Do you have a scumbag vibe but don’t know it yet?

If you aren’t getting a lot of instadates and even getting day 2’s. Also, a lot of number flakes. You might suffer from the syndrome called scumbag syndrome. Scumbag syndrome affects many sociopathic fucks. The symptoms include off a creepy uncalibrated, value taking, only wants sex, needy vibe or overly beta. It is also caused by watching too much bullshit fluff RSD advice videos or an over-reliance on night game. Treatment includes learning how to empathize with the girl. Also, socially connecting with her. While there is no cure for sociopathy. You can still treat it.

Was joking, it sounded like a disease or something. This is one of the biggest and real sticking points a lot of students have. Ever have that sociopathic friend who thinks he is a cool person. Or the value taking a piece of shit who gives off a weird vibe. There is no empathy involved. Almost seems like they will stab you in the back. If someone is over 20% weird that most people will see, they will stab you in the back or take value. So, Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero gets you past that level. Also, for the Chinese students with the warrior gene. I say learn how to connect or fake it. Or you give off a scumbag vibe.

I know a lot of people who aren’t aware they are scumbags. They honestly can’t see it and they feel its hidden from people. But everyone can see it. It might explain your number flakes. A lack of genuine connection and a scumbag vibe. Lots of my students who gets too good from having no results before training with me. They were scumbags, who has my skillset. Then they still bite the hand that feeds them. With my daygame skills, it only accentuates more of who you really are. This might be one of your most important lesson. You can reduce that vibe if you Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero it. This vibe is perfect for night game though. Not daygame.

I have also seen people who got laid with my training many times and they don’t give a video testimonial. These are also scumbags. If you get laid, fucking make one, even if you promised. Talk about a value taking scumbag vibe. You have no idea women feels the same thing too. No matter how beta these guys acts trying to be nice. They still have a needy scumbag vibe.

I updated a bit of this page.

Me Vs other dating coaches

-John Wayne

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