Alpha/Beta traits

I taught two Chinese students. They now are wingman of each other and I taught them to work together in a team. Vancouver is tough and they wonder why it’s so overwhelming or scientific. If you don’t calibrate this much, you won’t get her time of day. I only made a few approaches but can hook the sets just fine. My plowing ability is better and teasing, flirting, physical escalation. The Chinese students as I outlined have the hardest time to hook. Out of all the Asians, yes we aren’t all the same. Even if we seem that way to most other races. We have sub groups. Just as London guys, American, Italians, French are not the same. But the same category, caucasian, but not the same subtype. Chinese guys do have it the hardest.

I had a great Chinese wingman in the past. Decent looking guy, confident as hell. His body language was the most confident I have ever seen in my life. He was exhibiting Alpha traits. We were both extremely good at game. I got the quality girls, he got the quantity. Regardless, he escalated very hard. He figured out an escalation ladder although he moves too fast. He even figured out this dessert first method. Except he would tell girls to come over to learn how to dance, he needed a dance partner. It was brillian because he grinded their pussy. Why do you think I bring girls to the dance hall in my infields and try to grind their pussy? He doesn’t speak English very well but only can speak perfect PUA language because that was all he studied. So he escalated hard. He isn’t here anymore, he is in another part of Canada I sent him to. But you can learn a lot about how behavior or vibe affects the game. He had 9 fuck buddies when I knew him. While not the hottest, he was happy she had blue eyes and blonde hair. His behavior and decent looks, height drew them in. I’ll be brutally honest with you. When he tried to introduce romance, he always lost the girls in Vancouver. They didn’t seem him as anything more than a fuck buddy. White girls weren’t into Asian guys into a romantic sense. Unless she friendzoned him for years in her social circle and fell for him. Its like like California or Toronto, where they were preselected. But regardless this guy was very physical and escalated harder than I did. I like to escalate naturally because I myself have more verbal game than he does. He depended a lot on body language, vibe, body language and non neediness.


Don’t mind the Korean influenced hair before.


Body language can create a vibe. I like my wingman before have a super confident rock solid vibe. I never really looked at my body language, but I exhibit alpha traits or dominant traits. I have a deluded confidence that isn’t seen among Asian PUAs. Sometimes behavior helps a lot to hook the sets while talking loud.


fuck you jan

Subcommunications communicates a lot more than your words or even your tone.

I am inventing a new concept called improv acting. There is no such thing as improv acting.

I never really knew why Leonardo Di Caprio was a great actor. I was never a fan of his work. But, when I saw him move his body, he was not only an emotional actor, he was a physical one.

Look at Heath Ledger acting. The head tilts and the hunched postures. Even if he wasn’t moving his face too much, he had a lot of character. No wonder he won an oscar, that is good acting. Its not so much the emotional, or the tonality. If you took away the posture or poses, it wouldn’t work.

There are basically 3 daygame Waynes in the world. The first one tends to move his arms like the Tazmanian devil. Or use the hands as sign language. The East Indian one tends to keep his elbows in a bit, moving it around more naturally but limited. The Chinese Wayne tends to do acting or moving my body around like an actor or animation. I know this concept because I used to study animation among other courses in University. Posing the body was an important concept. Image result for model sheets

For example, here is Homer Simpson in action. So basically I said in another post that Chinese people with their tiger parents have this warrior gene called MAO-B gene. They can’t connect with the girl. I said Filipino students have no empathy, total sociopaths, but can fake the emotions and pull aggressively. Having said that, if you were to connect but you can’t, you can still show in through your poses. This is what I am going to bring to the daygame world.

Its all about congruency and accuracy. What I mean by that is, whatever you feel or want to portray has to be shown accurately on your face. Chinese students have this thing called the Asian poker face or the botox face. The face doesn’t move at all. Or if they move, you get this big stereotypical beta smile, or an angry serious expressions showing they care. Having a range and accurate expressions can make a bigger difference. Tonality you need to have an accurate range. For the body language, you see other Chinese PUAs daygamers who has no body language. Just hands in the pocket flexing their muscles with a poker face.

What dries the pussy.

As I teach Chinese students. They are taller than me, looks similar and dress like me. But what I noticed was they don’t behave like me or my wingman before. This have something called the fetal position. What I mean by that is, their shoulders rolls forward and they curl up into an unconfident ball. The speech is extremely quiet and extremely fast. Nothing dries up the pussy faster than extremely fast speech. Billionaires speaks slow in general because they expect everyone to hear them. Hands in the pocket Jan the scam lifestyle method doesn’t work with women either. You might think he isn’t in the fetal position, he is standing up straight. But he has no facial expressions. Pretends to change his tonality to the three vibes Julien Blanc bullshit. Commanding, challenging and fun vibe. If it worked, he would of got a testimonial for daygame for a student pulling or getting laid by now. Also no hand gestures, hands in the pocket isn’t alpha. The idea that bigger taller Asian guys has more presence is just a poor excuse for having no emotions or the warrior gene. They don’t connect since it is alpha to connect. Just a 3 minute number close. A total pussy dryer. Its not just him, but all the other white London dating coaches. If they weren’t privledged, they were a negative stereotype minority running that kind of static game. It is a pussy dryer. Who the fuck squares off to a girl and gawk at her with their hands in their pockets? Is that even natural? Its not expressive and women thinks with emotions. There is also another concept I am bringing to the world. It is called the Chinese 3 hands. What I mean by that is, Chinese guys aren’t used to hand gestures. So they often move their hands or flail it 3X in a row with the same movement. We were observing each other and they kept doing this. In my teaching experience, all Chinese guys have the exact same characteristics. All around the world, every age. Two students went up the escalation ladder and still hand hold, almost kissed but chicked out. One was 42 with a 19 year old girl he could of banged. The other was younger. But they still did the same thing as clones.


Image result for fetal position
Fetal position

Another thing that really dries her pussy is if you don’t listen trying to act alpha or gamey or charming. There are times when you have to switch gears and actively listen.


Image result for active listening
If it means you have to put your hands on your chin to listen. Learn how to do that instead of actively interupting because you lack empathy and are dead on the inside. I’m saying this to the Chinese students. I know about your MAO-B gene. You guys can’t connect, fake it until you make it. Its human to connect.


Pussy wetter

I’m not the tallest or strongest guy. But there are some qualities I noticed on the last two bootcamps. We were all Chinese, same style of clothing, they were taller. But I can do a lot better. What was the difference? It was the above, I did the opposite. Instead of putting my hands in the pocket or doing the same Chinese 3 hands. I actually posed my body in a way an actor does. I never knew I could do acting, until now. Also, my recommendation for the Chinese is, if you can’t connect due to the MAO-B gene. 56% of Chinese has it. I’m sure those drawn to the PUA world has it. If you can’t connect, instead of giving a compliment for years and being beta for 3 mins and number close. Its very alpha to connect to a girl. I can do it just fine. Filipino guys can fake it with a mask. But the Chinese better learn how to use the body poses to resemble you care. Even if it means putting your hands on your chin as if you actively listening. Expressions is always attractive to women, I can hook most sets. Even having your chest out is attractive too. Its all really about congruency and accuracy. I’m extremely congruent. I have a lot of infields I haven’t posted, where I demonstrate this. They all have to work together in a unit. You can talk about inner game, tonality all that stuff all you want. But know, the vibe is created by everything. But its better to be expressive and congruent. That is the real pussy wetter. Women thinks with emotions if you can show yourself accurately flirting, spicing like teasing, other emotions. You will make her wet. Let us not pretend you can do that in daygame. Most of you white dating coaches has no expressions, trying to act cheeky, whatever that fuck that means with hands in the pocket squaring off. Like I said, no wonder you get number flakes and has to do 50 approaches just to get a number close. What the fuck do you know?

Image result for wet pussy panties

To my Chinese students, learning more attractive characteristics is like driving a car. No matter how congruent you want to be to yourself or authentic. Being an authentic beta will dry her pussy dryer than the dessert.

Image result for desert

It might feel weird at first to change your behavior. It’s like driving a car. None of it makes sense at first. But you become more automatic at it or more natural. Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero helps with the social calibrations of game which is very attractive. There are real naturals out there that has a good vibe and are good with women. I get it. But fake naturals like those natural and direct guys, that’s vibbing value and fake as fuck. You only reach a certain skill level. The other way is to do everything in Wayne 30 and master every component until you become a natural, automatically. That’s what I recommend. To the Chinese guys out there. Instead of saying hi, you are cute, I know its random, validation, validation, validation. Then going to night game because you know you will get slaughtered in daygame in Vancouver. Then dropping out in game. Why not stop getting offended when I am telling you guys the truth and giving you a blueprint to success. I just hope when I get really old, that I can leave behind an entire blueprint for the next generation of Asians to follow. When they realized how bad it became that so many people are half Asians and half whites. That it’s more than 1 in 5 Asians not getting married or procreating. If other dating coaches can’t step up and keep everything in the night clubs. I’m taking the mantle. We Asians needs to stop hiding in clubs because its a true reflection of a lack of social skills or calibration. Or having big tall strong ape like Asian daygame coaches. That shows how poorly us Asians or portrayed.

A lot of my Chinese students finds our game too scientific, overwhelming. But when you adapt to it, everything hooks, you instadate. If you can instadate, with good logistics, you pull. When you pull a lot, you get laid. Its really that simple. Stop settling for the number closes early on. Why not number close later on if you have no choice. You will fair a lot better. I think I would eventually release an infield soon before I head off to Europe. You will see all the expressions, congruency demonstrated. There are a lot of infields, but I think I have the perfect one next.

I want to say to me daygame is no longer an emotional vibbing tactical shit anymore. It is like a martial art or like improv acting. It is a physical believable performance. A good actor, you don’t know they are acting, you get drawn in. If i’m talking a lot about race. It is because i’m teaching a ton of Chinese students. It’s not to offend you. You can’t change until you admit there is a problem. We won’t evolve as a species or race, if you guys keep getting offended and butthurt. Change happens after you admit it and work towards breaking these negative stereotypes. I’m John Wayne, I’m going to keep it real. As my Chinese students said to me, you are the only one speaking the truth about these issues. Fine, I lose money, so be it. Doesn’t change my mission in life. I’m trying to save you, you guys are your own worst enemy. I’m not your enemy, but your best friend, but you don’t know it yet.

I also practice all the time at home. I got a new tall mirror just for it. I take nothing for granted. I used to record myself doing daygame. Every angle, every single pose, every single expression. While it looks normal and natural, it is expressive. I treat daygame now like acting or a martial art. One mistake, the girl doesn’t hook and she walks. Its almost like if you did all these traits they hook. It is no longe a numbers game. But game of conversions. If you lose the girl, it is your fault. Obviously don’t go direct. Even my openers are calibrated to how the girl reacts. If you see me, doing openers, I can say every line perfectly over and over like a machine with the exact emotions and the exact poses. I haven’t done that many approaches this year as the last year. But I can still do it. Even if you move your head a lot, swaying it around. Even that few inches, even few centimeters can break connection. When you are Asian, its open heart surgery. I get it, a lot of Asian guys said your game is overwhelming. Its a lot of game. But I always said, listne you aren’t a tall strong black guys, or even a white guy or Latino. You have to do 10X the amount of game and perform it. Or you can’t hook her to instadate to pull her home. The world isn’t perfect nor is the world fair. Deal with it. You would probally shit your pants if you have to be filmed all the time and do it in front of people. I get it a performance anxiety. I do it in front of new cameraman before and its hard. But practice knowing every angle you portray in videos or the mirror will make it easier. Its like martial arts. Also, the worst thing is when Chinese students learns the theory and when they perform it, they go back into the beta mode. It’s a tragedy.

Image result for leonardo da vinci theory outstrips performance

I’ve been praticing for years while people kept practicing though approaches. Like Jack of all trades, master of none. I isolated every angle at home and in the field. Work ethnicseliminatess fear. You know what you are capable of and what you are not. Treat daygame like a martial art or performance art.



-John Wayne



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