Jan Lifestyle and the 7 blind mice

Someone saw Jan teaching 7 students. All sociopathic Chinese. One of them was his assistant. Who never got laid in 2 years or more daygaming after being taught by Jan. Its fucking sad.

I want to talk about the Chinese. They don’t care about the testimonials. The Chinese are very cheap sociopathic and narcissistic. You offend them once, they go to RSD or Jan. Both uses Julien Blanc game that got no testimonials for students pulling and getting laid in daygame. Their first behavior is a stubborn pride. When they realized they can’t get laid, they all give up and go night game. Then exit the game entirely. They are into number close videos and no results. God forgive them for they not know what they do.


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Jan students, not knowing that the $2000 they paid. Will be their exit of the game. Their burial money because 1 in 5 Asians won’t get married or procreate. They just signed their life away trying to be cheap saving money.



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The blind leading the blind


The cycle continues, Jan collects money, destroys Vancouver. They get angry, or he just cuts off the program and collects everyones money like a psychopath. The chinese hates me then later after they get burnt, goes back to another direct game system.

For me however, I am teaching a 3MP Chinese guy and another local one. One of the local guys Jan stole his deposit money. So far you seen like 7 students or so getting laid in a row. Not just pulling but getting laid. I have more testimonials. They are all the same and learning slow. I might consider charging more money for Chinese students. We kept going over exercises and practice. They can’t learn one new skill without dropping the other existing skills. One thing was, when they try to connect, they break out into laughter. Both of them because they have the warrior psychopath gene. Of course parental upbringing factors in. Along, with no social skills.

If you seen like 7 students getting laid this week and not just pulling, but getting laid. Instead of getting recognition, a nobel peace prize. I get nothing but indifference as John Wayne solved the daygame issue for all races. Including Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, but not Chinese. Once you offend a Chinese ego, they will go to Jan or RSD. They have a stubborn sociopathic, narcisstic pride. Also one of their parents are controlling tiger parents. I might not train Chinese students in the future and consider them impossible cases. Or maybe I will charge them more money for my time.

The truth is the daygame issue I solved for the rest of the world. I found the cure for cancer of daygame. My students can get laid in 3 days now following my training exactly. Its like I solved how to cut out cancer. But instead it seems no one wants or cares for the cure of cancer or this problem. They are into the Chemotherapy. Which is the RSD, self-development aspects for sociopaths. They aren’t it in to get laid. They automatically assume it is hating if you talk badly about RSD or Jan. It’s not hating, I’m describing the problem. Since I have the most student results, I have every right to. The second issue to solve is the HIV issue of the world. But lets call it the Chinese daygame issue. It is a world problem without a cure. Whoever finds the cure first is going to be rich. I’m going to. So far its been tough.

When the Jewish people were genocided, the smartest Jewish people survived. Now they own all of media, news, social media, everything. Maybe playing the devils advocate. Maybe the Chinese needs to fail so badly for the next 50 years so they get wiped out. The sociopathc gene gets eliminated. Asian girls are willing to marry white guys who are indifferent to Chinese men. Unless tall and good looking. There are guys who are good at night game, social circle and tinder who struggles in daygame. Seems the solution for daygame is work out, build more value and be taller. But Jan’s assistant didn’t get laid from daygame for being a tall Chinese guy. Its been years, so maybe a differnt style outsode of RSD is needed.

You Chinese are too proud to study under a Wayne. Even though I have proven student success over and over, you want to worship celebrity PUAs. You associate good things even though you know they are unrelatable. Its because you are easily manipulated until you failed hard. Remember there are two versions of you. One was, John is hating on Jan. The other was, oh shit John Was right about Jan. I wish I listened. Then you go back to another direct game system to fail again. Looks do matter, fashion or aesthesthics do matter, race does matter and sure as hell social skills does matter. I tried to warn you.

I don’t get the recognition I deserve. So I am going to update my Wayne Entertainment youtube channel more.

Don’t worry, more testimonials soon. I’m starting to feel ashamed by you Chinese guys. I feel ashamed to be Chinese now. So are my other Chinese students. They see the issue too but can’t change it too fast. But a cure is in the works. But seems people are into the chemotherapy. People want to sell the treatment, but not the cure. This is just ego and mental masturbation. You might think I am hating now. But later you will say I am 100% right after you get burnt. Maybe you need to be burnt like half a dozen times like my Chinese students before you come to me. You still need to lose more money and get angrier at direct game.

If I’m on the field, get off my turf. I’m going to daygame more then. I don’t need to, but I can use more same day lay infields. I already have too many.

Dear Asians. The most important post all Asians should read.

-John Wayne


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