Same day lays, pulling vs number closing (advice video)

“Fuck numbers, fuck numbers, we aren’t here for numbers. Pussy, pussy. Fuck number closes.” -Deepak Wayne

Honestly, fuck number closes. Number close videos shouldn’t count. You don’t know where the number goes afterward. Try to pull to set the frame or try to go for same day lays if you are a negative stereotype. You don’t want to be at the mercy of unreliable numbers. Also, advice for Asian guys. Don’t get numbers from Latinas, they will flake on you. Same day lays or bust. Unless you’re at least 5’11 – 6’2 and look like you are on steroids. Filipino students I had were able to get them only because they look Mexican. Latinas are shallow. If you don’t same day lay, she already banged 3 guys already during the time you chase her through text. You can get latinas only though night game or salsa dancing which I recommend. Hey, this blog is totally honest and no-nonsense. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with Latinas. Brazilians are the flakiest women ever out of all Latinas. With their bigger hips, you need bigger protector status. Hey, this is just how the game works. Focus on same day lays or at least always be pulling. Fuck number closes.

Instead of getting a number at the 3 minute mark and try to mass text. Wouldn’t it make sense to push the numbers for as far as you can go? Though an instadate? Who said you can’t physically escalate though daygame? You have to so privileged to believe that shit, or white privileged. Don’t listen to faggots with escalation resistance who can only do this shit though night game. The further you can get the number into the interaction pushing it as far as you can go. The less flaky it would be because you set the frame.

Honestly, we aren’t even allowed to post number close videos. Its same day lay or its not even accepted. Imagine I posted number close videos. You would have thought I was a daygame god. But you don’t know where the numbers went. Do they reply, did they flake before the date? Or on the way there. You don’t know. So stop worshipping people who number close videos. Or same day lay deniers. Worst than holocaust deniers.

-John Wayne

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