Black student pulling now, lets see if he gets laid

I have no idea what will happen, whether or not he would get laid. But I do know the girl texted him to come over, that will be a pull at least. I told him to record as much as he can. Hopefully he installed the software to. It was his third Skype today.

Lets rewind the clock backwards a bit. How did all this happen? A big black dude with an afro, I can’t make this shit up contacted me interested in getting a program. I figured his social skills was good enough. Turns out it was shit. He could barely keep up a conversation. We have a conversational structure. Not just 5 questions sounding like an autistic fuck as they teach in Vancouver.

He was going to join the military, so he wants to get laid before he joins. He talked about RSD and I educated him how they are shit. I told him to delete all his RSD products and stop watching the videos. He did just that, realizing it is poison. The same type of game that poisoned Vancouver or the dumb chinese that fell for it for lesser dating companies.

At first he didn’t get dates for this black student, but he kept getting better. He got a hair cut and clothing I suggested. His conversational abilities dramatically improved. By the second Skype he is now getting his first date which is a pull. He learned how to flirt. Most people doesn’t know how to flirt because Mystery fucked the world over saying build comfort first then seduction. Not realizing seduction speeds up the process. Then again we have an escalation ladder for those other dating coaches in Vancouver who are escalation ladder same day lay deniers who can’t do it. Well they are light weight PUAs with no impact in their game that isn’t transferable.

Long story short, it wasn’t long after his second Skype, the third one is purely about pulling and f-closing, bedroom escalation. I don’t know how he will do. But I wish him the best of luck. He wasn’t hesitant at first by the second Skype. I showed him videos of me and other girls I banged so that eased his mind. Now I said to him, I told you so. Right before he left today to meet her. She texted him to come over. He said he would make a video testimonial if he gets laid. Fingers crossed. She literally texted him right in the middle of our Skype. I told him to leave.

Like I said, I have a legion of black students. My students are rarely Asian. Buy I do teach them sometimes. I have to retranslate the game for negative stereotypes. But this guy is big. He is a big tall black guy. So of course he would have endless attraction from white women. It is just how the shallow world works.

Remember my last post about if you did everything I told you to. You would get laid in a few days idea? This dude was a hardcase to the max. But he adapted eventually. He did spend a month with Wayne 30, that was a big difference. He focused mainly on that. Now I said go use the Wayne Playbook too on top of it. Sometimes game is social intellegence. Not so much bullshit like 3 vibes, be in the moment, freedom from outcome, be natural. None of that shit is rooted in reality. Sure it sounds good on paper, but rarely can produce results in reality. What I teach is so scientific, it can be repeated and transferred over and over and over and over.

While there are other PUAs who claims they have the best game because they have the best results. I just wanted to say, do you guys even testimonials bro? Privledged shit isn’t transferable and never will be. You can’t transfer your height, or looks, race or any preselected shit. So their students suffers because they don’t get that kind of compliance. You can see how tall strong black guys are treated vs short skinny black guys.

Remember do everything John Wayne said. You have to be so egotistical, or narcissistic to do it half assed your way resisting things. In the end, as long as he pulled or got it in, I delivered my promise. No soldier left behind. If you are trained under me, you are trained under team Wayne. The real Waynes, the ones that get you results.

I’m also updating Wayne 30 module 1 now. More videos to follow. I just uploaded module 4.

-John Wayne



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