. She imo looks like she is trying to signal to the audience what to say. Was this the same kind of behavior displayed by Justin Wayne’s associate? Who started to give our channel a strike. Forced to read from a script? Who knows. But that’s the end of that.

Update: Seems Justin Wayne took down his product. If he just took everyone’s money and run, that would be bad on him. Its like he just stole everyone’s $700 USD.

camera many.png

I saw this posted on our facebook group. Not sure what to make of this. Or it coincidentally is related to the product being taken down.

-John Wayne




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