Random thoughts of Febrary

-I still see snow outside.

-Will release a podcast interviewing a Chinese student. His transformation.

-The Chinese 3 hands is a concept Chinese students makes the same hand gestures 3X every time because they never used hand gestures before. Most of the time they put their hands in their pockets and some just keeps working out hoping to compensate for their lack of expressions.

-All Chinese students are the same. Monotone, quiet voice, uptalking, rapport seeking. Its unversial. Even the lack of facial expressions. Even other dating coaches who are Chinese will say use more facial expressions, but they don’t acknowledge they can’t do it in field and calls their height and muscles presense.

-Improv comedy, improv acting. A new concept I have invented might be the only solution for Chinese students. The best actors it seems aren’t always the most emotional. Or their face expresses the most, but they can move their body congruently too. Most privledged dating coaches squares off to the girl with no facial expressions or gestures vibbing value. No wonder they get non stop number flakes and keeps making number close videos that goes nowhere. Like their game.

-MOA-B gene is a psychopath gene. 56% of Chinese people has it. It explains why your parents are so controlling and tiger parents. Will talk more about this in a future podcast. It also explains why most of you can’t do social comfort or connection phase. Why most of you are self amusement for 3 minutes and number close.

-Filipino students are more sociopathic. All my current students will admit it. They are good with wearing the mask. So they can fake empathy and care. But pull aggressively. So they get laid more. Chinese guys gets timid and loses the girl along the way.

-I had a student I in ear coached yesterday. He kept talking too fast, which puts a lot of pressure on the girl. He never connects or release. I might for month 3 do in ear coaching for students in the field. He made a mistake 7X. We used to have this Russian/Asian student who approaches 10,000 girls a month turning off the entire Vancouver. He was the only student I kicked out of my mentorship when I taught for free. He went to Jan afterwards and got no results. But you can’t keep repeating the same mistakes, or it is a habit.

-I’m not against the Chinese, if I insult them even once or challenge them to even change their behavior, expressions, hairstyle or fashion they get butthurt. They exhibit the dark triad personality and narcissism. Once they get offended they don’t train with you. They are easily marketed to by Jan or RSD because they love to not get offended. By bullshit advice and not getting offended, looks don’t matter, be in the beta moment. Freedom from outcome. Who talks like that.

-There is no rule saying you have to be positive like RSD Max. Where you try not to offend people. Where you keep telling them feel good marketing lies. Where you are not allowed to call out other dating coaches. If all dating coaches follows the same protocol but aren’t getting any results with their students. Who keeps scamming you being positive, not attacking others and tells u looks don’t matter. They are just extracting money out of your stupidity. Put your ego aside.

-Most of my students have conflict with what I am saying but knows its the truth. The truth isn’t always so pretty or friendly, or nice. It can be ugly, brutal and realistic. You can’t adapt to the battlefield unless you know its terrain and whats in it. Or you get defeated every time. I know what the battlefield is like and I spell it out for you. Stop thinking you need to be positive. Your emotional irrationality is the reason you fail in game and fall for fluff unrelatable bullshit.

-Other dating coaches plays on easy mode. Notice how most of them are very tall or strong. Some are either white, black or Latino. This is not skill. It is called being her type. Her type isn’t transferable.

-Some black dating coaches imo wills say they didn’t get positive reactions from the girls. They aren’t her initial type. But evolutionary psychology doesn’t lie. Women do like protector status and alpha behavior. Even if they look like they aren’t into him, she is totally 100% into him, dripping wet. Just the black dating coach has to not scare her. Some has no facial expressions too. Just like Asian guys. That’s not game.

-To the Chinese, I am your best friend and you don’t even know it. I’m trying to help you guys survive this generation. So you don’t become that 1 in 5 who doesn’t get married or procreate. But you are making this extremely hard. Once you get offended, my truth ends where your feelings begins.


Image result for ends where my feelings begins
Chinese PUAs. Don’t think I am trolling you. But you have to learn how not to get so offended and close off being stubborn. Don’t be your own worst enemy or act like an endangered species waiting to be replaced. Complancy or normalcy bias won’t help you in the current dating world.


I have a podcast. I will replace this podcast soon with my student interview. Check out more of them in the video/podcast section.



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