RSD Scam Expose

Don’t worry, we will go back to our regularly scheduled programming flooding this blog with non-stop testimonials of students getting laid. These fuckers tried to take it down, then Deepak released another video exposing them doing it. Wayne Entertainment is actually my secret youtube channel now. Deepak gave it to me, I designed the logo for it too. But its great they put the video up there since RSD reported the other video to take it down. But after they get exposed, Real Sociopath Dynamics doesn’t like to be exposed.


My word on RSD, well, I was the very first one to bash RSD on my blog. Its documented and it was in 2016, so I was the first of the bunch. Then you had other dating coaches mocking them. Some of them ex instructors, the Todd Bullshitine thing. Justin Wayne thing, although he is featured in this video. Then you finally have Deepak.

Deepak was trained by two coaches, RSD Tyler and Justin Scamming Wayne as Deepak so eloquently puts it. We have redone the entire game and reimagined it so now you see testimonials after testimonials. We don’t have the same game as Justin Wayne. I have crazier shit coming up soon for testimonials. My beef with RSD is Jan the Scam bullshitter money taker Lifestyle. If RSD is reading this, your instructor RSD Julien trained Jan. Both are psychopaths, tall and decent looking. Well above what average people looked like. Both have soulless psychopath eyes, it’s undeniable. He foisted your shitty game into our Vancouver streets. He had zero testimonials for daygame because Juliens daygame system field tested in tough Vancouver is pure bullshit. You held our city figuratively hostage basically for 3-4 years of natural and direct 3 vibes people. With that shit, you essentially created me to be a dating coach to clean this all up. You held my fellow Asians minds hostage with your bullshit. He has zero daygame testimonials, just night game for Vancouver. Your game is field tested and it failed miserably. That is my beef with you. You hurt my fellow Asians, well you will answer to John Wayne. You gave them nothing of value or effectiveness. I was the first one to call you guys a cult before the others did. While I didn’t make this video Deepak posted. He told me he was going to, I really wish I did. Deepak Wayne issues a challege, 1 on 1 to any RSD instructor in a daygame contest in the United States. You obviously know you won’t stand a chance. I mean when you travel, you don’t even pull. So you make number close videos and advice videos. Your game is about opening sets, not closing it. Your audience are creepy uncalibrated direct game mofos, who isn’t it in to get laid but to self develop.

For others subscribe to this youtube channel too, I am the owner of it now. Deepak used it to post this video. But in the future, since I’m so lazy with video editing. I am more focused on being a dating coach, getting students laid. Rather than just marketing, like RSD does. They aren’t dating coaches, but marketers. There are always some white tall faggots who said but RSD helped me a bit. You ask if they got laid, its usually no, but one advice helped me. Ummmm, okay….. wtf. Whatever, can’t believe people can’t see through it.


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The above is the model of how a cult operates. You get culted by the free advice videos of non stop fluff bullshit. The phrases of be in the moment, freedom from outcome, all that bullshit is just to limit your thinking capacity. Thought control. You can see other instructors experience emotional control. A cult would attack its own members for leaving. But for example a Christian kind of place will just pray for your well being, not try to retaliate. 6core-needs1 (1)The dumb Asians who falls for this shit, usually needs some certainty with mental masturbation free advice videos. They feel significant chanting in their initiation meetings of their cult worship. Also, they feel a connection with RSD Nation even if people rarely gets results. They feel the self-development is growth. But its a self-development cult for weird uncalibrated guys. Only would have any minuscule effect on positive stereotypes. It’s not transferable in daygame because it requires social intelligence. Don’t confuse the truth with hating or bashing. Only a handful of people had enough credentials to even to speak out about the topic. You can’t automatically assume it is about marketing, or bashing or hating. You can’t confuse that with the truth. At some point, you have to call it out. I did in early 2016. I already done this before it was a trend.

Also, to think people spam approaches non stop with direct compliments getting no results. While my students gets laid in 3 days if they are a normal case after my coaching. Its obvious we have already found the cure for game. Like we found the cure for cancer. RSD is the cancer, they promote their chemotherapy of daygame. Which is the treatment, but not the cure. It’s disgusting. I know how the whole manipulation goes down, they are a socipathic cult. People are stupid and i’ll break it down one day to a neuroscience, psychology standpoint on how you are manipulated. But I think Deepak did a good job, don’t miss this video.

-John Wayne


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