Update on the bootcamp

The student already gone on two dates. I taught him how to escalate with an escalation ladder. Yes one exist, for the escalation ladder deniers. Imagine it was two games stitched together. He dated her twice and will close the deal on Friday or try to. If he gets laid, then that is great. He would be another student who got laid on the bootcamps. A lot of earlier students of mine did actually.


The difference between him, who is half white half Asian and the Chinese students was two things. First is the ability to control fear. He wasn’t as fearful as the Chinese students. The second thing was the ability to accept whatever I am going to tell him. I told him no matter what, just don’t resist my teachings and stop arguing, shifting blame. No excuses, which my other Chinese student keeps doing as it robs that student of success being an impossible case. But this student is a normal case.

The weather was decent early in the week. Now I find out it is going to rain like crazy today. The student is from the States and probably never seen such shit weather ever at late March. Yes, it will snow on the weekends and snow hard. Still, luckily my new phone is waterproof. I have to keep my other camera in the waterproof case. I can’t bring my microphone like equipment. One got damaged in the snow last time.

Remember, there are still bootcamps in April. Also, if you take my bootcamps, try not to be a hardcase.

-John Wayne

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