-Teaching a bootcamp today, will be busy for a week. This student already got laid from Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. He is half Filipino and half white. I’ll film that testimonial anyways.

-There should be two more black student testimonials and one more middle eastern student. If they actually do it. Some people delays it for some unknown reasons. One of my black students who has put it off decided on my birthday to make a good one. Then again other competitors, if I can even call them that, don’t get daygame testimonials because natural and direct, or direct game is a sham.

-There should be a video in the bootcamp page for student results updated. This East Indian student pulled twice on the bootcamp. I posted one of them, but I have the other one part of his testimonials. I didn’t have time to edit the entire thing. Its too much work. But its there at least. I blocked him because he was turning disrespectful. He wanted me to talk to him with respect when I treat all my students the same. Maybe narcissistic personality disorder. He said fuck you. He tried to be a Wayne. But I have a big say who is the next Wayne. Very few people are qualified. Especially black guys who has endless preselection isn’t game or transferable. I asked this guy what app did he use for his phone, he doesn’t even respond. Its not the first time I met East Indian guys with shitty personalities. I warned people about turning to the dark side after I trained them. If he got laid more, he would act even more narcissistic and backstabberish. I don’t have to put up with people like that. Some people are scumbags. He would probabally think why did I say this about him, get more emotional and act like a scumbag. It repels women btw, acting like a scumbag.

-Still have more screenshot testimonials to post. I don’t have time to post it all. This is a problem no other daygame coach has except me. To think out of 7.6 billion people, only I can do this. Maybe because my game is the closest thing to a magic bullet for daygame. Most of the other guys you worship, like celebrities even if unrelatable. You hope to get some of their edge. So you ignore all the guys who are superior in getting you laid.


-Last month I didn’t have as many testimonials since it was so cold and raining, snowing. Students didn’t go out as much. Now I’m flooded with testimonials. It’s all real and when the weather gets better, I just get a lot more. You have to ask why is it so hard for other dating coaches to get even one student laid? You have to ask yourself? Maybe they are privledged, tall, strong and nothing is transferable for the below average types. Yes real game does exist. Its not natural game. You need a social intellegence foundation first, then build game on top seconds. An escalation ladder third. Otherwise you can’t win. You just get shitty number close videos. Its about as efficient as driving a car with your feet. Sure its doable, but doesn’t mean it will get you to places. Or it’s like trying to write on a piece of paper with a brush. Sure you can do it, but it’s not as effiencient. Its the same with number close bullshit. Sure it might work better for the privledged, but for you it isn’t efficient.

-The Dear Asians page will be updated slowly. I have to speed read all of Gene Sharps bookos, or speed read it. But I wrote a field manual for all future Asians students or just Asians in general. Well except Jan, he likes to profit from their misery giving no value back or anything that works for daygame. Regardless I should put that page up on my menu screen.

-I’ll be in Europe for May and teaching all over Europe. But the London immersion program is coming along nicely. I have field tested a lot of stuff with my current Chinese students. I’m teaching them how to over come fear. The training methods are cutting edge. Military and science, martial arts level stuff. Never seen in the industry before. Innovative. There are a few spots available for April since Deepak at the last minute told me he had bootcamps.

-I’ll be doing an official launch soon of some of my products. As you can see, there are a lot of new videos being rolled out slowly. But still a lot to do to finish Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Hopefully I get it done by next month. I’m happy to have released it early in a usable form. There were so many students I have helped and so many people got laid. Perhaps this should be the bible on natural game. Wayne 30 means, 30 pieces of social calibrations. If you can do all of it, you become a natural. I never expected so many people to get laid from it. I was happy if they got more hook points and more dates. But it was the opposite. Maybe social intellegence is more important than game. Or maybe why my students are more successful. I teach both.

-Fashion Domination is mostly finished. I am going to include Deepak into the product and redo his entire wardrobe. That would make the product way more interesting. It helps to fit into her tribe. Its better to face a downhill battle instead of an uphill battle.

-Bootcamp student seems unstoppable learning Wayne 30 first. I think in the future all bootcamp students will have to learn Wayne 30 or attempt it. Or learn the concepts at least. So the social skills aspect is handled so they can focus on game. He already made me a video testimonial of him getting laid. So i’ll censor his face and render it. Then post a new video testimonial.

-John Wayne


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