Black student loses his virginity

This student pulled a few times before, but he never got it in until now. With a hot white girl. He lost his virginity. I’m flooded with testimonials and yes it will not stop.


A lot of people have been taking these student testimonials for granted. They aren’t just pulling, most of the new ones are students getting laid. It should be an amazing feat they all can do this. After the weather gets nicer and people are daygaming again. For the last few months it was kind of cold. Instead, stupid people are like cool, John Wayne gets another testimonial then goes to the wrong coachs.

There is a direct correlation between testimonials and how strong someones game is by the way. Most privileged¬†people don’t have testimonials. You can’t transfer over race advantages or height, or muscles to their students. But instead you treat the unrelatable like celebrities you associate good things with. Then you worship them hoping to get an edge. When the real skills awaits you here. This guy was using Justin Wayne’s domino effect with zero results. He was beta as hell before. Now he got laid.

This was a picture of one of his pulls before. Several months ago. He as on the right track. Yes, he was very beta and timid. But once he got his confidence, the sky is the limit.


You might be thinking why the hell does John Wayne have so many black students. The answer is really simple. I have a Legion of black students and every race training under me because they are intuitive. They want some of that skill Justin Wayne can’t get them. A lot of them hates Justin Wayne for some odd reason. It’s not just because someone is Asian automatically likes me or black automatically likes him. They want results and no amount of celebrity dating coach worshipping is going to be enough for them.

Why not train with me? But one of my products or go for my coaching. I’ll be in London in June. We will have a big immersion program then.

-John Wayne

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