Bootcamp student pulled a girl to his hostel


hostel pull

He still pulled a girl back home. He got beta and scared, could of escalated more. I chewed him out for not going further. But this time I retrained him. She said she was willing to have sex at that time.

I took about an hour dealing with objections last night on text. He basically copied and pasted my text. Maybe if I had more time I would show you. Then again maybe it should be top secret how text game works. Since none of you actually know what real text game is like. But its like sales and objections dealing. But I said too much.

He was about to bang but he didn’t make a move. Honestly you need both the girls brains on your side. The right abstract feelings, dumb shit shallow animalistic side of the brain. If you can’t get her logical side on your side, you lose. They will conflict with each other. This also can be done at the  interaction, or text game. The left side is responsible for objections she brings up, your race or social hierarchy. If you’re Asian you are penalized for it. So you have to deal with it. You need to deal with how to pull her. Then its a done deal, just like sales and objections. He has one more chance. Let us see how this plays out. If he gets laid, would be awesome, but not surprising. He already got laid from Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero.

He already got laid from my product Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. He also pulled so I have to update his testimonial. He just has to get laid and this would be a better testimonial. I mean RSD bootcamps or other bootcamps. They don’t even pull or get laid. Even locally, they just collect phone numbers and be in the moment bullshit. Game is a science, a replicable science. You fight and resist my science or argue with me or get beta and do it your way you don’t get laid. You do it my way you get laid. Its that simple. I already figured it all out.

The secret to seeing who to train with is to see who has the most testimonials who is the least privileged has the strongest game in the world. For those who claim they have the best game because of their results. If it isn’t transferable, then it’s their privileges more than their game. They have no game, or a game that works for negative stereotypes. Can’t wait to train you. But I still have to get this student laid. So ttyl.

Next pull is within a few hours. I don’t know what will happen. But I did put it all on the line writing in real time about the student. I don’t fucking mind, my game is so tight, that of course, I don’t mind putting this out there. This will inspire the Asian Chinese students to be less beta. Looks like I have to create a new product for you. Impossible case to hardcase? Joking. Regardless, he has sent me the videos of the pulls and dates. I have it all documented. Yes, game exist and you won’t find it from RSD or other privledged bullshit systems locally. I’m sorry to upset you if I bash people. But there is actually a real game that exists and I teach it. It produces real results. Go with the results, fuck everything else. If you want same day lay infields, I got enough infields for a decade.

-John Wayne

Bootcamp page here


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