Easy Case students gets laid in days. It doesn’t take months or years.

I had a lot of students who are Easy cases. A lot of them got laid in a few days and it isn’t uncommon. For other dating coaches, some or their students take years or more than half a year. That is why they don’t have any testimonials. By the time the student gets laid in a year or two, they are long gone. Not so with my students, evidently.

Imagine if you had game, which other dating coaches in Vancouver can’t claim. It’s like picking a lock. The way you are doing things doesn’t generate results because direct game is like a tinder street game swipe left or right. Most of the time with shit fashion, no muscles, or if you aren’t white, its a nightmare in Vancouver. Not that white people can do it in Vancouver. Just elsewhere.

Hot girls are like locks. They all can be picked. But they are all a different lock. Depending on if she is a yes girl, yes/maybe, maybe, maybe/no, no girl.


If I already figured out game and finalizing game to the point of perfection in 2020. What the fuck are you doing with direct game nonsense? That shit only gets girls below your looks scale or the same level at best. Are you stupid?

If people can get such quick results, why are they fucking it up? They aren’t doing what I am telling to out of fear. I’m so fucking efficient, I am even tackling your ability to get out of fear early on. It doesn’t take years.

Dan Pena here explains why you need to follow the fucking script. Don’t change a word on it, not a comma. If it is misspelled, send it out misspelled.

I get it, some people gets into flight or freeze mode. But that is something I am looking into. Also, you can’t defeat this logic. If every one of my students could pull on the first day of bootcamp, then I am doing something right. To be honest, most of my students on the first day master concepts from Wayne 30 or the social skills aspects. When they in ear coach with me, they get an instadate to a pull easily. When they get beta and don’t, well, you aren’t following my instructions. This year I taught a lot of Chinese guys who were so beta. I taught so many, I saw them as clones. So I’m coming up with a solution. In the next 50 years, if I don’t do something or solve this for you beta guys. Betaness or timidness fucks up the game.

If my students are getting girls or girlfriends who are HB 9/10 lately. I’m sure my game is higher than these direct game circle jerkers. Their game maxes out at 2/10 or 3/10 tops. My game is retranslated for negative stereotypes. There might be other PUAs claiming they are the best in the world. But they only play positive stereotype game. If you have less value than them, then it isn’t transferable. I play gutter game, for the worst case scenario.

Let’s be fucking clear here, you do everything I say you get laid like some of my students in 2 days. If you don’t, you are a normal case, its a few weeks and a few months. If you are a hardcase, 6 months. Impossible cases, a year of trying. Really it depends on your level of stubborness. No amount of in ear coaching from inferior direct game systems can get their students laid. Just wanted to say that. Check out my testimonial section. A lot of them got very quick results. But if you aren’t a normal or easy case, you will have some struggle. I’ll solve the issue of getting over your fear forever. It goes beyond approach anxiety. I already cracked the code for that. You get results in a short time, due to progressive desensitaztion. All of you can approach within an hour or two. I’m the most scientific and no nonsense daygame coach in the world. With the highest student success rate in daygame for students of pulling and getting laid.

Image result for gordon ramsay dishes cooking

If Gordon Ramsay can achieved a ton of Michellin Stars. Then why the fuck are you trying to do it your way and half assing it? I know you are fearful. But its no excuse if other students can do it just fine. Stop fucking around. Like Gordon Ramsay I have a high standard for you.

The proof is in the pudding. Look for proof from the dating coach and also student results. I don’t care if you self proclaim anything. If there is no proof of skill. Also, no student results, something scammy is going on. I’ll post my next infield sometime next month on Deepaks youtube channel. I’ll also post my London student getting laid in his third bootcamp class. Him getting 4 fuck buddies and 2 girlfriends. One HB 9/10 Asian girl, yes white guys loves Asian girls. He appologized for it so I trained him. He did all of this in 3 months. He is still with his girlfriend of his dreams. He just stfu and learned, taking notes and listened to everything. Sure it helped because he was white and tall. But unlike some of you, he just applied.

Image result for knowing is not enough

Just fucking do it. That’s my best advice. You can’t win if you don’t swing at the plate. Also, if you have a shitty swing, you won’t hit it. Stop going direct, it is like an unadaptable swing that favors bigger stronger positive stereotypes. You won’t hit it out of the ballpark. I do care for your success, I really do. You have to put your ego aside to do exactly what I say. I don’t care if you have fucked up habits. Just fix it and do it exactly as I say. I think anyone has the potential to get laid in a few days. Or at least pull if you do exactly as I say and have my fashion sense, or work out. It will cut though everything. Even Vancouver. I even told my 3MP student this today, how so many students got laid in 2 days or pulled the first day on the bootcamp. Put your ego aside. Sometimes the warrior gene, or sociopath gene, opinions as facts conflicts with the field testing and split testing around the world. If you do everything I say, you would get laid fast. If not, you slow yourself down. I already have a nearly perfect system. Will be perfect in 2020, big announcements coming next year. Top secret projects.

-John Wayne


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