American black students gets laid Wayne 30 and Playbook before joining the army

My black student wanted to join the army and get laid. He basically came from an RSD background. Once again RSD Julian, just like Jan Lifestyle. This tall strong black student got no results. I told him to drop all his RSD shit and stop listening to it. He tore out all his notes of RSD and trusted me with his life. He is going to the Army soon. I hope he stays safe. But he bet everything on me. He got laid and a fuck buddy.


Its not the first time Julian Blanc’s game screwed up people. If it can damage a black persons game even if they got preselection and protector status. Then, Chinese guys in Vancouver has no chance with Jans game that produced zero testimonials for daygame of students pulling or getting laid. When you talk about failures, it all comes back to RSD. Its only designed for really positive stereotypes or 1% of the population. Myt game works for the other 99% and especially the negative stereotypes. We have to conclude that people on youtube think Julian Blanc has good daygame or good game. But in reality what looks good doesn’t mean it works or only works for a small percentage of the population. Most likely good looking tall strong psychopaths. No one else. It just gets you into one incident after another. But hey there is no such thing as bad publicity right? Idiots.

When my student started, he was even worse than the Chinese students. He couldn’t string together the conversational structure. But the more he practiced it recording himself. The more it started to flow. He also had a huge afro I told him to shave. He updated his fashion. Everything was recalibrated. He basically went all in and decided to do it my way. He questioned me later and I showed him some of my unreleased same day lay infields. I never will teach a stereotypical sociopathic black student. All my black students are engineers, accountants, military or doctors. They are all prestigious types. I don’t accept the dumb sociopathic black types that typically goes to Justin Wayne. I’m glad he didn’t shave stars in his hair and wear gold bling on their clothing or some inane advice I heard.

I highly don’t recommend an afro. It’s just as uncalibrated as Asian guys having bowl cuts hairstyles.

When he got laid, 3 days after the Skype since he finally bought the playbook. He used up his first Skype. He put his ego aside and practiced, he got laid. His first date was his first pull. He was having trouble even getting an instadate. He closed the deal as we were Skyping on the phone. She texted him to come over. The rest is history and he earned his way onto the hall of fame. I have so many testimonials. I haven’t even updated my testimonial section. You would see more student results soon, way better than this. But RSD is toxic and they don’t get you laid.

-John Wayne



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