Short skinny black guys gets treated worst than tall strong black guys in daygame

I’m reiterating again there is 2 type of black students. One is called black folks. Most of these students I have are in prestigious jobs. They are accountants, engineers, doctors even military. They are good people and the students I teach. Some are overly empathetic and breaks the stereotype. The second is the dark tetrad, sadistic sociopaths, who are narcissistic, Machiavelli manipulators. They perpetuate the stereotypes of ignorance, delusional and violent thuggish behavior. Most of these guys are Justin Wayne type of fans, not so much mine. My fans don’t like his theories and don’t work for them. None of the touching kino escalation, or romance works for them. I would never teach a deluded black dude who acts like a troll sociopath. They are not my clientele. Yes, they do exist. I’m not here to be all about positive thinking, censorship so I can’t speak the truth. A lot of my students gravitate towards the truth. They often thank me for being the first dating coach for telling the truth. In reality, black dating coaches will say minorities, but there are different levels of minorities. There are always positive and negative stereotypes for every race. Asians too, no different.

This isn’t an opinion but something I have noticed. I do have a legion of black students. I keep telling you most of my students are black, white, Latino, middle eastern, Jewish, European, Italian, of course, Asians and East Indians. I market to Asians, but in reality, everyone else wants to get in on the training. They know if the Asian guys don’t listen, they want the results for themselves. They hear the message loud and clear.

Physically there are two types of black students. You would often hear black coaches say she wasn’t into me in the beginning. But later I turned it around. In reality, as I have claimed, that is bullshit and I will explain why. She was dripping wet the very second this big black guy approached because of evolutionary psychology. Protector status and preselection. He has the size that makes women wet. This is called UAR or universal attractive rating. The size plus his personality will make her wet, this swag factor.

Now teaching a shorter black student, has confirmed all of my so called theories.


I put black students under the negative stereotypes category. Or should I say short black students. The tall black students are put in second place?






They both have girls getting scared of them. But at the same time for the 6’6 tall Justin Wayne faced well maybe him a few years ago looking black guy. But with a taller height has the girls so wet, I nearly slipped off the floor from their juices. White girls were getting all hot and bothered. But scared. This explains the initially scared behavior because both students experienced it. The only difference was the shorter guy has darker skin and absolutely zero of the muscles or the height. I told him to get heel lifts, but brought them too late to the bootcamp. Yes height and muscles to some degree matters. I’ll be honest with you, this wasn’t bar game above. These girls are taller than me in real life. We instadate them easily, well I escalated hard. But we were on the way to pulling them. He kept trying to say bye and stuff, while I am trying to seed the idea of going back to our place. He kept once again trying to say bye. I was shocked, then again it was his first day. But it would of been easy for him to pull if he continued with my training. He didn’t want to pay, so why I have deposits. If he continued, he would of got laid so many times. He acted like a two bit person, even though he did website design. My point is a lot of black people are smart. Not all of them are dumb criminals, some are super intelligent academically. I also don’t want to hear delusional people saying I am racist for bringing up race. I can say i’m related to black people. My uncle is black and also my great grandfathers brother married a black women. I have a lot of black cousins, who are even short and tall as 6’7. I have a lot of blazaian cousins in Toronto and full black. You wonder why I’m so comfortable with race. I honestly have family from every race. Spanish, black, white and mixed. Mostly our immediate family doing that kind of thing before anyone else. But most of the other distance relatives married Chinese.



-Wear a blazer and dress better. Dressing like a thug will just scare girls. My student can hook sets much faster with a blazer and dress well. By dressing well, I don’t mean wearing gold bling and having stars in your hair shaved into it. I mean dress with some class. Women stereotype hard. Play to win. Why make things into an uphill battle. The only type of girls who like gangster looking black guys are usually black guys. Well spoken, well dressed black guys get hotter women.


-Contrary to the popular belief, black guys don’t like thick white women. Yes, some do, but lots do not. They usually like skinny model looking white girls. That is their real preference. In online dating the reason a skinny black guy goes thicker women is because they can’t get anyone else easily. They don’t always perfer it. Some does, but not all.

-Older white women are really scared of skinny black guys. They will be scared too of bigger black guys. But the only difference was, they will be soaked by the muscles and height. We are talking about slipping on their juices soaked. Its evolutionary psychology. I know, I mean I taught a lot of bigger black student. The first height I noticed was 5’10 and above will soak a white girl.


-Black guys in Vancouver does date other race of women. I have seen them with darker skin Filipinas. Why do they do this? Filipinas are too dark skinned to date white guys or lower value in their hypergamy eyes. So they go for darker skinned guys like East Indians, Persians, blacks and Latinos. Or non-Asians. Asian men are so far down the hierarchy in Vancouver, we have been dominated, our race has been conquered by these white guys. Ugly white guys the Asian girls adore. Hypergamy exists.

-Short black guys are treated exactly like Asian guys so they would need a higher level of daygame skills like me. They wonder why they have to develop so much skills. Skinny black guys are treated like Chinese guys. Literally worst than East Indian guys. I might have to change that chart around or make a positive stereotype, netural stereotype and negatives stereotype section. There is no advantage. All the advantage is stripped away from their lack of height and lack of muscles. They are treated like Asian guys.

-Women are terrified at black guys. But wet with the tall strong ones. But short black guys with no muscles are treated with absolute fear. I saw a white women cluch at her purse walking the streets an older white one. I was going to record her and call her out interview style. It was disgusting behavior. But sterotypes do exist and the thuggish sociopath types ruins it for all black daygamer.

-Big black dating coaches talks about how they are minorities and has it harder. Ummm, lol, yeah right. I’m not fucking stupid. There are a large group of yes girls they have or maybe. Its not something shared with shorter black guys with no muscles and skinny Asian guys. You see why some black dating coaches doesn’t spice up their interactions with teases or flirts to build attaction. They don’t have to. They already got attaction. Since she is already slipping in her juices. They just have to build social comfort or rapport long enough to hook. I know I teach big black students all the time.

He said he got a same day lay after the first approach off skype. Dude is huge, 6’2. But smart as hell too. He is very empathetic and emotional. The opposite to the typical black thugs. Then shortly he got a second fuck buddy with a white girl. Two fuck buddies in a short time after one or two Skypes. So these tall dating coaches, even tall skinny ones but still tall black guys with zero facial expressions pretending they have game. Come on now, how fucking stupid do you think I am? This is the unspoken truth no one wants you to know.

-African students tends to uptalk like crazy. In my teaching experience, the shorter black students uptalks like a girl at the end of their sentences. Big black students in most cases doesn’t uptalk. But some does, but in most cases the confident ones don’t. This is something that needs to be fixed. It is a pussy dryer. While this rapport seeking tonality can work for some scary looking black guys to break negative stereotypes. This will never work for shorter black students or Asians. You have to be the opposite, breaking rapport or downtalking. Or girls won’t take you seriously.

-These shorter black skinny guys can’t sell romance. The girls, just like how they see Asian guys, doesn’t see them as a romantic partner. It just auto rejects them too, based on their UAR. This height and muscles are used by some Asian dating coaches to offset their lack of game. To play on an easier mode. But then again I get much hotter women than them in daygame. I’m not talking night game, I don’t care for it. Even Asians can hide their lack of social skills using it. But daygame is the highest level of game skills in the world. The real measure of skills should be laycounts for daygame only and also how hot the girl is. If you see guys without facial expressions who puts their hands in their pocket. No hand gestures, but just being natural. They’re naturally vibbing their LMS. That’s not game. That’s called being more of her type. But not all of us are big, tall and strong and has to compensate with stronger game.

-Short black guys gets overlooked by black women. Or should I say overweight black women as if she thinks she is more valuable. In reality these shorter black guys can get white women, but the black fatty thinks she is all that. This is what I have seen, its bizarre. But this blog is all about the truth. I have black co-workers. I don’t care if these truths affects them. I will train them myself, so it doesn’t matter. I want to be transparent.

Remember just because I talk about race doesn’t make me racist. If no dating coaches talks about these issues. Due to them having an agenda of covering up, especially black dating coaches who uses the guise of the word minorities. I’m going to talk about it. If you were a real truth/results seeker. I mean getting yourself results. You can’t adapt to the battlefield unless you see it for what it really is. Or it’s all theories which get you destroyed on it. Another interesting fact, my students are every race. Maybe due to my shorter stature, i’m more relatable. Its more transferable because whatever works for me works for you. If a bigger guy playing on easy mode tries to teach you game. It never works for anyone, but his exact body structure and race or natural status standing. These priviledged dating coaches will say will say I am not relatable but follow me because I get this or that results. Umm, you don’t share their privileges. A privileged is something a race has that another race doesn’t. Tall strong black guys with some level of confidence will get compliance that a shorter black guy won’t get. If race doesn’t matter, then Asian girls wouldn’t marry white guys non stop. Nor darker skin Asian women goes after darker complexion men. Whoever is above Asian men. I never wished another race suffer as much as Chinese men in the dating world. But I can say based on my teaching experience, shorter skinny black guys do. Everything matters. Game can only take you so far, you have to compensate in other areas too. Maybe start working out or dress better too. But I found out recently it wasn’t enough. If you lack social calibrations. If you do, consider getting Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I’ll focus on the official product launch. Going to film more of it. The reason I can offer you at this price was to help as many hardcases as I can as possible. They can’t afford it, due to a lack of social skills which impedes job advancement. This product at $150 is a steal. I’m not sure how much longer I can offer it at this price.

uar 2

-John (the brutally honest) Wayne.


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