In the rain or in the snow, bootcamps


I’ll show you more of my bootcamp students lately. But I find this very hard to teach in the rain and snow. This entire week, even last bootcamp was raining or snowing. I even lost my lavalier mic. There were a lot of students lately. I do teach every race of students. I’m finding todays black student to learn 10X faster than the Chinese students. Since it was raining at 40%, we mostly practiced drills. But the speed of implementation is fast. But some old habits remain.

One of the newest experiments was, if he couldn’t do something, he would have to do 5X squats every time. The idea of using a punishment system seems to work for some students. I have one Chinese 3MP student that is unchanging. Even after being punished, does the same thing. Daygame is all about the speed of implementation and adapting. I’m expecting you guys after it stops raining to get good results.


One thing I noticed about my chart before was tall black students with muscles has game 10X easier. They just need social comfort. But this black student is shorter and skinnier. He is taller than me by an inch but I have heel lifts.


If you looked at my older chart. I put shorter black guys on the bottom of the hierarchy above East Indians and Asians. If you are a shorter black guy, your game has to be as perfect as mine. There is no room for errors. You are treated like an Asian guy, in terms of value. This is just my observation.

One day it would stop snowing or raining.

In the past I kept posting non stop testimonials and people didn’t care. I have some more video ones and I didn’t post it. I did it out of humbleness. The results are earth shattering but I don’t want it on the blog yet. While bootcamp interest is at an all time high. Its all filled except one spot. I’m not sure when the London immersion program is or when I am leaving. I wonder if there are any spots for the bootcamps in April. I have to talk to Deepak about it because a few people are inquiring about April. Or I’ll be conquering European women. I think after the last say day lay in a bootcamp with two girls with a student. I don’t know how to top myself. One of the girls was a 9/10 and I am saying is there all there is to it? I think the only way of topping this is to go to Europe. I took a long break and focused on teaching. Especially 3MP.

Once the weather clears, the students can apply their skills better. I am hoping the weekends after I write this post will be sunny for once. I mean why was it snowing in March? Vanshitty weather.

Regardless I was really happy to teach Chinese students tbh lately. Even though they learn the slowest and adapt the slowest. I’m happy I am even helping my own race and giving them the tools to succeed. They have to do the adaptation. I like to think daygame is a performance art, improv acting and also a physical martial art. You have to move your body and use facial expressions. Which most guys have no idea exist. Just puts hands in the pocket.

It’s going to get harder every year. I’m the only one who still adapts, so I survive. But one thing I noticed was the weather does play a big role. Since it is so cold, its hard to establish social comfort.


Last year I same day lay in the snow. But its quite hard for most of my students. Is there a solution? Not sure, maybe do daygame indoors and in the mall. Or even in grocery stores.

If I had to guess what is the missing ingredient, it is the lack of advice videos. I just don’t have time. If someone can do it, then I can save time. I’m a dating coach and so far I focused a lot of wearing two hats. Dating coach and also marketing.

-John Wayne


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