5’7 Half Filipino half white student gets laid with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero

He wanted to prepare for the bootcamp by practicing Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. He got laid using it. He is here in Vancouver now.

Difference between him and the Chinese students was he just did everything I said. All his numbers replies unlike the Chinese guy. Since Chinese students don’t actually connect due to the warrior gene or psychopath gene that makes it impossible for them. He is going to be on a date today, i’ll try to film it.

Its going to snow Thursday and Friday again. So I better focus on his training early this week. The weather does have an effect on the social comfort or social connection stage of the game. A stage that other Asian dating coaches with height and muscles don’t have to use. But if you are a negative stereotype, you have no choice. Connect or die.

Also, he is only 5’7 so he gets to borrow my heel lifts for a week that he is here. Like my last black student who didn’t listen to me to get heel lifts. He did fine without them actually. He knows all about my theories of half white half Asians due to an Asian mother. But its okay, hes okay with it. I’m going to give him skills he would never imagine possible. When he gets home, he would be completely unstoppable. Women tend to treat half white half Asian guys better too in my teaching experience.

I have 4 more video testimonials this month. The students just has to film it. But yeah, its getting to this point where it just works this well. I have figured out game for average or negative stereotypes. You can’t do this with direct game. We don’t play a numbers game, but game of conversions. Then again some of you will only listen to me because I have non stop testimonials. I have even more screenshot ones. But you have to ask yourself to other dating coaches. Do you even testimonial bro? Oh right, your game isn’t transferable. You don’t have any game, just privledges. You can’t transfer that can you.

-John Wayne

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