Show me your friends and PUA mentors. I will show you your future

I’m not into these self-help guru motivations bullshit type of shit. But however, there were a few of them that made so much sense. Watch the videos. Who you surround yourself is the kind of future you will have. Make new friends and drop uncool loser mediocre friends who kill your vibe. Or at least consider distancing yourself. Make new friends and get rid of one loser. Remember, show me your friends, I will show you your future. If your friends are RSD Nation, a bunch of losers, consider dropping that.

Loser friends, loser mindset, loser belief system, loser vibe, loser wealth, I can go on. Losers are always going to be losers. Until they replace their belief system and actions. They can’t help but lose. Losers gets offended easily and gets stubborn. Losers has crazy opinions as facts without any real world field testing. I field test everything.

I don’t give a flying fuck what Tai Lopez said. But he is right, get some good mentors. By good mentors, look at their students track record. Their numbers or student success doesn’t lie. Can the skill of game be transferred over to you? You seen a lot of my students getting laid in 3 days using my products. Or getting laid on my bootcamp. Lots even pulled on the bootcamp multiple times in 3 days and got laid afterwards. RSD, Jan Lifestyle, doesn’t work. Not for daygame, just night game. Following the wrong people, Like RSD free advice will fuck you up. Jan Lifestyle is like paying for your own funeral. You will be the Chinese sociopathic fuck who is stubborn. Gets stuck in night game. 1 in 5 Asian men won’t get married or procreate. Its your fault, if you fell for scams. I’m not bashing them, but look at their student success. To think there are guys daygaming for years after their training who has no results. To find a mentor, find someone who doesn’t have genetic advantages you don’t have. Like height, looks, race muscles. It’s not transferable. Their weak argument is looks don’t matter, so ignore their privileges. There is no such thing as luck, or in the right place at the right time. There is mindset, belief. Also, if you do the calibrated action, you get more results and luckier more often than now. You basically create your own luck though skills.

Tim Ferriss doesn’t believe there is a 10,000 hour rule. Jan believes some people takes longer to reach the finish line. That’s a good argument, if his students reached the finish line in daygame. You have to ask yourself, why don’t they get laid in daygame? Yet my students gets laid in 3 days for easy cases. I have more testimonials to post. RSD is a company of spam approach. I have seen guys do daygame for years without any results. So the whole idea you just need to do more approaches. Or it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Well, I put in the 10,000 hours myself. But so did most other dating coaches too for a few years. They were psychopathic and narcissistic as fuck. But eventually got calibrated. I had 16+ years and 4 years of coaching others now. I’m in the top 1% of dating coaches that gets student results. I’m actually number 1 daygame. I’m not counting night game, but i’m actually #1. This is not disputable. Just look at my testimonial section. I got like 7 people remember week or last, can’t remember. I have more testimonials to post, I just got started. However I am inwardly humble. I have already learned everyone’s stuff and took the golden nuggets. I field tested to see what works or what doesn’t. I have no opinions as facts. Just facts or field testing as opinions. However, while I did put in the 10,000 hour rule. How many John Waynes are there who has this much testimonials? None actually. But how many of my students can get laid? 70%, a huge number. This is not night game, this is daygame. Some people I see in Vancouver doesn’t get better or worst. They stay at square one. Then even with training or not, they stay the fucking same. They change for a day and go back to what they were before. I’m not talking about my students. I would literally punish them and force them to change for their own good until they do.

Lets talk for example. He learned how to play poker from the best and most transferable skilled teaching in poker. So he beats everyone in this challenge. Its done in a few days.

He gets a par 3 in golf in a few days by going with the right mentors. Its the same of getting laid or at least pulling a girl home in 3 days of my training. Seeing a pattern?

I operate under the paraeto principle. I found good mentors. I have Deepak Wayne. One of the worlds best daygamers and was mentored by countless people over the years too that are not public. By real naturals, by guys who taught me setup game with lifestyle. While I don’t use it, its good to have the knowledge. I think my resistant to it was I wanted to do everything daygame even if its harder. This dude many years was talking about social media mixed with clubs and social circle shit as a funnel using daygame with online dating. This was like close to 3 years ago or some shit. I was resistant because I am like I want to do this all daygame. I still think that way because I think its the ultimate skill. I was also mentored in all manners of text game too by him. I’m going to stick with daygame until I maxed it out before I even venture into other types of game. These days a setup game is more popular. Its like marketing funnels.

John Wayne believes there is no such thing as a learning curve. Just a stubborness curve. Sociopath aspies, or hardcases or impossible cases are just resisting the right training. Material beats method. Meaning, the right material can fast forward your skills 100X faster. If RSD stuff doesn’t get people any results in daygame, except the most positive sterotypes, then its bullshit.

He learns how to speak Filipino or Tagolog in 3 days. Which is very hard. I only speak english and bad english. But it seems anything can be learned in 3 days. Fuck your theories you just have to approach more. Its all about the right mentors and leanring to put your ego aside and adapt. Learning how to apply. It has nothing to do with approaching more. What if you were reinforcing bad habits?



You are responsible for everything that happens to you. If you are co-dependent and depend on other people. Most people in my experience aren’t dependable unless there is something in it for them. What I mean is, if its win/win, it’s the only reason you have friends or a social circle. Sometimes you have to be more self-reliant. You have to accept responsibility. A lot of people who are comorbidity, or sociopath, narcissist, Aspergers, depression, and anxiety. You know the all in one type. They will shift blame how it’s not their fault. If you think life is a cause and effect, then it’s your fault. Of course some random shit you never thought it was your fault. Like getting cancer, maybe your diet is contributing to it. You think people at work treat you like shit. Maybe you are giving a vibe you hate everyone there. If its meant to be, it’s up to me.

Anchor Chart - Cause and Effect.jpg
If RSD isn’t getting you laid, you followed it when you are a negative stereotype. Who’s fault is it? No amount of inner game or self-development bullshit will help. Or spam approaches for daygame. Take some fucking responsibility and stop playing the victim. If you are falling for the wrong marketing and getting fucked over by genetically advantaged dating coaches who are the girls type, it’s your own damn fault.

In this video, Deepak Wayne talks about how RSD doesn’t get people daygame results. How following the wrong people doesn’t get you results? He makes a solid point. If you have seen the video and know better now, it’s your own damn fault for being stupid.

If you read this post, dear Asians. But you are Asian and goes to the wrong dating coaches. You deserve to fail. You were warned, but you ignored it until you get burned. I have a theory, people aren’t in game to get laid. They are sociopathic aspies depressed anxiety fucks who wants therapy. Nothing else, to them getting laid is just a bonus. Remember why you are in game. You aren’t here to worship dating coaches. Remember, you aren’t here to just take action and be in the moment. You are trying to get your penis into a hot vagina. That can help you with your depression and other issues.

Its true I don’t believe in self-help bullshit. I do believe only in relevant self-help. The type of self-help that works is talk about your idea type of girl. Then what qualities are you missing to get her? Then work on that instead. Get it? Fuck everything else, paraeto principle that shit.



-John Wayne




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