Learn some martial arts if you are beta

Yes my black student got laid. I’ll brag about it later on in the next post. But I wanted to write this one first.

My advice for the fight, flight or freeze response is to learn how to fight. I’m going to teach my student in an hour. He would know what hit him, since I won’t let him know I am going to teach him some boxing and Krav Maga.


Why bother to learn how to fight? In Krav Maga you have to be so tired doing pushups and situps. So when you fight, you are only allowed to you use gross motor skills. It means the bigger muscles. All techniques goes out the window.

As I talked about, the brain, the amygdala. The walnut shaped thing that causes you to go into fight, flight or freeze response. You need to over ride that fear. Recondition your synapses in your brain to rewire itself. I’ve have been rewired with 5 years of Krav Maga. I have some MMA background, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Kung Fu. Which I deemed stylistic bullshit. I always had a taste for the realistic and no nonsense methods. Even back then, I only cared what worked.

Meditation, this student i’m going to teach is 42 years old. He is an older guy, who Jan the Scam Lifestyle stole is deposit money and told him to fuck off. When I taught him, he almost got laid on Valentines day until he didn’t want to read the text messages I sent. Or hung up on the in ear coaching. Another Chinese bootcamp student did the exact same thing on his bootcamp. I swear Chinese people are clones.

You might not recognize him Jan. When you fucking stole his money, of an older guy with old fashion clothing and glasses. He looked like he was 50. I turned him into a 29 year old with the magic of makeup. Thanks sephora, you turned this older dude younger. I couldn’t believe it worked. But remember, I would go at no lengths to get a student the results he is looking for. I field tested that piece of aesthetics. His entire wardrobe is redesigned from Zara. I picked out every combination. I’m giving him a new lease on life. He is here to get revenge by out doing all of your students by getting laid. Even at 42 years old. He nearly pulled a 19 year old on Valentines day.

extreme change.png

Listen i’m field testing how the amygdala works for daygame and how to over ride the response. No faggy meditation works because this guy used to teach it. You see how PUAs who aren’t dating coaches talks about meditation. But none of them gets any results. That is what they called idealistic thinking self development bullshit. You can list all the positive traits of it all you want. But if it doesn’t work for daygame, then it doesn’t matter.

Right now I am field testing every variable. I really have no theories. You might think I am so obsessed to the point of even letting a student wear makeup to hide his wrinkles. Also, turning him from a 42 year old to a 29 year old looking guy. You might think teaching students how to fight, is going a bit far. I mean I do field test every variable. Unliked you regurgitating RSD concepts. Every piece of my game is so field tested, even now with the adrenline thing. It is why my students can get laid in a few days of my training. It is replicable because every piece works for the lowest common denominator. You wonder why my students keeps pulling and getting laid non stop. But to the other dating coaches out there. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but do you even testimonial bro?

Regardless daygame is a science. If you think it is an art, I already took the art side and turned it into a science. I mean I get no phraise for the only dating coach who consistently gets people success in daygame. My statistics or metrics of game is consistent and transferable. Maybe I know more about the game than most of you. Or the true nature of it. If you can accept privledges matters, then you will see how the game really works. It isn’t always game, but you being her type. I have to play the game to the max. There is nothing taken for granted.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Another year gone by. But last year till now has been one of the best years of my life. Being a Wayne. Not to mention being statistcally the best dating coach in daygame in the world for student results. Something you can’t achieve because you have privledges and no game. Light weight PUAs with light weight impact. But a bigger boxer or natural advantages. That was what Deepak meant when he uses the term light weight PUA. I finally understand it fully now.

He didn’t show up, maybe another time then.

I saw this fucked up story relating to MMA.



This dude goes after submissive Asian women overseas.



If you don’t think white privledge exist. I mean going over seas to play the game on easier mode with submissive Asian women.


We are a race so dominated by white prilvedged. Listen, we need to have game to compete these days. When you learn RSD shit or Jan Lifestyle shit which is RSD Julien. You are cheating yourself out of daygame lays. You won’t get laid. Maybe you avoid more pain by training with me. If this story doesn’t make you angry and you are Asian saying you don’t care because you only like white girls. You have already beenspirituallyy dominated. For those who says race doesn’t matter, quit your bitching. You can’t do anything about it. I say its easy to say when when you are the oppressor. I have a new manifesto video I will talk more about later for my goals as a dating coach to turn all this around in the next decade. Its worth trying because other Asian dating coaches won’t make a dent. We can’t hide in nightclubs forever. We have to be one day out there. Unless you don’t mind getting a 5/10 and being happy with an ugly white girl. Or a 7/10 and calling it a 9/10. I don’t know these days, smh. Nothing surprises me anymore about this, nothing.

-John Wayne

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